Extra/Sub-Event Guide by ruta

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These are basically my notes on extras/bonuses for Tales of Graces.  I 
don't really take any credit, because all I've done is gather 
information from the gamefaqs message board, and a couple Japanese 
wikis.  I figure it may be more useful than using google translate for 
some readers though, so I have uploaded it.  If you would like to 
provide a correction, ask a question, or know a more official English 
name for something I have written, please let me know by emailing me at 

This faq is a google doc!  It is saved here:


If you would like to see a prettier version, everyone is free to view.  
If you think you can help me, by editing my errors, please send me an 
email via a google account.  I can grant write access.  

I have tried to be as consistent with names as possible, but I'm sure 
there are some things that change into something similar in 
meaning/sound due to the length of this.  Sorry for any errors!  I 
probably won't have much time in the future, so I decided to upload as-is.  

I don't think there's anything else I can say, but thanks a lot to 
these two wiki sites:


I received a lot of information from them.  And of course, I thank 
Namdai Bamco Games for creating this game.  I hope, with this, some 
non-Japanese speaking players will try this game out.  Legally, of course!

Anyway, it's a bit random, but without further adieu, here is the FAQ:

Table of Contents

1. Level 3 hiougis
2. 25 his hiougi titles
3. Carta Cards
4. Shops
5. Cooking
6. Sub-events
7. Items
        Raw Items
        Frivolous Items
8. Password locked treasure chests
9. Extra Dungeons
        Zone Cage
        Sand Buried Historic Ruins
10. Grade Shop

1. Level 3 hiougi/blast calibers

You have to do specific things to get the titles for level 3 blast 
calibers, but the first and second titles should all come automatically 
(except for Pascal).  I'll start with the easy ones, and work my way 
down to the dreaded stuffed-toy event.  
There's a treasure box on the path from Zavert to the Anmaruchia Family 
Village.  It's actually closer to Zavert than the family village.  Just 
go left instead of up and you'll find it.  It turns into a monster, and 
after you beat it, there's an event where Pascal connects with some 
sort of fire summon and that's your third hiougi.  As for her other 
hiougis, please see the sub-event section.  
After you get the shuttle, you can check out coordinates.  I'm not sure 
how you do this with a normal controller, as I have a classic pro.  
Anyway, you go to -367.196x and -159.583y and a new area will open up.  
This the Spa Resort.  There's an event when you go to the counter, and 
you'll get Cheria's title for her third hiougi.  There's also a skit in 
this place, for those going for Sophie's skit title. 
Go to coordinates 2.836x and -308.583y.  You'll find an old mansion 
owned by the Ozwell's.  You'll fight a boss, and get Hubert's title.  
Don't forget to explore the area for some treasures and a skit, too.  
Some of these items are needed for Sophie's title.   
Go to the Fendle Iceberg Ruins.  This is the icy cave near Fendle's 
capital where the giant Criath (red crystal).  It's 氷山遺跡 on your 
map.  Anyway, if you return to where Kurtz died, there's actually a 
hole in the cave wall.  You can continue through there, and you'll find 
a grave.  This is the grave Roberia, the woman in Malik's flashbacks in 
Zavert.  Anyway, after saying his final farewells, Malik gets the title 
for his third hiougi. 
Go to the Knight's School, and turn left to talk with Victoria.  You'll 
talk about a sword (Excalibur), and Asbel mentions how he sold his 
father's old sword (the one you use as a kid) to make the money to go 
to Knight's School. So now you have to find it.  Go to coordinates 
334.663x and 180.499y, and you'll find the Tortoise People Village.  
Talk to the merchant at the bottom right.  After telling him your 
story, he tells you he has the sword, but already has a buyer, so you 
need to out-bid that person.  You will need 120,000 gald to so so.  The 
sword will also need fixing.  Return to the castle and talk to Duke 
Dale (he's in the throne room), and he talks about the sword's history, 
and how Asbel's family came to have the sword, and you'll get Asbel's 
title for his third hiougi.  He also tells you where to go to fix it, 
if you want to continue the quest for Asbel's second best sword.  It's 
in Pascal's town, Anmaruchia Family Village.  However, you need some 
items from the last dungeon to fix it.  These items are from the 6 
optional bosses, the robot-like things you find throughout the dungeon.  
These guys are powered down, but if you give them the cores that you 
find within the dungeon itself (in treasures and what not), you'll be 
able to fight them all.  The last core is actually beyond the last 
robot, so be sure to double back.  These guys drop decent weapons for 
all your characters themselves, so you should have fought them all 
before the last boss anyway.
This is the one everyone has trouble with, right?  So, there's a sick 
girl in Zavert.  She's near the entrance from the port.  You need to 
give her 7 stuffed toys to become her friend, in which you'll get 
Sophie's title for her third hiougi.  If you get all nine, you get a 
subevent which leads to a skit.  I'll give a list of stuffed toys, 
where to get them, and how to make them.  Please bear with me on the 

Japanese name      Translation          How to get it
ねこぐるみ         Kitty stuffed toy    You buy it in Zavert from a kid 
                                        near the house of the sick girl 
                                        for 10 gald. 
エステルぬいぐるみ Estelle stuffed toy  Made by combining items. 
王子ぬいぐるみ     Prince stuffed toy   Made by combining items. 
バウルぬいぐるみ   Ba'ul stuffed toy    It's in a treasure box in Yu 
                                        Liberte.  This is the desert 
                                        country capital town. You go to 
                                        the North Gate (right gate, if 
                                        looking at the president's 
                                        building), and you can go to the 
                                        dock.  The treasure box is 
ブッシュベイビー   Bushbaby             In Veranick, the poor town in 
                                        Fendle. It's in a house, the 
                                        one just in front of the inn. 
インプぬいぐるみ   Imp stuffed toy      In Grelside, the town you go to 
                                        after Wallbridge with Richard, 
                                        at the beginning of the game. 
                                        It's a bit hard to see, but if 
                                        you go forward from the entrance 
                                        of the town, past the back alley 
                                        of the shops on the left, 
                                        there's a little sign that says 
                                        魔導書売 (grimoire seller). You 
                                        go against or behind that 
                                        building sort of, and there's a 
                                        shifty guy selling a grimoire.  
                                        The treasure behind him is the 
                                        stuffed toy.
のこぐるみ         Noko stuffed toy     In Lhant, the starting town, 
                                        outside of one of the houses in 
                                        a treasure box. 
もじくんぬいぐるみ Moji-kun stuffed toy In Valonia, beside the bar. 
みずいろぐるみ     Water-coloured toy   Made by combining items. 

As for the combinations, here we go: 
Deadly poison stinger + Dangerous liquid = Corrosive chemical
猛毒針 + 危ない液体 = 腐食薬

Balloon flower fuzz + Corrosive chemical = Balloon cloth
風船花の綿毛 + 腐食薬 = バルーンクロス

Balloon cloth + Balloon flower fuzz = Stuffed toy
バルーンクロス + 風船花の綿毛 = ぬいぐるみ

Stuffed toy + Imperial Family's coat of arms = Estelle stuffed toy
ぬいぐるみ + 皇帝家の紋章 = エステルぬいぐるみ

DANGEROUS liquid + Earthen Bowl = Soft stone
デンジャラス液体 + 土精の器 = 柔らかい石	

Soft stone + Clay = Strange lump
柔らかい石 + 粘土 = 奇妙な塊

Stuffed toy + Strange lump = Prince stuffed toy
ぬいぐるみ + 奇妙な塊 = 王子ぬいぐるみ

Stuffed toy + Water-coloured dangerous liquid = Water-coloured toy
ぬいぐるみ + みずいろの危ない液体 = みずいろぐるみ

Among those items listed, the following were a bit tricky, so I'll 
point out where you get them too: 
The water-coloured dangerous liquid and the Imperial Family's coat of 
arms were in the Ozwell mansion that you get Hubert's hiougi from.  I 
listed the coordinates above.  The balloon flower fuzz is from a 
discovery, so you might need to go back a few times to retrieve the 
proper amount of the item.  The discovery is number 20, and is just 
south of Valonia.  The clay was also annoying, it was from discovery 
70, in district 66 on the other planet.   

猛毒針 (deadly poison stinger) -- It's a random drop.  You can get them 
in a few places, but I know in Northern Strata (desert), off of 
scorpions and what not. 

危ない液体 (dangerous liquid) -- drops off so many things, there's no 
way you don't have it.  The other DANGEROUS liquid is easy too, though 
I'm sure it's off ??? that you find wandering the world after the 
cocoon thing with Richard. 

土精の器 (earthen bowl) -- is off a couple things, though I know for 
sure it's in the Bashis Military Base on the other planet where you get 
the parts to repair your shuttle, and also in the Sand Buried Historic 
Ruins, that extra dungeon. 

2. 25 Hit hiougi titles
There's a few titles in this game that allow you to execute your level 
one hiougi/blast caliber after you hit 25 hits in a combo.  Except for 
Asbel and Sophie, all it takes is mastering 5 titles, and a new title 
will appear with the hiougi on 25-hit combos.  Sophie you need the 
Mother of Flowers title, which you get from collecting seeds from 
around the world and planting them in front of Cheria's house.  Why are 
Sophie's titles so much work?  Some of these directions are vague, 
because I don't remember getting them, and I'm just translating from an 

Where to get it

Night Lily seeds	
Valonia, somewhere between the bar and the port

Rape blossom seeds	

Amaryllis seeds	
Or Ley to the right of the inn

Gerbera seeds	
Sable Isoley to the right of the item shop

Rassembler seeds	
Yu Liberte it's on the grass by one of the large houses

Daphne seeds	
At the Coliseum Island

Nifelum? seeds	
Backstage of the Veranick inn

Bloody rose seeds	
Zavert inn

Arisaema seeds	
Anmaruchia Family Village, at the area where the head is

"No Where" seeds	
On the other planet, in the lower floor/basement of Teros1

Cat Serratum seeds	
In Cat People Village that you get to by feeding fish to cats all over 
the world

As for Asbel, you need to collect 30 Carta (karuta) Cards, and then 
talk to the old man at Zavert Port.  

3. Carta Cards

Here is a list of all the cards, and where you get them:

No.  Name       How to get it
001  Stan       Road east of Lhant 東ラント街道 
002  Rutee      Road North of Valonia 北バロニア道 
003  Philia     Road west of Lhant 西ラント道 
004  Woodrow    Road north of Lhant 北ラント道 
005  Leon       Road south of Valonia 南バロニア街道 
006  Celsea     Road to Grelside グレルサイド街道 
007  Mary       Old highway to Grel グレル旧街道 
008  Johny      Strata Rock Desert ストラタ岩石砂漠 
009  Kongman    Strata Eastern desert ストラタ大砂漠・東 
010  Lilith     Strata Western desert ストラタ大砂漠・西 
011  Dymlos     Strata Northern desert ストラタ大砂漠・北 
012  Atwight    Fendle Border Zone フェンデル国境地帯 
013  Igtenos    Fendle Mountain Tunnel フェンデル山岳トンネル 
014  Chaltier   Fendle Plateau フェンデル高原 
015  Clemente   Zavert Mountain ザヴェート山 
016  Yuri       Person to the right/front of the Sable Isoley Research 
                Institution entrance
017  Estelle    Path over the frozen sea (area before the Fendle 
                Iceberg Ruins) 氷海への道 
018  Karol      Unexplored Snowy Road (the path you follow to reach the 
                temple after Sophie is injured) 未開の雪道 
019  Rita       Person to the right/front of the Sable Isoley Research 
                Institution entrance  
020  Raven      Unexplored Desert (it's the path to the secret dungeon, 
                south and east of Or Ley) 未開の砂漠 
021  Judith     District 13 (other planet) 13号地区 
022  Kyle       Grelside, in the side yard of the Duke's estate, talk 
                to the maid  
023  Loni       Grelside, in the side yard of the Duke's estate, talk 
                to the maid 
024  Judis      You get this at some point planting seeds for Sophie's 
                "mother of flowers" title
025  Riala      Floor 9 of Zone Cage, the dungeon you can go to after 
                beating the game 
026  Nanaly     Grelside, in the side yard of the Duke's estate, talk 
                to the maid 
027  Harold     Grelside, in the side yard of the Duke's estate, 
                talk to the maid 
028  Cress      District 66 (other planet) 66号地区 
029  Mint 	In Lhant at the windmill (only obtainable as a child)
030  Archie     In Valonia, at the big green crystal (only obtainable 
                as a child)
031  Claus      Grelside, in the warehouse treasure box (left building 
                beside the item shop)
032  Suzu       Or Ley, in the treasure by the tortoise carriage
033  Chester    Sable Isoley, treasure chest
034  Lloyd      Yu Liberte, it's annoying, but there's a little secret 
                to the right of the weapon shop.  If you go to those 
                crates, you can slip through and follow the path behind 
                the stairs to the chest
035  Collette   Treasure chest at Coliseum Island
036  Genius     Veranick, around the middle of town, where that 
                large overhand is, there's a kid at the right.  The 
                treasure is behind that kid.
037  Refill     Treasure Chest in Zavert
038  Shiina     Anmaruchia Family Village, in Pascal's room
039  Kratos     Teros1 (city on the other planet), in a treasure box 
040  Zeros      Cat People Village, in a treasure box
041  Presia     Lhant, Stamp Card level 7 
042  Regal      Valonia, Stamp Card level 9 
043  Luke       Grelside, Stamp Card level 6 
044  Guy        Or Ley, Stamp Card level 7
045  Tear       Sable Isoley, Stamp Card level 10 
046  Anise      Yu Liberte, Stamp Card level 9 
047  Jade       Veranick, Stamp Card level 6 
048  Natalia    Zavert, Stamp Card level 10 
049  Emil       Anmaruchi Family Village, Stamp Card level 1
050 Marta       Teros1 or the shuttle, Stamp Card level 4 

Note, the card locations I left the Japanese in are search point cards.  
You can find these locations in the third drop down from your shuttle, 
field map.  These are basically all the "outside" zones in the game.  
Those little sparkles you find on the road have a chance to be a number 
of things (gold, gumi seeds, fruit, garbage, etc.), a card being one of 
them.  Each zone has a card associated with it, but they've only a 
chance to spawn in the search points.  If you search a zone and don't 
get the card, you'll have to wait for the sparkles to respawn by 
leaving and coming back later.  It takes patience, but you'll get it 

You can play the Carta Card Game with the old man in Sable Isoley.  You 
need 10 to play easy mode, 20 for normal mode, and 25 to play hard 
mode.  You get a peach gumi from beating easy mode, and a grimoire for 
beating normal mode.  I suggest you play these for that reason.  
However, if you're worried about bugs and completing everything in the 
game, beware of hard むずかしい mode.  After you beat hard mode, Pascal 
will get a title, and then you will get a skit.  Unfortunately, the 
skit is triggered by getting the title.  That means, if you inherit 
titles in new game plus, there will be no way to listen to this skit 
again.  In short, only play the card game in hard mode if you plan to 
and know you can get every skit in the game, or if you don't care about 
the skit title!

As for how to play the game, I figure it will be difficult if you 
cannot speak Japanese.  The game is based upon a traditional card game 
in Japanese, Karuta:


Basically, traditionally, the game master reads the first verse of a 
poem, and the p ayer has to find the card that has the second verse of 
the poem on it and pick it up first.  The Carta Card game in Tales of 
Graces is the same concept.  You will hear the game master read a 
quote, and you select the character who said the quote.  The quote that 
is read is on the description of the card in your item list.  You will 
hear the "winner" who picked up the card read the second part of the 
quote.  It's actually pretty great, because you get to hear Pascal, who 
has a very talented voice actress, play-act the quotes of old favourite 
Tales of characters.  If you play practice round, the other player is 
Asbel, not the old man, and it's nice to hear his voice actor act out 
the characters too.  I hope you can enjoy the game in practice even if 
you are afraid to play the real one due to the bug!

There is another use for the cards other than the game.  There's an old 
man in the Zavert port who gives out rewards depending on how many 
cards you have.  Here are the rewards:

of cards   item you recieve
5          grape gumi
10         mastery C
20         mastery EX
30         Asbel's title Carta Collector「カルタコレクター」 
40         lost anklet
50         mastery G

You get a skit along with the lost anklet, as well the anklet itself is 
needed as a commission item at the Coliseum Island Inn.  You have to do 
all the Coliseum Island commissions to be able to do the Tales of Cameo 
battle.  it is implied that this is Kohaku's anklet.  

4. Shops

A list of shops and what they sell, with the extra items you can get 
with stamp cards and the stamp card levels.  Stamp cards are attached 
to every town as a sort of a faction.  All the merchants in the same 
town share the same stamp card, except for the Tortoise Merchants, 
which have their own class of stamp cards.  You gain stamps through 
business with merchants.  After filling up one stamp card, you will go 
to the next level stamp card.  It takes more money per stamp card to 
get a single stamp.  Any method of business counts toward a stamp 
though, be it buying, selling, combining items, or filling up your 
Arles Pot.  You can see what level stamp card you are currently on in 
the bottom option at any merchant.  The items listed here are what the 
merchants sell at the end of the game, or when all their items are 
unlocked.  If there is some discrepancy, it is likely due to your game 
being at a different stage.  


Equipment store:
item            price
slow knife      530
iron sword      1250
iron wrist      1050
iron plate      1050
silk cloak      920
iron wear       1200
iron holder     260
pretty anklet   530
pretty ribbon   440
Valonia sword   370
Valonia blade   350

Item store:
item            price
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
grape gumi      2500
panacea bottle  100
liqueur bottle  200
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250
poison check    300
melon           714

Stamp card:
level   item             price    note
1       rice             50
2       pickled plum     104
3       sage             1500     limit one item
4       lettuce	         60
5       battle knife     4700
6       Carta Card No.41 765     limit one item
7       red sage         6000    limit one item
8       rare knife       20630
9       collector's      6000	 limit one item
10      Slow knife       530      has special property "Nanaly"


Equipment shop:
item            price
long sword      680
slow Knife      530
leather Plate   560
cloak           490
bronze Holder   150
ribbon          250
natural perfume 330
Valonia sword   370
Valonia blade   350

Item Shop:
item            price
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
panacea bottle  100
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250
Paralyse check  500

Stamp card:
level   item             price  note
1       bread            48
2       beef             180
3       tomato           88
4       pastry           122
5       battle plate     5265
6       sage             1500   limit one item
7       rare plate       23990
8       Carta Card No.42 765    limit one item
9       red sage         6000   limit one item
10      leather plate    560    has special property "Caius"


Equipment store:
item            name
steel sword     2300
steel wrist     1930
steel knife     1800
steel edge      2060
steel staff     2430
steel sabre     2170
steel plate     1960
white cloak     1720
steel wear      2240
steel holder    460
flower anklet   930
red ribbon      770
red perfume     1020
long scarf      490

Item store:
item            price
apple gumi      100
panacea bottle  100
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
burn check      1000

Stamp card: 
level item             price   note
1     pasta            44
2     clam             48
3     shrimp           120
4     battle sword     6005
5     Carta Card No.43 765    limit one item
6     saffron	       1500   limit one item
7     rare staff       27820
8     salmon roe       192
9     red saffron      6000   limit one item
10    steel staff      2430   has special property "Eugene"

Or Ley

Equipment Shop:
item           price
rune sword     4230
rune edge      3790
rune wear      4190
titan holder   810
marine perfume 1790

Item Shop:
item            price
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
panacea bottle  100
liqueur bottle  200
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250
slow check      1500

Stamp card:
level  item              price  note
1      seaweed           42
2      onion             72
3      pork              136
4      battle staff      6345
5      runna             750
6      Carta Card No.44  765    limit one item
7      rare wear         27410
8      verbena           1500   limit one item
9      red verbena       6000   limit one item
10     iron wear         1200   has special property "Luke"

Sable Isoley

Equipment shop:
item            price
rune wrist      3550
rune staff      4470
rune cloak      3220
titan anklet    1630
pretty scarf    1790

Item shop:
item            price
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
panacea bottle  100
liqueur bottle  200
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250

Stamp card: 
level  item              price   note
1      cheese            216
2      battle wear       6015
3      battle edge       5380
4      egg               34
5      chicken           108
6      Verbena           1500    limit one item
7      rare cloak        21060
8      red verbena       6000    limit one item
9      Carta Card No.45  765     limit one item
10     cloak             490     has special property "Natalia"

Yu Liberte

Equipment shop:
item            price
rune blade      3990
rune knife      3310
rune plate      3670
simple frame    1720
blue ribbon     1350

Item shop:
item            price
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
panacea bottle  100
liqueur bottle  200
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250
stone check     1500

Stamp card:
level  item              price   note
1      grape             166
2      battle wrist      5040
3      black cloak       4620
4      red wine          1980
5      white wine        2046
6      verbena           1500    limit one item
7      rare blade        24860
8      Carta Card No.46  765     limit one item
9      red verbena       6000    limit one item
10     rune blade        3990    has special property of "Midorippo"


item            price
battle sword    6005
battle wrist    5040
battle knife    4700
battle edge     5380
battle staff    6345
battle plate    5265
black cloak     4620
battle wear     6015
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
grape gumi      2500
panacea bottle  100
liqueur bottle  200
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250
freeze check    2500

Stamp card:
level  item               price  note
1       mastery C         1000   limit one item
2       savoury           1500   limit one item
3       energy bottle C   3000   limit one item
4       mastery EX        7500   limit one item
5       Carta Card No.47  765    limit one item
6       energy bottle EX  10000  limit one item
7       red savoury       6000   limit one item
8       mastery G         30000  limit one item
9       energy bottle G   30000  limit one item
10      dragon blood      14400  limit one item


Equipment shop:
item             price
platinum sword   7780
platinum knife   6090
platinum edge    6970
battle wrist     5040
battle staff     6345
platinum plate   6860
platinum wear    7840
gold holder      2490
platinum holder  4360
green ribbon     4130
elemental ribbon 7230
leaf perfume     5480
magical perfume  9590

Item shop:
item            price
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
grape gumi      2500
panacea bottle  100
liqueur bottle  200
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250
weak check      5000

Stamp card:
level  item              price   note
1      salmon            132
2      cod               154
3      crab              220
4      eel               288
5      red snapper       438
6      savoury           1500    limit one item
7      rare edge         23590
8      red bottle        6000    limit one item
9      Carta Card No.48  765     limit one item
10     steel edge        2060    has special property "Woodrow"

Anmaruchia Family Village

Equipment shop:
item            price
platinum wrist  6530
platinum blade  7340
platinum staff  8220
battle sword    6005
battle knife    4700
battle edge     5380
warlock cloak   6020
platinum wear   7840
star anklet     4990
gold frame      5270
platinum frame  9220
blue scarf      2640
orange scarf    4620

Item shop:
item            price
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
grape gumi      2500
panacea bottle  100
liqueur bottle  200
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250

Stamp card: 
level   item              price  note
1       Carta Card No.49  765    limit one item
2       shark bottle      1000   limit one item
3       arcana bottle     1000   limit one item
4       chamomile         1500   limit one item
5       elixir            5000   limit one item
6       all divide        7000   limit one item
7       rare wrist        22120
8       red chamomile     6000   limit one item
9       hour glass        9000   limit one item
10      iron wrist        1050   has special property "Kongman"


Equipment shop:
item            price
mithril sword   14320
mithril wrist   12020
mithril blade   13510
mithril knife   11210
mithril edge    12820
mithril staff   15120
mithril plate   12830
mithril cloak   11260
mithril wear    14660
wristlet        170
mystic cloak    140
hyper holder    7630
rune anklet     8730
goggles         16140
magical ribbon  12650
sexy perfume    16780
green scarf     8090

Item shop:
item            price
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
grape gumi      2500
panacea bottle  100
liqueur bottle  200
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250
seal check      5000
curse check     7000

Stamp card:
level  item              price  note
1      tofu              584
2      energy bottle C   3000   limit one item
3      rosemary          1500   limit one item
4      Carta Card No.50  760    limit one item
5      nattou            1600
6      energy bottle EX  1000   limit one item
7      miso              3800
8      red rosemary      6000   limit one item
9      energy bottle G   30000  limit one item
10     dark ground       14400  limit one item

Cat People Village

item            price
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
grape gumi      2500
panacea bottle  100
liqueur bottle  200
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250
rare holder     13350
misty anklet    15280
monocle         28250
ancient cloak   22140
dandy perfume   29370
magical muffler 14160

Stamp card:
level  item             price   note
1      garbage          1       limit one item
2      lavender         1500    limit one item
3      glass fear       10      limit one item
4      ochi tamatama    100     limit one item
5      ice candy        60
6      elixir           5000    limit one item
7      red lavender     6000    limit one item
8      all divide       7000    limit one item
9      hour glass       9000    limit one item
10     pure bright      14400   limit one item

Tortoise People

item            price
apple gumi      100
peach gumi      500
grape gumi      2500
panacea bottle  100
liqueur bottle  200
life bottle     300
holy bottle     250
dark bottle     250

Stamp card:
level  item	price                  note
1      ground meat            158
2      fleet footed grimoire  1000     limit one item
3      eggplant               96
4      special beef           432
5      vegetable set          568
6      spice set              632
7      rare sword             26350
8      seafood set            1022
9      quick strike grimoire  1000     limit one item
10     long sword             680      has special property "Guy"

Every town has its own cost per stamp per level, and it's 10 stamps per 
level.  Here is a chart to show the cost:

Lhant: 500,1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000, 32000, 64000, 128000, 512000, 
total of 767500
Valonia: 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000, 32000, 64000, 128000, 
256000, 1024000, total of 1535000
Grelside: 1500, 3000, 6000, 12000, 24000, 48000, 96000, 192000, 
384000, 1536000, total of 2302500
Or Ley: 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000, 32000, 64000, 128000, 256000, 
512000, 2048000, total of 3070000
Sable Isoley: 2500, 5000, 10000, 20000, 40000, 80000, 160000, 320000, 
640000, 2560000, total of 3837500
Yu Liberte: 3000, 6000, 12000, 24000, 48000, 96000, 192000, 384000, 
768000, 3072000, total of 4605000
Veranick: 3500, 7000, 14000, 28000, 56000, 112000, 224000, 448000, 
896000, 3584000, total of 5372500
Zavert: 4000, 8000, 16000, 32000, 64000, 128000, 256000, 512000, 
1024000, 4096000, total of 6140000
Anmarucha Family Village: 4500, 9000, 18000, 36000, 72000, 144000, 
288000, 576000, 1152000, 4608000, total of 6907500
Teros1: 5000, 10000, 20000, 40000, 80000, 160000, 320000, 640000, 
1280000, 5110000, total of 7675000
Cat People Village: 550, 1100, 2200, 4400, 8800, 17600, 35200, 70400, 	
140800, 563200, total of 8442500
Tortoise People, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 76800, 
153600, 614400, total of 9210000

5. Cooking

I've never played a Tales of game in English, so I don't really know 
how or if these recipes have normalised translations.  I went with 
names that I thought you'd see it listed in a restaurant over here, if 
the food even exists here.  This list probably isn't very useful, since 
you have to dualise/combine to create these items.  You can try going 
by picture,I guess?  I was going to include descriptions of what each 
item does, but there's really too many.  Maybe another time.  

NO   name               material 1           material 2          cost
1    rice ball          rice	             seaweed             4
2    pickled plum rice  rice ball            pickled plum        15
3    salmon roe rice    rice ball            salmon roe          18
4    salmon rice ball   rice ball            salmon              16
5    fried rice         rice                 egg                 3
6    crab fried rice    fried rice           crab                18
7    rice casserole     rice                 cheese              10
8    paella             rice                 seafood set         40
9    bouillabaisse      tomato               seafood set         42
10   crab rice          rice                 crab                10
11   broiled eel rice   rice                 eel                 13
12   nattou rice        rice                 nattou              62
13   rice in tea        rice                 tea leaves          3
14   plum rice in tea   rice in tea          pickled plum        14
15   salmon rice in tea rice in tea          salmon              15
16   red snapper rice  	rice in tea          red snapper         26
     in tea
17   eel rice in tea    rice in tea          eel                 21
18   grilled chicken    rice                 chicken             6
19   chicken and egg    grilled chicken bowl egg                 20
20   breaded pork bowl  rice                 pork                7
21   salmon roe bowl    rice                 salmon roe          9
22   beef bowl          rice                 beef                9
23   tuna bowl          rice                 tuna                30
24   salmon and egg     salmon roe bowl      salmon              33
25   salmon roe roll    salmon roe bowl      seaweed             30
26   nattou roll        nattou rice          seaweed             192
27   omelet             tomato               egg                 5
28   rice omelet        omelet               rice                16
29   noodle omelet      omelet               fried noodles       35
30   pizza              bread                cheese              10
31   carbonara          pasta                egg                 3
32   spaghetti and      pasta                ground meat         8
33   vongole            pasta                clams               4
34   fried noodles      pasta                pork                7
35   sandwich           bread                lettuce             4
36   french toast       bread                egg                 3
37   croque monsieur    sandwich             cheese              21
38   bread pudding      bread                pudding             15
39   nattou toast       bread                nattou              62
40   cooked bun         bread                miso                144
41   potato salad       potato               carrot              5
42   baked potato       potato               milk                6
43   gratin             chicken              cheese              12
44   onion soup         onion                cheese              11
45   grasper            gratin               spaghetti and       61
46   croquette          potato               ground meat         9
47   beef croquette     croquette            beef                35
48   crab cream         croquette            crab                36
49   steak              beef                 carrot              9
50   steak with ground  steak                giant radish        30
51   fat-marbled steak  special beef         carrot              18
52   fat marbled steak  fat-marbled steak    giant radish        59
     with ground radish
53   Salisbury steak    onion                ground meat         9
54   Salisbury steak    Salisbury steak      giant radish        30
     with ground radish
55   Salisbury steak    Salisbury steak      tofu                49
     with tofu
56   hamburger          Salisbury steak      bread               28
57   cheeseburger       hamburger            cheese              95
58   double burger      hamburger            cheeseburger        380
59   cabbage roll       cabbage              ground meat         8
60   Scottish eggs      Salisbury steak      egg                 28
61   fried chicken      cabbage              chicken             6
62   twice cooked pork  cabbage              pork                7
63   pork and potatoes  potatoes             pork                8
64   beef and potatoes  potatoes             beef                10
65   red wine beef stew beef                 red wine            81
66   dry curry          spice set            ground meat         30
67   curry              spice set            vegetable set       45
68   pork curry         curry                pork                144
69   chicken curry      curry                chicken             142
70   beef curry         curry                beef                145
71   seafood curry      curry                seafood set         177
72   stew               vegetable set        milk                25
73   beef stew          stew                 beef                82
74   seafood stew       stew                 seafood set         114
75   pot au feu         vegetable set        cabbage             23
76   borscht            tomato               beef                10
77   fish and chips     potatoes             cod                 9
78   salmon pie         pastry               salmon              10
79   shrimp chilie      tomato               shrimp              8
80   fried spice cod    cod                  spice set           30
81   grilled cod with   cod                  miso                148
82   Egg Foo Young      crab                 egg                 10
83   seafood salad      seafood set          lettuce             41
84   clam miso soup     clams                miso                144
85   radish miso soup   giant radish         miso                145
86   tofu miso soup     tofu                 miso                164
87   meat and tofu      beef                 tofu                29
88   Mapu Doufu         ground meat          tofu                28
89   Mapu Eggplant      Sichuan tofu         eggplant            89
90   Mapu Curry         Sichuan tofu         curry               224
91   Japanese           giant radish         egg                 4
     hotchpotch (oden)
92   miso oden          oden                 miso                155
93   quiche             pastry               egg                 6
94   apple pie          pastry               apple               9
95   pumpkin pie        pastry               pumpkin             11
96   banana pie         pastry               banana              10
97   meat pie           pastry               ground meat         11
98   peach pie          pastry               peach               14
99   chocolate pie      pastry               chocolate           11
100  apple compote      white wine           apple               81
101  tomato compote     white wine           tomato              80
102  peach compote      white wine           peach               86
103  grape compote      white wine           grape               83
104  cheesecake         cheese               egg                 9
105  pudding            milk                 egg                 4
106  pumpkin pudding    pudding              pumpkin             20
107  truffle            chocolate            milk                10
108  chocolate covered  chocolate            banana              12
109  chocolate pudding  pudding              chocolate           20

A note on favourite food:

Ever character has a favourite food.  If you have them eat it 10 times, 
either in or out of battle, you will get a title for that character.  
You can have them eat it out of battle by using the item on that 
person, or you can use it in battle by putting it into the Arles Pot.  
Here is the list of everyone's favourite food:

Asbel: curry
Hubert: rice omelet
Sophie: Egg Foo Young
Cheria: grilled chicken bowl
Malik: red snapper rice in tea
Pascal: Banana Pie

In addition, Cheria gets titles for discovering recipes, so try and 
make them all!  Richard does not have a favourite food.  Isn't it sad, 

6. Sub-events

Here is a list of all the sub events in the game.  I cannot take 
credit, as I just translated them.  The majority of these I have done, 
but some I have not, or no longer remember well, so the directions may 
be vague.  Feel free to let me know if you have more details.  

All these sub events are worth grade once they are completed.  Each 
event is worth 5 grade points.  

Many of these events consist of you finding a seemingly priceless item, 
and then giving said priceless item away.  Basically, this game has 
commissions.  They are generally at the inn, except in Lhant, where it 
is at your house.  It's generally the second option down.  You will get 
a new window.  Those options that are green are commissions you can do 
because you have the item.  When I say give an item over for commission 
or to the inn, I mean this.  Often, the item will only become listed at 
the inn upon doing the sub-event.  If I get to it, I'll do a list of 
all the commissions in the game too.  

No.01 Sick Person Visit ※time limit 
- childhood only
- After the event in west Lhant highway at the cabin, between the time 
where Cheria leaves your party and you enter your father's office
- Talk to Cheria who is standing in front of her house
- You get an apple gumi

No.02 Parental Secret Talk ※time limit 
- childhood only 
- Between the time you speak to your father in his office, and seeing 
Richard in the extra room
- On the second floor of your house, left side, in front of you mother 
(Kerry's) room, you will get an event

No.03 Mother's Concern ※time limit 
- Between the time after you fight Richard in front of your house, and 
the time you fight the boss at the Ancient Strata Ruins
- If you investigate the area in front of Kerry's room, there is an 

No.04 Ozwell's Conduct 1 ※time limit 
- After you give the letter to the president and before you fight the 
boss at the Ancient Strata Ruins
- Enter the Ozwell mansion in Yu Liberte for an event

No.05 Ozwell's Conduct 2 ※time limit 
- After you've headed to the Coliseum Island, and before heading to the 
Centre of the World Island
- Even if you have not see the first event, you can still see this one
- Enter the Ozwell mansion in Yu Liberte for an event

No.06 Cold Evening ※time limit 
- After arriving in Veranick, but before giving the child the Stratium 
Horn.  Easiest way to do this is to stay at the inn right after 
arriving at Veranick.
- If you stay at the inn in Veranick, you will get an event

No.07 Siblings ※time limit 
- After going to the research facility, but before going to the Centre 
of the World Island and fighting Richard.  You can actually do it up 
until the point where you take the boat from Zavert to Or Ley again.  
- When you stay at the inn in Zavert, you get a scene
- If you've already battled Richard at the island, then you have to 
stay at the inn a second time for the event.  This is because the 
story instructs you to stay at the inn after Sophe is hurt.  If you 
stay at the inn after this, you will be able to get the event.  

No.08 Malik's Reminiscence 1
- There's a star ☆ mark on one of the roads in Zavert.  It's the bottom 
most road.  Examine for an event.

No.09 Malik's Reminiscence 2
- After you've seen the first event
- There will be a star ☆ mark at the bar in the inn in Zavert now.  
Examine for another event.  

No.10 Malik's Reminiscence 3
- After you've seen the second event
- If you return to Kurtz's office in the Fendle government tower, there 
will be another star ☆ mark to examine.  

No.11 The Spring of Pascal
- In Zavert, there is a house with a girl from Pascal's hometown.  Talk 
to her for an event.  

No.12 Thoughts for Father
- Talk to your mother Kerry in Lhant

No.13 Flower of Tribute
- In the garden in front of your house, you will find a crushed 
flower「摘んだ花」after you have become an adult.
- It will appear in the commission list in Lhant now.  Give it over for 
the event.
- Apparently the contents of the conversation can change depending on 
what time you do it

No.14 Anonymous Letter
- If you go to the flowery mountain west of Lhant, under the tree where 
you took the oath of friendship as children, there is a star ☆ mark.  
If you examine the star, you get an event and the anonymous letter.  
Cheria will also get the title  Sensitive Woman「敏感女性」
- You can hand this item over at Lhant as a commission.

No.15 Frederick's Lost Item ※time limit 
- Any time between when you get Hubert on your team and going to the 
final dungeon, Gardia Shaft ガルディアシャフト 
- Go into Cheria's house in Lhant to find a star ☆ mark.  Examine it 
for an event.
- Go to Valonia, and examine the star ☆ mark by the item shop.  You'll 
get memento hanker-chef「思い出のハンカチ」 
- Hand this in at the commission in Lhant
- You'll get Sumibiyaki「スミビヤーキ」

No.16 Articles of the Deceased
Asbel's costume title Quasi-Knight Lord「準騎士侯」
- If you go down to the basement of the castle to the area where Sophe 
was stabbed in your childhood, you can examine the alter to find a 
model boat「船の模型」 
- Hand this over to Lhant commission、 You will get the title 
Quasi-Knight Lord「準騎士侯」 for Asbel.  

No.17 Victoria's Notice of Personnel Change
- In the bar in Valonia, you can find Knight's Official 
- Give these papers over at the commission in the inn at Valonia.   
Asbel will get the title Child Instructed by Victoria
- Apparently the event is different depending on the time you do the 
- You can't do it during the short period when you are a fugitive

No.18 Marik's instructor
- On the highway west of Lhant, there is a little cabin.  There, you 
will find Marik's Instructor.
- You will get the Windel Campaign History「ウィンドル軍史」text book 
from him.   Malik will get the title Nice Middle「ナイスミドル」 

No.19 What Happened to Bierce
- In Oran Forest, if you go to the crumbling town you came across at 
the beginning of your period of Asbel as a grown up, you will find 
Bierce.  Fight him to get an item for commission in Valonia, Wendel 
Medal「ウィンドル勲章」.  You also get a weapon for Sophie 
- Give the medal over in the commission in Valonia

No.20 Cheria's Piano
- In the cave by the ocean shore, there is an item to be found for 
commission in Valonia, a tuning fork 「音叉」.  It's in a treasure 
chest that is not in the cave originally, so even if you're sure you 
searched everything the fist time and do not have it, you should be 
able to find it if you return to the cave.  
- If you turn this item in at the Valonia in commission, Cheria will 
get the title Piano Princess「ピアノ姫」 as well as an armour only she 
can use, Amber Vestments「琥珀の法衣」.

No.21 Bandit Extermination
- If you exit Grelside from the left side and head up the road, you 
will run into a few bandits.  After an exchange, you will get into a 
- You will get a Green Cryas「緑のW石」and Pascal will get the title 
Wind Summoner「ウィンドサマナー」which has her level one hiougi/blast 
- You can hand over the Green Cryas at the Grelside inn commission.

No.22 Oddity at Wallbridge
- Talk to Dale at Grelside, he is the duke.
- If you go to the underground ruins under wallbridge or the like, 
return to the place where you saw the image of Sophie.  This is the 
place right after you got Pascal on your team.  There will be a monster 
there.  Fight him and obtain a proof of oddity 「異変の証拠」 
- You can give this item over at the Grelside inn commission.
- You will get Roten Deurareru「ロテンデウラレール」

No.23 The Tortoise People Chief
Sophee's Gothic Lolita costume 「ゴシックロリータ」
- You can find the Tortoise People's village at 334X, 180Y.  There, 
talk to the chief at the left side. 
- You will get the Written Business Application 
「取引申請書」, Sophie will get the title Gothic Lolita 
- You can give the Written Business Application in at the Grelside Inn 
- In the fourth floor of Zone Cage, the extra dungeon you go to after 
beating the game, you fight the Dark Tortoise Person as the boss.  Beat 
- If you go back to the Tortoise people's village and talk to the chief 
again, you will get the Tortoise People Flute「かめにんの笛」

No.24 Rare Animal Illustrated Encyclopedia
- If you enter the Strata dessert from Or Ley, you will com across a 
man.  Talk to him for an Illustrated Encyclopedia「珍獣図鑑」 
- You can hand this over at Or Ley Inn commission

No.25 The Secret Proposal
- Get a referral to see an official of trade from Kerry, your mother.  
Just talk to her to trigger the conversation where you ask her.  
-Then, if you go to Valonia castle, and turn right down the corridor, 
you can talk to this official.  You will receive a Trade 
Licence「交易許可証」and  Asbel will get the title Junior 
- You can hand this item over at the Or Ley Inn commission

No.26 Asbel's Hobby
- At the Or Ley port, if you talk to the man by the boat, you'll get an 
event where you're reminiscing with Malik on the boat.  You'll 
eventually get into a battle.  After beating the battle, you'll get the 
item Sunken Cargo「沈んだ積荷」.  Asbel will get the title Expert 
Sweeper「玄人スイー パー」 
- You can turn the Sunken Cargo in at the Or Ley Inn commission.

No.27 Pascal's Free Lady title「自由な彼女」
- To the south-east of Or Ley is the Unexplored Desert.  If you 
continue down there, there will be an event, and you will fight Pump 
Gear 「ポンプギア」 
- After the battle, you will get Neglected Baggage「放置された荷」and  
Pascal will get the title Free Lady「自由な彼女」
- After this, you'll be able to hand the item over at Or Ley Inn

No.28 Secret at the Capital of Magic Study
- At the Research Institution in Sable Isoley, investigate the star ☆ 
mark for a Blue Cryas「蒼のW石」.  Pascal will get the title Aqua 
Summoner 「アクアサマ ナー」 which has her level two hiougi/blast 
- You can hand this item over at the Sable Isoley Inn commission

No.29 A Riddle's Puzzle
- You can do this any time after your second visit to Or Ley
-There will be a man in Or Ley that, if you speak with, you'll get 
Investigative Report 「調査レポート」 and Hubert will get the title 
Secretive Doctrine「秘密主義」 
- You can hand the report in at the Inn in Sable Isoley.  
- What the man you talk to says varies depending on when you do this 

No.30 Reminiscent Photograph
- In Vaolonia, there's a house next to the church.  Speak to the man 
there for an event and a Reminiscent Photograph「思い出の写真」 
- At Yu Liberte's northern port, talk to a man with a talk icon for an 
event and get a title for Hubert, Burning Hot Blooded「熱き血潮」 
- Talk to the man at Sable Isoley, he is near the inn.  You'll get a 
carbon rod 「カーボンロッド」
- You will be able to hand the photograph over at the Sable Isoley Inn

No.31 Lamba's Remains
- On your shuttle, go to -381X, 129Y and you will find a new location
- You need to have a title equipped that grants halved damage for 
damage over 1000, it will read something like this in the description, 
「1000以上のダメージを半減」Do not attempt this sub-event without such 
a title!
- When you walk towards the wreckage, there will be an event followed 
by a fight.  The enemy won't attack you, but when it dies it detonates, 
and does the amount of damage you have life, so if you don't have a 
title on one party member that decreases damage, you will not live.  
Curry and other food that resurrects you after you die will not save 
you.After the fight, you will get the item, Proof of Another 
World 「別世界の証拠」 
- You will also get an armour that only Sophie can use,「白銀の神衣」 
- You can turn in the Proof of Another World at the Sable Isoley Inn

No.32 Little Lady Sophee
- At Yu Liberte, talk to the maid 
- In the Western Strata Desert, you'll find Locket 
Memento「形見のロケット」.  The location, more specifically, is at a 
star ☆ mark east of the Ancient Strata Ruins
- If you turn the locket in at the Yu Liberte Inn, you will get an 
event. and  Sophie will get the title Little Lady Sophee 

No.33 Her Training Tools
- In the shopping area of Yu Liberte, you can talk to a woman named 
Maren (マーレン).
- Go to the Western Strata Desert and fight プリコパル, you'll 
- Hand this over at the inn in Yu Liberte, Hubert will get the title 
Feigning Innocence Four-Eyes「とぼけメガネ」 
- You'll also get the skit, "I'm afraid to say..."「残念ながら」 
- After doing this commission, a new shop will open in Yu Liberte that 
allows the upgrading or building of items.  
- You can deposit equipment that has special properties/effects (like 
special names that are given to an item after combining to create the 
item, or attaching a piece to it).  After a set amount of time, the 
level of the special property will go up.  
- You cannot give equipment that has no property/effect.  If you 
deposit two items, which will level up first is random?  

No.34 Secret Tactics
- In the arena, get the Hand Drawn Map「手書きの地図」from beating 
floor 20
- In Yu Liberte Inn, you can hand this item in 
- You'll get Glowing Thing「ヒカリモーノ」

No.35 Hubert's History
- Go to Ozwell's treasure warehouse at 2X,-308Y,  You'll get an event 
and  fight a monster.  This is Hubert's level 3 hiougi/blast caliber 
- Hubert will get the title Child of Ozwell「オズウェルの子」 

No.36 Who's Idea Was It?
- The final match in the 5th floor of the arena is called Rinche 
リンチェ.  It's a human type,  and there's a 6% chance you can steal 
Household Medicine 常備薬 from it.
- You can turn this in at the inn in the Coliseum Island.  
- You'll get Karitakenaru「カリタクナール」

No.37 The Extorting Boy
- In Varanik, you will find a boy to the right of the residential house 
in the second screen of the town.  You have to go through the house and 
exit on the right.  There's a treasure chest here.
- On the other side of the well is a boy, Seji, and he will extort 1000 
gald from you.  You might have a hard time seeing him.  He's ducking 
behind the well so you can't see him.  Go behind the well and try to 
talk to him.  
- Inside the house, you can now talk to Seji and pay his mother's 
medical  bill.  You pay it 6 times, it costs 200 the first time, then 
400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 gald.  
- Cheria gets the title Kind to Others「おひとよし」 

No.38 Getting a Shovel
- In the tunnel of Fendle Mountain, you'll find a Anmaruchia person.  
Speak to him for a shovel「スコップ」which can be handed over in 
- He will say he wants a drill ドリル of which there are two in the 
- One is from Anmaruch Family Village, in Pascal's sister's room.  The 
other is from sub-event 39.  Give him the drill.  If you don't have the 
drill, he won't appear again until you have one.  
- Cheria will get the title Girl who Protects a Mother's Last 

No.39 Chill Instructor
Malik costume title Chill Soldier「いけてる軍人」
- At the very end of the Bashis Military Base, you will find a star ☆ 
mark, only after you have completed and return.  Investigate and Malik 
will get the title Chill Soldier「いけてる軍人」 and you will also get 
a drill 「ドリル」 
- Hand the drill over at the Veronick Inn

No.40 Camouflaged Monster
- On the Zavert Frozen mountain. you'll find a treasure chest that is a 
monster in disguise. 
- Fight it and get Arms Component「武具の材料」、 and Pascal will get 
the title Fire Summoner「フレイムサマナー」her third Mystic Arte 
- You can turn the Arms Component in at the Inn in Zavert.

No.41 Rock Gagan Researcher
- There's a man on the path to Zavert.  You see him right after getting 
out of the mountain from Veranick.  You might need to talk to him 
several times.  
- Fight Rock Gagan and steal Rock Gagan Hair「ロックガガンの毛」You do 
not need to kill him, you can just run away after stealing the item.  
- Hand this over at the inn in Zavert
- Marik will get the title Big Guy「デカイ男」 

No.42 Smuggling In
- At the port in Zavert, talk to the ship captain.  One of your options 
for where to go is ?????
- You will get into a fight on the ocean
- You will get Strata Ratchet「ストラタラチェット」and Marik will get 
the title Candidate for Next Master「次期マスター候補」 
- You can give the Strata Ratchet over at the Zavert Inn

No.43 Pascal and the Spy
- If you go to the 10th floor basement of the Government Tower in 
Fendle, you'll meet a spy and get Spy Evidence「スパイの証拠」as well 
as Pascal's title Citizen of Fendle「フェンデルの民」 
- You can turn this in at the inn at Zavert

No.44 A Certain Memory
- There's someone in Pascal's hometown that triggers this event, so 
talk to everyone if you're not seeing it
- In Pascal's house, examine the star ☆ mark.  You will get an event, 
an experiment sample 「実験サンプル」and  Cheria's title, Only Child 
- You can hand the sample in at the inn at Anmaruchia Family Village

No.45 Squadron
- If you return to the Sneek Research Establishment, go to the fifth 
basement where you fought the boss in the past.  Exit right and you 
will find a star ☆ mark which, after examining, will get you into a 
fight with Garganchua「ガルガンチュア」 
- After winning the fight you will get Boom Sainen「ブームサイネーン」 
- If you examine the box at the top right of the room you will get a 
Gauze Stamp「ガウスの印鑑」 
- You can turn this in at the Anmaruchia Family Village inn

No.46 Roberia's Grave
- At the Fendle Iceberg Ruins, where Kurtz died, there is a tunnel in 
the back after returning at a later time.
- Follow the cave for a few treasures.  At the end you'll find a grave 
and get Kurtz's Pendent「カーツのペンダント」 and Marik's third Mystic 
Arte title The Man Who Doesn't Die「死ねない男」 
- You can hand the pendent over at the Anmaruchia Family Village inn
- After some time, if you return to the place Kurtz died there will 
also be a star ☆ mark in front of the Large Crystal.  If you study it, 
you get into a fight.  It can be a difficult fight, so be warned.  

No.47 A long, long time
- Go to Teros1 Dome, into the building where you originally woke Emerod 
and talk to the little android there, Sai
- Near the shuttle bay on the lower floor, there is a star ☆ mark.  
Examine it for an event/battle.  You will get micro  parts 
- You can turn this in at the inn, or rather that little station that 
acts as an inn
- You will get Long Neck「クビナガーイ」

No.48 Hubert's Feelings
- In the Cornell Laboratories first basement, you will find a star ☆ 
mark which, upon studying, gives an event and a Driving Force 
Unit「駆動ユニット」and Hubert will get the title Lhant Lover 
- You can turn this in at the Teros1 Dome's commission

No.49 Cue
- On the way, or just before the Bashis Military Base バシス軍基地 
you'll fine a star ☆ mark.  Examine it for an event.  You'll also get a 
broken broach「壊れたブローチ」 and Sophie will get the title First 
- You can turn the broach in at the commission area in Teros1

No.50 Him and Her
- If you return to the Lambda Cocoon, and go to the very end, you will 
find a star ☆ mark.  Investigate it and you will get a 
recorder 「レコーダー」and Sophie will get the title Version 
- You can turn the recorder in at Teros1

No.51 Fashion Cat People Hubert
Hubert's Costume Title Modern Day Young Man「現代風若者」
- Go to the Ancient Strata Ruins, in the area with the large blue 
- Behind the large crystal, there's a treasure chest.  In it is Water 
Silk Material「水絹の生地」 
- Hand it over at the cat people town's inn.  
- Hubert will get the title Modern Day Young Man「現代風若者」 

No.52 Advice from Cat People Village 
Cheria's Costume Title Pure Young Woman「純白の令嬢」
- Go to the castle's store room in Valonia.  To find it, when you enter 
the castle from the front, go right four screens.  You should pass a 
screen with a soldier and a Tortoise person.  Right after that screen, 
go right down the hallway, and you should be able to go up.  Anyway, 
just go right until you are able to go up.  When you can go up, go up, 
and take the door on the left.  You'll get into another small room with 
a soldier.  Go left.  This final hallway only leads to three store 
rooms.  They all have treasures, but the one you're looking for is in 
the top left store room.  You will find a Pearl Wind Thread 
the store room.  
- Hand this over at the inn in Cat People Village
- Cheria will get the title Pure Young Woman「純白の令嬢」 

No.53 Large Dream
- Go to the spa resort at  -367x, -159y, and find スパリゾート.  
Examine the shark floating in the water for a Shark Fin「ふかひれ」 
- Turn it in at the Cat People Village inn.  
- You'll get armour only Pascal can use, Scarlet Lotus Holy 

No.54 Gentleman
- You have to have done all the inn commissions in the game.  
- The Gentleman will appear right after finishing the last one, and 
will only appear at this one time, so be sure to save
- After beating the Gentleman, you'll get one of three of the following 
items: Dragon Blood ドラゴンブラッド、Dark Ground 
グラウンドダーク、Pure Bright ピュアブライト
- These items are for making the best armour in the game

No.55 Sophie's Seed Collection
- Mentioned above, get and plant all 10 different seeds and Sophie gets 
the title Mother of Flowers「花の母」 
- You get Carta Card 34 at 7 seeds planted「魔法カルタNo.24」
- Afterwards, there will be a star ☆ mark at the garden.  Examine it 
for an event and you'll also get a Glowing Seed「光る種」 
- You'll get a chat here, "Let's go to the Item Store 
- Go to the item shop, sort of around the back, and you'll see another 
star ☆ mark.  Investigate and you'll get a melon「メロン」and the store 
will also sell melon from this point on
- After planting the Cat Serratum seeds, you will get another event.  
- After that, a cat will follow you around whenever you're in Lhant.
- It will follow you around as long as you are in Lhant, but it won't 
go in buildings.  If you leave Lhant, the next time you return it will 
follow you again.  
- Note, even though I've done this, there's never a cat following me 
around town....

No.56 Hide and go Seek
- You can apparently do this as early as when you're supposed to go to 
Strata by boat.
- In the centre of Wallbridge, in that centre room on the second floor, 
you'll find a maid who is taking care of 8 children.  You will be 
prompted to search for them.  Before setting out, climb to the top of 
that centre room where you got the quest and talk to the Tortoise Man.  
He will offer to sell you a croquet.  Buy it if you do not have one.  
It is fine to also just make one.  You will need one to find the 
children.  Here is where they all are.  
- 最北塔右2F Second floor, Northern most tower, right side, horizontal 
to the lever
- 最北塔左2F Second floor, Northern most tower, left side, there is a 
soldier that asks for some money to be lent to him.  After you lend it 
to him, he will move and you can find the child. I have heard you can 
find the child even if you refuse to pay, but I do not know the 
- 北主塔左B1 Basement, Northern-centre tower, left side, there is a 
box with a bag of yellow fruit upon it.  Behind that is a child.  
- 最北塔左B1通路 On the path to basement, Northern most tower, left 
side, there is a solider who will only say "..." Speak to him 8 times 
and he will finally move and you can find another child.  
- 最北塔左B1 Basement, Northern most tower, behind the large barrel 
that is a discovery, there is a child.
- 南主塔左屋上 On the rooftop, Southern-centre tower, there will be a 
foot soldier that is fainted and complaining about food.  Give him 
the croquet you have bought or made before. 
- Outside of the towers, there is a Tortoise Wagon.  Behind that, there 
is another child.  
- 最南塔右B1通路 On the way to the Southern most tower, right side, 
basement, there is another solider.  He will ask for 3 life bottles.  
Give it to him and you were get his Badge/Coat of Arms 
「フェザーワッペン」and you will be able to find another child just 
beyond him.
- 最南塔右B1 Basement, furthest south tower, right side.  The soldier 
you lent the money to will pay you back.  It seems he sold his clothing 
for the money.  You can find the final child beside the bed.  
- When you find all the children, Sheria will get the title 
Hide-and-go-Seek General「かくれんぼー将軍」
- You will also get the skit "Relaxing is also work"「休むのも仕事」

No.57 Magic Carta Cards
- In Sable Isoley, you can talk to an old man to play with your Carta 
- If you beat him on normal「ふつう」mode, you get a Delicious Food 
Grimoire 「美食の魔導書」.  You need 20 cards to play normal.  
- If you win on hard「むずかしい」you get a Mother Nature 
Muffler「大自然のマフラー」and Pascal gets the title Female Carta 
Player 「女流カルター」 
- You will also get the chat "A Victory for Teamwork!?" 
- By the way, this title, and the skit that comes with it, is the title 
that bugs in new game plus should you choose to carry over your titles.  
The skit is actually triggered by getting the title, not by winning the 
card game, so if you carry over the title, you cannot get the skit that 
comes with it, and you can't get Sophie's title for every skit.  So, if 
you're aiming for that in your next game, it's best to avoid doing 

No.58 The Black Watchers -- Tales of Cameo Battle
- At the coliseum, beat the normal mode battle set.  
- You will get the skit "4 Monster's Simultaneous  Arrival!" 
- You need to get the sword Requiem「レクイエム」 which you get from 
sub-event 62.
- Collect 40 Carta Cards, and talk to the old man at Zavert port for a 
Lost Anklet「落し物のアンクレット」 
- You'll also get the skit, "Try it on"「試着です」
- Finish the Sand Buried Historic Ruins and you'll get Hero's 
- Complete all the commissions at the Coliseum Island Inn.
- Do the master class battle set at the arena, and you'll encounters 
Veige, ヴェイグ, Kohak コハク, and Reala リアラ 
- If you beat them, Asbel gets the title Strongest Knight「最強剣士」 
- You will also get the skit "Representative Like 

No.59 Play Event - Cheria Snow White
- You can do this after getting the shuttle
- In the inn in Veranick, talk to the man back stage.  He wants to 
write a play.  You need to give him 5 stories on princesses for him to 
do so.  
- You give them over at the commission once you have all five for the 
- You get these five books from the following places: 
- In Lhant, in your father's office on the book shelf 
- In Valonia, second floor of the inn 
- In Zavert, in a drawer in one of the residences 
- In Grelside, by the back entrance of the inn, inside the inn 
- The last one is backstage in Veranick where you speak to the man who 
wants them
- When you hand them over, you get an even where everyone participates 
in a play.   Malik gets the title "Best Supporting Actor"「名わき役」 
- If you go back stage afterwards, you get the skit "Hit-and-run 

No.60 Sick Little Girl
- This is the event for Sophie's hiougi/blast caliber which I have 
already outlined above

No.61 Shot Cube
- In the Anmaruchia Family Village, you meet a young man who asks you 
to play a mini-game called Shot Cube 
- If you clear levels 1 and 2,  Pascal gets the title Logical 
- After seeing your sister, if you come back, there's a third level 
available.  Clear that for mithril staff 「ミスリルスタッフ」 
- After you clear all including three, you will get another stage.  
Clear  that for a rare staff「レアスタッフ」 and Proof of 
- You will also get the skit "If it's me, I can do 
※There's a bug where, if you do it all at once, you might not get the 
※You have to make sure to take a break after doing the first 9 puzzles 
to get the title, then continue again
- You can hand the Proof of Winning over at the Cat People Village inn

No.62 Weird People -- Black Wings
- You can do all these from when Hubert joins your team, though I think 
you may be able to start some of the earlier ones from when you first 
reach Grelside.  I haven't confirmed this yet.  You must do this event 
in order.  
- In Grelside, the second floor of the inn, you'll find a little boy 
Joe in one of the rooms.  Talk to him for an event and Sophie will get 
the title Heaven Girl「ヘブンガール」 
- In Valonia, you can find Joe and his sister to talk to in a room on 
the  second floor of the inn.  You will get three hamburgers 
「ハンバーグ」for the event.  
- In Or Ley, in front of the inn, the older brother will be with Joe 
and his sister, making the Black Wing trio complete.  Talk to them for 
an event and One Who Can Grow Wings「羽根を生やすもの」 
- A little distance away from the inn in Sable Isoley, you'll find the 
trio.  Talk to them for an event and three Pork Curries「ポークカレー」 
- Talk to them in the inn in Yu Riberte and get a battle 
- At the Coliseum island, there's a star ☆ mark near the docks.  
Examine for an event, and get three Broiled Eels「うな重」 
- In the inn in Veranick, speak to them for a battle 
- In the inn in Zavert, left most room, find the group again.   Hubert 
will get the title Senior Little Brother「先輩弟」 
- In Anmaruchia Family Village, to the side of the inn, speak to the 
group for a mandarin muffler「みかんマフラー」 
- Now they're in Lhant, in your mansion for some reason, in the right 
most room on the bottom floor.  Speak to them and you'll get the sword 
Requiem「レクイエム」which Veige requested for in the Coliseum Island, 
and should be an option for commission after fighting him.  
- Talk to the group again and you'll also get ten Mapo Curries 
「マーボーカレー」 and another event.

No.63 Guardians of the Large Crysas
- You have to have all three of Pascal's hiougi/blast caliber titles, 
and  it has to be after the last dungeon is put on the map.  You also 
have to have all three discoveries for the three crystals.  Each 
summon/discovery relates to each crystal.  If you can't fight one of 
these, it's because you're missing either the discovery or the summon 
or both.  That being said, the last one can sometimes not appear for a 
long time.  Just be patient and return at later times.  
- If you just accidentally run into them, they might be a bit tough, so 
be careful
- In front of the Green Large Crysas in Valonia, examine the star ☆ 
mark for a fight.  The boss is level 70.  
- You will get「大翠緑竜のW石」
- Go to the Ancient Strata Ruins and examine the star ☆ mark in front 
of the giant blue crystal. This boss is level 90.
- You will get 「大蒼海竜のW石」
- Do the same in Fendle Iceberg Ruins, examine the star ☆ mark in front 
of the giant red crystal.  This boss is level 110.
- You will get 「大紅蓮竜のW石」 
- You will need to get all three of these items to go to the final 
floor in the extra dungeon, Zone Cage

No.64 Memento Sword
- This is included in my explanation for getting Asbel's third 
hiougi blast caliber.  I will only add here that, should you have 
beaten the fourth floor of the extra dungeon, Zone Cage, you don't need 
to pay the Tortoise People for the Excalibur 「エクスカリバー」you will 
get it for free. However, you will still need to repair it.  

No.65 A Humanoid's Last Moments
- On the first floor of Teros1, there is humanoid with a talk icon.  
Speak to her for an event.  She says she is breaking, and asks to be 
- In the second floor, back centre building of Teros1, there is a data 
facility.  Investigate the star ☆ mark for an event.  You will get a 
memory core「メモリーコア」 
-You will need to collect two of each of the following items.  It's 
easiest to make from combining, so I'll show it that way.  

Pretty feather + shredded page = flapping crystal
きれいな羽根 + 千切られたページ	= 羽ばたける結晶

Nameless seed + shredded page = overgrown crystal
無名の実 + 千切られたページ = 生い茂る結晶

Dangerous liquid + rare metal = ruined crystal
危ない液体 + レアメタル = 形無き結晶	

Clay + DANGEROUS liquid = concrete crystal
粘土 + デンジャラス液体 = 固結する結晶

Cog wheel + rare metal = created crystal
歯車 + レアメタル = 造られし結晶

Sinfully delicious water + common metal = moist crystal
免罪の水 + コモンメタル = 潤いし結晶	

- Go to the Cornell Research Establishment コーネル研究所 and go to the 
room where you originally had an event with Sophie.  Then exit right 
from that room, and head up the hallway.  Turn right at the end of the 
hallway, and enter the only room in the new screen.  If you don't 
remember, upon entering the Research Establishment, go as far as you 
can and you should reach the elevator with the little batteries in it.  
Take the elevator to the second basement.  Go all the way left, and 
then up all the way, then right.  You'll get a new screen.  There's 
only one door to take here, so take that.  You will find a star ☆ mark.  
Examine it and there's a scene where Pascal will tell you she can 
remake the little android with certain materials.  If you have the 
materials, examine the star ☆ mark again, and you will get an option to 
give away those items.  Hit yes for the event.  
- After that event,  Pascal will get the title Mad 

No.66 Beautiful Pool
- You will find the Spa Resort at -367x, -159y. Talk to the 
receptionist and go to the pool for an event. 
- Cheria gets the title Sexy Heroine「セクシーヒロイン」 

No.67 Getting back your stolen Bathing Suits
- You can do this after sub-event 66
- After playing in the pool, your bathing suits get taken, so you have 
to look all over Strata to get them back
- Asbel: In Or Ley, search the vase to the right of the item shop and 
get the title 「ベストパーカニスト」 
- Sophie: At the Ancient Strata Ruins, take the left path down the 
stairs and fight a Torch Elemental「トルシュエレメンタル」get the title 
Cat Girl「ねこ少女」 
- Hubert: Inside the Rock Gagan's body, bottom right corner, fight the 
「フェイクムロン」and get the title Double Glasses「ダブルメガネー」 
- Cheria: Inspect the tools by the item shop in Sable Isoley and you 
will  be able to buy her bathing suit for 100,000 gald.  Do so and get 
the title Water Angel「水辺の天使」 
- Malik: Talk to the man at the entrance of Yu Liberte and get the 
title Life Saver「ライフセイバー」 
- Pascal: In the Sand Buried Historic Ruins, fight the monster 
「プーカァギア」that is right in front of the power room, and get the 
title Under Water Diver「水中ダイバー」 

No.68 Empty Battle
- After you beat the game, you can reload the saved game.  You'll be at 
the save point before the last boss.  There's a skit to see.  
- Go back to Lhant.  You can skip back to the beginning of the dungeon 
via the warps.  Go to your mansion, and there will be an event with 
- After this, Zone Cage ゾーオンケイジ will be open for you.  You can 
select it from your shuttle on the dungeon list.  

No.69 Minister for the Environment
- Go to the inn in Zavert and make Malik your on-screen character and 
investigate the garbage can.  Malik will throw out what garbage ゴミ 
you have.  If you have 15 pieces for him to throw out,  Malik gets the 
title Minister for the Environment「環境大臣」 
- You will throw out the garbage even if you don't have 15 pieces.  
Just keep going until you throw out all 15.  You find garbage on the 
field map, where those sparkles are.  If you try and collect 50 Carta 
Cards, you're probably end up having a few

No.70 Bartender Malik
- You can do this event even if you haven't done event 42.
- Talk to the master of the bar in Valonia
- Malik will fill in as a bartender

Other sub-events

These events do not help your grade, but they are interesting, and 
sometimes provide items.  

Big Brother Tiger Festival and Valonia Sight Seeing ※time limit 
- This can be done any time between when Richard joins your part and 
you meet Hubert.  This is done when you are a child, so I mean the 
short time when Richard joins your party as a child in Valonia.  I 
suggest you not exit the town north and do do this sub-event first if 
you'd like to see it.  
- In Valonia, if you go to the side of the Weapon Store, you'll get an 
- If you head towards the knight school, you will get another event 
with Malik.

Richard's Ring ※time limit 
- This can be done upon meeting Cheria again as an adult, but before 
going back home to Lhant.
- If you talk to the soldier at the entrance to the castle, you will 
get an event.  

Asbel's Troubles ※time limit 
- This can be done after officially choosing to drop out of Knight 
School, but before being chased out of Lhant by Hubert. 
- Sleep in Asbel's room and you'll get an event.  

Sisters ※time limit 
- This can be done after arriving at the other planet, Teros1, and 
before Sophee is revived as a party member that can fight
- Stay at the inn in the dome.

Fourier's Gift ※time limit 
- The night before the final battle, everyone stays in Lhant and 
there's a variety of events by talking to your party members.  After 
this night, but before the skit/chat "Flown away"「呼び出しされた」you 
can do this event.  This chat happens when you return to Lhant after 
beating the game, so basically you have to start this event after the 
final dungeon is unlocked, but before you beat the game.
- In the centre plaza in Lhant, you can talk to Fourier, and you are 
given the item Mofumofu Scarf「もふもふマフラー」
- About Cat People Village
- There are a number of cats you will find in towns around the world.  
If  you give each of them some seafood, you will be taken to Cat People 
Village.  After you have fed each of them, talking to any of the cats 
will give you the option of transporting to Cat People Village.
Any seafood is good.  The cats are not picky in this regard.
- There are only 10 cats, in the following places:
- Valonia, in front of the church
- Grelside port.  It is the right exit from the town.
- In the hut at Or Ley port
- In front of the research institution in Sable Isoley
- In the white wine mansion in Yu Liberte
- At the port at Colisium Island
- In one of the homes in Veranick.  It's on the second screen, with the 
elderly couple in it 
- In Zavert, in Felma's house 
- In front of Pascal's house in the Anmachia Family Village 
- The last one is in Lhant, in the middle of town, but only after 
defeating Lamda in the cacoon.  
- Unfortunately, since you can't speak Cat, you won't be able to use 
the shop or inn.  However, after visiting the village, you can go to 
coordinates 332X, -392Y on your shuttle.  You will find the house of 
Old Man Cat Lover.  Once you enter, you'll get an item to let you to 
speak to cats, 「ネコーデック」as well as some armour, Cat People 
- After being able to speak Cat, you'll be able to use the inn and shop 
in Cat People Town.

Devil's Deed
- In Teros1, after having met Emelod
- On the second floor of Teros1, in around the centre, there's an 
android that offers to sell something to you.  You choose a character, 
and buy the title Chemical Remodeling「原素改造」 for them
- Each time you buy, the price goes up, so choose which character to 
buy first carefully.  It first costs 10,000, then 30,000, 90,000, 
270,000, 810,000, 2,430,000.  You will need 3,640,000 gald total to buy 
everyone this title.  

7. Items

This is a list of (hopefully) most of the items you need to worry about 
in this game.  It has a general description on how to obtain the items, 
so hopefully, with this, people will be able to get all the items they 
would like.  

I did have more information per item, like stats and effects etc., but 
I can't figure out a nice way to format it in plain text, so I'm 
keeping it simple for now.  If you want to know, they generally go 
weakest to strongest.  The strongest ones all contain rare items and 
are created in dualise.  

No.  Name
     Method of Obtaining


Swords (Asbel)

001  Aston's Sword
     Asbel starts with it as a child
002  Valonia Sword
      ※only available in childhood
     Store: Lhant
     Store: Valonia
003  Long Sword
     Asbel starts with it as an adult
     Store: Valonia
004  Iron Sword
     Store: Lhant
005  Steel Sword
     Store: Grelside
006  Rune Sword
     Store: Or Ley
007  Battle Sword
     Store: Veranick
     Store: Anmaruchia Family Village
     Store: Grelside (stamp card 5)
008  Platinum Sword
     Store: Zavert
009  Mithril Sword
     Store: Teros1
010  Rare Sword
     Store: Tortoise People (stamp card 7)
011  Katana
     Iron Sword + Moist Crystal
012  Flamberge
     Steel Sword + Blazing Crystal
013  Zephyrus
     Rune Sword + Flapping Crystal
014  Ice Coffin
     Battle Sword + Glacial Scoured Crystal
015  Balmink
     Platinum sword + Might Crystal
016  Durandal
     Mithril Sword + High Grade Crystal
017  Iseberg
     Rare Sword + Silence Crystal
018  Excalibur
     See event 64/Asbel's third hiougi
019  Levantin
     Drop: from Veige in the Arena, normal mode
020  Disintegrate
     Long sword + Ena Sphere
021  Valkirin
     Mithril Sword + Long Neck (?)
-    Onimaru Kunitsuna
     download content

Wrists (Sophie)

022  Wristlet
     リ スレット
     Sophie starts with this
     Store: Teros1
023  Iron Wrist
     Store: Lhant
024  Steel Wrist
     ス チールリスト
     Store: Grelside
025  Rune Wrist
     Store: Sable Isoley
026  Battle Wrist
     Store: Veranick
     Store: Zavert
027  Platinum Wrist
     プラチナ リスト
     Store: Anmaruchia Family Village
028  Mithril Wrist
     Store: Teros1
029  Rare Wrist
     レ アリスト
     Store: Anmaruchia family Village (Stamp Card 7)
030  Defender
     ディ フェンダー
     Steel Wrist + Concrete Crystal
031  Garmfang
     ガ ルムファング
     Rune Wrist + Wriggling Crystal
032  Lizard Reaver
     リ ザードリッパー
     Battle Wrist + Scaled Crystal
033  Crystal Shell
     Platinum Wrist + Light Shining Crystal
034  Titan Knuckle
     Mithril Wrist + Earth Shaken Crystal
035  Shining Finger
     Rare Wrist + Tyrannic Crystal
036  God Weapon
     Drop: Deuteron -- one of the robot mini-bosses in Gardia Shaft
037  Terapevaine
     テ ラペウェイン
     Sub-event 60.  After the event is over, you can go to her house 
     and find this in a treasure box
038  Dear Balein
     Iron Wrist + Dio Sphere
039  Beirce Crow
     Sub-event 19
040  Cat-let
     ネ コレット
     Battle Wrist + karitakenaru
-    Danzou Wrist
     段 蔵の手甲
     download content

Double Blades (Hubert)

041  Lefty & Righty
     レ フティ&ライティ
     ※only available when a child
     Hubert starts with it as a child
     Store: Lhant
042  Valonia Blade
     ※only available when a child
     Store: Lhant
     Store: Valonia
043  Rune Blade
     ルー ンブレード
     Hubert starts with it as a child
     Store: Yu Liberte
044  Platinum Blade
     プ ラチナブレード
     Store: Anmaruchia Family Village
045  Mithril Blade
046  Rare Blade
     レ アブレード
     Yu Liberte (Stamp Card 8)
047  Beast Fang
     Rune Blade + Spirit Demon Crystal
048  Twin Lancer
     ツ インランサー
     Platinum Blade + Ruined Crystal
049  Aqua Limis
     ア クアリムス
     Mithril Blade + Water Submerged Crystal
050  Vertical
     ヴォル テッカー
     Rare Blade + Fiercely Blowing Crystal
051  Rosary Pain
     ロ ザリオペイン
     Drop: Toriton -- one of the robot mini-bosses in Gardia Shaft
052  Bahamut Tear
     バ ハムートティア
     Drop: From the Red Guardian Dragon in front of the Red Crystal
053  Seven Stars
     セ ブンスターズ
     Rune Blade + Tria Sphere
054  Autumn Fish Blade
     秋 ブレード魚
     Platinum Blade + Glowing Thing
-    Nagi Hinawa Blade
     download content
Knives (Cheria)

055  Slow Knife
     ス ローナイフ
     Cheria starts with this
     Store: Lhant
056  Steel Knife
     Store: Grelside
057  Rune Knife
     ルー ンナイフ
     Store: Yu Liberte
058  Battle Knife
     Store: Veranick
     Store: Anmaruchia Family Village
     Store: Lhant (Stamp Card 5)
059  Platinum Knife
     プ ラチナナイフ
     Store: Zavert
060  Mithril Knife
     Store: Teros1
061  Rare Knife
     レ アナイフ
     Store: Lhant (Stamp Card 8)
062  Fruit Knife
     Steel Knife + Overgrown Crystal
063  Blue Sky
     ブ ルースカイ
     Rune Blade + Fiercely Blowing Crystal
064  Killer Shot
     キ ラーショット
     Battle Knife + Wriggling Crystal
065  Survival Dagger
     サ バイバルダガー
     Platinum Knife + Concrete Crystal
066  Inverser
     イ ンパルサー
     Mithril Knife + Earth Shaken Crystal
067  Prism Rain
     プ リズムレイン
     Rare Knife + Light Shining Crystal
068  Kris Dagger
     ク リスダガー
     Drop: Tetarton -- one of the robot mini-bosses in Gardia Shaft
069  Seven Dragon Blade
     七 竜刀	
     Drop: From the Blue Guardian Dragon in front of the Blue Crystal
070  Soul Bright
     ソ ルブライト
     Slow Knife + Tesera Sphere
071  ○□○□− (your guess is as good as mine)
     Battle Knife + Sumibiyaki
-    Evening Samoji
     小 夜左文字
     download content

Edges (Malik)

072  Steel Edge
     ス チールエッジ
     Malik starts with this
     Store: Grelside
073  Rune Edge
     Store: Or Ley
074  Battle Edge
     バ トルエッジ
     Store: Veranick/Anmaruchia
     Store: Sable Isoley (Stamp Card 3)
075  Platinum Edge
     プ ラチナエッジ
     Store: Zavert
076  Mithril Edge
     Store: Teros1
077  Rare Edge
     レ アエッジ
     Store: Zavert (Stamp Card 8)
078  Iron Boomerang
     Rune Edge + Flapping Crystal
079  Wild Hunter
     ワ イルドハンター
     Battle Edge + Removed Fang Crystal
080  Scrapper
     ス クラッパー
     Platinum Edge + Created Crystal
081  Illusioner
     イ リュージョナー
     Mithril Edge + Spirit Demon Crystal
082  Supernova the 3rd
     スー パーノヴァ3rd
     Rare Edge + Blazing Crystal
083  Undertaker
     Drop: Penpton -- one of the robot mini-bosses in Gardia Shaft
084  Dragon Tooth
     ド ラゴントゥース
     Drop: From the Green Guardian Dragon in front of the Green Crystal
085  Ultimate Devil's Edge
     Steel Edge + Pende Sphere
086  Chirp Chirp Melan
     Platinum Edge + Roten Deurareru
-    Throwing Star
     風 魔手裏剣
     download content

Staves (Pascal)

087  Steel Staff
     ス チールスタッフ
     Pascal starts with this
     Store: Grelside
088  Rune Staff
     Store: Sable Isoley
089  Battle Staff
     Store: Veranick
     Store: Or Ley (Stamp Card 4)
090  Platinum Staff
     Store: Anmaruchia Family Village
091  Mithril Staff
     Store: Teros1
092  Rare Staff
     レ アスタッフ
     Grelside (Stamp Card 7)
093  Frenzy rod
     Rune Staff + Spoken Evil Dropping Crystal
094  Arsgel
     アース ゲイル
     Battle Staff + Concentration Crystal
095  Splash Fall
     ス プラッシュフォール
     Platinum Staff + Moist Crystal
096  Giganto Hammer
     ギ ガントハンマー
     Mithril Staff + Ruined Crystal
097  Dream Flange
     ド リームフランジ
     Rare Staff + High Grade Crystal
098  Ouroboros
     ウ ロボロス
     Drop: Henton-- one of the robot mini-bosses in Gardia Shaft
099  Genius Scientist Staff
     Drop: Gentleman (Sub-event 54)
100  World End
     Steel Staff + Eke Sphere
101  Rooper Wooper
     Platinum Staff + Boom Sainen
-    Ancient Bishop's Staff
     download content

Short swords (Richard)

102  Short Rapier
     ショー トレイピア
     Richard starts with it as a child
103  Royal Rapier
     Richard starts with it as an adult
104  Steel Sabre
     Store: Grelside
105  Fame Face
     フェ イムフェイス
     Steel Sword + Spoken Evil Dropping Crystal
     スチールセイバー + 闇這い寄る結晶


Plate (male armour)

001  Casual Parka
     Asbel starts with it as a child
002  Casual Jacket
     Hubert starts with it as a child
003  Haute Couture
     Richard starts with it as a child
004  Leather Plate
     Asbel starts with it as an adult
     Store: Valonia
005  Iron Plate
     アイ アンプレート
     Store: Lhant
006  Steel Plate
     Store: Grelside
007  Rune Plate
     Store: Yu Liberte
008  Battle Plate
     Store: Veranick
009  Platinum Plate
     Store: Zavert
010  Mithril Plate
     Store: Teros1
011  Rare Plate
     Store: Valonia (stamp card 8)
012  Knight Armour
     Leather Plate + Scaled Crystal
013  Ocean Blue
     Iron Plate + Water Submerged Crystal
014  Brave Force
     ブ レイブフォース
     Steel Plate + Spirit Demon Crystal
015  Deep Crimson
     ディー プクリムゾン
     Rune Plate + Blood Dripping Crystal
016  Megingjoro
     メ ギンギョルズ
     Battle Plate + Mighty Crystal
017  Fortress
     フォー トレス
     Platinum Plate + Silence Crystal
018  Reflex
     Mithril Plate + High Grade Crystal
019  Last Crusader
     ラ ストクルセイダー
     Rare Plate + Tyrannic Stone
020  Jade Imperial Clothes
     翡 翠の皇衣
     Only Asbel can use this
     Treasure: Lhant, Asbel's room, after the Last Dungeon appears
021  Aqua Imperial Robe
     Only Hubert can use this
     Treasure: among the treasures in the section where he gets his 
     third hiougi
022  Pitch Black Clothes
     Only Malik can use this
     Treasure: See his third hiougi section
023  Mam Bane
     マ ム・ベイン
     Leather Plate + Dark Ground
024  Kan no Tsunagi
     漢 のツナギ
     From clearing Coliseum Island on normal

Cloth (female armour)

025  Mystic Cloak
     Sophie starts with this
     Store: Teros1
026  Cloak
     Store: Valonia
027  Silk Cloak
     Store: Lhant
028  White Cloak
     Store: Grelside
029  Rune Cloak
     Store: Sable Isoley
030  Black Cloak
     Store: Veranick
031  Warlock Cloak
     Store: Anmaruchia Family Village
032  Mithril Cloak
     Store: Teros1
033  Rare Cloak
     Store: Sable Isoley (stamp card 8)
034  Middy Blouse
     Mystic Cloak + Ruined Crystal
035  Unstable
     ア ンステイブル
     Silk Cloak + Wriggling Crystal
036  Cocktail Dress
     カ クテルドレス
     White Cloak + Overgrown Crystal
037  Fowl Feather
     フォ ウルフェザー
     Rune Cloak + Created Crystal
038  Elder Robe
     エ ルダーローブ
     Black Cloak + High Grade Crystal
039  Wildcat
     ワ イルドキャット
     Warlock Cloak + Removed Fang Crystal
040  Apron Dress
     エ プロンドレス
     Mithril Cloak + Mighty Crystal
041  Heavenly Garb
     Mithril Cloak + Flapping Crystal
042  Silver God Clothes
     Only Sophie can wear this
     See sub-event 31
043  Amber Vestment
     琥 珀の法衣
     Only Cheria can wear this
     See sub-even 20
044  Red Lotus Robe
     朱 蓮の聖衣
     Only Pascal can wear this
     See sub-event 53
045  Shrine Maiden Costume
     Cloak + Pure Bright
046  Ray Suit
     From clearing Coliseum Island master class

Wear (general)

047  Iron Wear
     Pascal starts with this
     Store: Lhant
048  Steel Wear
049  Rune Wear
     ルー ンウェア	
050  Battle Wear
     バ トルウェア	
051  Platinum Wear
     プ ラチナウェア	
052  Mithril Wear
     ミ スリルウェア	
053  Rare Wear
     レ アウェア
     Store: Or Ley (Stamp Card 8)
054  Duality
     デュ アリティ
     Treasure: Gardia Shaft
055  Vermillion
     ヴァー ミリオン
     Iron Wear + Dragon Blood
056  Tortoise People Clothes
     Drop: Dark Tortoise Man -- Zone Cage Floor 4
057  Cat People Clothes
     ね こにんのふく
     See my instructions on Cat Person Village


Holders (Asbel)

001  Bronze Holder
     Asbel starts with it as an adult
002  Bronze Fastener
     Commission: Valonia
003  Iron Holder
     Store: Lhant
004  Steel Holder
     Store: Grelside
005  Steel Fastener
     Commission: Or Ley
006  Titan Holder
     Store: Or Ley
007  Titanium Holder
     Commission: Yu Liberte
008  Silver Holder
     Treasure: Strata Western Desert
009  Gold Holder
     Store: Zavert
010  Platinum Holder
     Store: Zavert
011  Hyper Holder
     Store: Teros1
012  Rare Holder
     Store: Cat People Village
013  Battle Holder
     Coliseum Master Class
014  Grim Holder
     Treasure: Zone Cage Floor 5
015  Fairy Holder
     Event: Zone Cage Floor 5

Anklets (Sophie)

016  Anklet
     Sophie starts with this
017  Pretty Anklet
     Store: Lhant
018  Cute Anklet
     Commission: Grelside
019  Flower Anklet
     Store: Grelside
020  Petal Anklet
     Commission: Sable Isoley
021  Titan Anklet
     Store: Sable Isoley
022  Moon Anklet
     Treasure: Strata Northern Desert
023  Lunar Anklet
     Commission: Anmaruchia Family Village
024  Star Anklet
     Store: Anmaruchi Family Village
025  Rune Anklet
     Store: Teros1
026  Misty Anklet
     Store: Cat People Village
027  Mithril Anklet
     Commission: Cat People Village
028  Grim Anklet
     Treasure: Zone Cage Floor 9
029  Ancient Donuts
     Event: Zone Cage Floor 9

Glasses (Hubert)

030  Simple Frames
     Hubert starts with it as an adult
     Store: Yu Liberte
031  Simple Glasses
     Commission: Collisium Island
032  Silver Frames
     Treasure: Strata Northern Desert
033  Showy Glasses
     Commission: Veranick
034  Gold Frames
     Store: Anmaruchia Family Village
035  Pure Gold Glasses
     Commission: Zavert
036  Platinum Frames
     Store: Anmaruchi Family Village
037  Platinum Glasses
     Commission: Anmaruchi Family Village
038  Goggles
     Store: Teros1
039  Monocle
     Store: Cat People Village
040  Scholar Glasses
     Commission: Or Ley
041  Cramming Frames
     Event: Zone Cage Floor 2

Ribbons (Cheria)

042  Ribbon
     Chera starts with this
     Store: Valonia
043  Pretty Ribbon
     Store: Lhant
044  Sweet Ribbon
     Commission: Lhant
045  Red Ribbon
     Store: Grelside
046  Fresh Blood Ribbon
     Commission: Sable Isoley
047  Blue Ribbon
     Store: Yu Liberte
048  Orange Ribbon
     Treasure: Strata Western Desert
049  Green Ribbon
     Store: Zavert
050  Elemental Ribbon
     Store: Zavert
051  Magical Ribbon
     Store: Teros1
052  Ancient Cloth
     Store: Cat People Village
053  Weird Ribbon
     Commission: Coliseum Island
054  Orange Pom Pon
     Event: Zone Cage Floor 1

Perfume (Malik)

055  Normal Perfume
     Malik starts with this
056  Red Perfume
     Store: Grelside
057  Whisper of Red Rose
     Commission: Yu Liberte
058  Marin Perfume
     Store: Or Ley
059  Orange Perfume
     Store: Tortoise People
     (only sold between when you take Valonia Castle back and before 
     you go to Collisium Island)
060  Leaf Perfume
     Store: Zavert
061  Magical Perfume
     Store: Zavert
062  Mysterious Temptation
     Commission: Anmaruchia Family Village
063  Sexy Perfume
     Store: Teros1
064  Dandy Perfume
     Store: Cat People Village
065  Today I'm a Gentleman
     Coliseum Master Class
066  Lovestruck Perfume
     Event: Zone Cage Floor 7

Scarves (Pascal)

067  Long Scarf
     Pascal starts with this
068  Pretty Scarf
     Treasure: Strata Rock Desert
     Store: Sable Isoley
069  Beauty Scarf
     Commission: Or Ley
070  Red Scarf
     Treasure: Ancient Strata Ruins
071  Hot Blooded Scarf
     Commission: Collisiem Island
072  Blue Scarf
     Store: Anmaruchia Family Village
073  Orange Scarf
     Store: Anmaruchia Family Village
074  Mandarin Muffler
     Commission: Anmaruchia Family Village
     See sub-event 62
075  Green Scarf
     Store: Teros1
076  Mother Nature Muffler
     See sub-event 57
077  Magical Muffler
     Store: Cat People Village
078  Mofumofu Muffler
     Pascal's big sister will give this to her if you talk to her after
     the last dungeon appears and she is in Lhant. 
     However, if you beat the game and return to Lhant,
     she will no longer be there.
     Commission: Veranick
079  Fumofumo Muffler
     Treasure: Zone Cage Floor 8
080  Fox
     Event: Zone Cage Floor 8

Capes (Richard)

081  Royal Cape
     Richard starts with it as an adult
082  Elven Cape
     Treasure: Wallbridge

Raw Items
These items are used for dualising or combining other items, like gear 
or items for money and commissions.  If I don't write how to obtain 
something, it's because it's a drop.  A lot of the dropped items you 
find rather easily,  and you should have plenty of each by end-game.  
However, if there are a lot of requests, I can find out where they drop 
too.  It's just a lot of hassle because of the enemy names and the zone 

1  Flapping Crystal
    Pretty Feather + Shredded Page
2  Wriggling Crystal
    Deadly Poison Stinger + Shredded Page
3  Water Submerged Crystal
    Spiral Shell + Common Metal
4  Scaled Crystal
    Hard Scale + Common Metal
5  Overgrown Crystal
    Nameless Seed + Shredded Page
6  Removed Fang Crystal
    Spiked Tooth + Common Metal
7  Ruined Crystal
    Dangerous Liquid + Rare Metal
8  Might Crystal
    Dragon Scale + Rare Metal
9  Blood Dripping Crystal
    Broken Blade + Rare Metal
10  Spirit Demon Crystal
    Core Fragment + Shredded Page
11  Silence Crystal
    Earthen Bowl + Hihiirokane
12  Glacial Scoured Crystal
    Rare Metal + Icicle
13  Concentration Crystal
    Dangerous Liquid + Clay
14  High Grade Crystal
    Rusted Sword + Clay
15  Created Crystal
    Cog Wheel + Rare Metal
16  Tyrannic Crystal
    Hihiirokane + Flame
17  Blazing Crystal
    Flame + Shredded Page
18  Moist Crystal
    Sinfully Delicious Water+ Common Metal
19  Earth Shaken Crystal
    Golden Bough of the Sacred Tree+ Clay
20  Fiercely Blowing Crystal
    Beautiful Feather + Clay
21  Light Shining Crystal
    Clear Core + Hihiirokane
22  Spoken Evil Dropping Crystal
    Spirit Demon Crystal + Shredded Page
23  Long Neck (?)
    Sub-event 47
24  Karitakenaru
    Sub-event 36
25  Glowing Thing (?)
    Sub-event 34
26  Sumibiyaki
    Sub-event 15
27  Roten Deurareru
    Sub-event 22
28  Boom Sainen
    Sub-event 45
29  Ena Sphere
    Zone Cage floor 5
30  Dio Sphere
    Zone Cage floor 9
31  Tria Sphere
    Zone Cage floor 2
32  Tesera Sphere
    Zone Cage floor 1
33  Pende Sphere
    Zone Cage floor 7
34  Eke Sphere
    Zone Cage floor 8
35  Scattered Core
36  Core Fragment
37  Clear Core
38  Fur
39  Fine-quality Fur
40  Top Class Fur
41  Feather
42  Pretty Feather
43  Beautiful Feather
44  Unknown Seed
45  Nameless Seed
46  Secret Seed
47  Mysterious Liquid
48  Dangerous Liquid
49  Dangerous Liquid
50  Scale
    Field map
51  Hard Scale
52  Dragon Scale
53  Simple Bone
54  Pretty Good Bone
55  Great Bone
56  Broken Cog Wheel
57  Cog Wheel
    Field map
58  Strange Gear
59  Worn Out Tooth
60  Spiked Tooth
61  Sharp Tooth
62  Rusty Nail
63  Broken Blade
64  Rusted Sword
65  Stinger
66  Deadly Poison Stinger
67  Instant Kill Poison stinger
68  Shell
69  Spiral Shell
70  Crystal Shell
71  Wood Block
72  Straight Grade Lumber
    low drop rate
73  Golden Bough of the Sacred Tree
74  Chipped Claw
75  Spiked Claw
76  Emperor Claw
77  Stone
78  Upper Stone
79  Earthen Bowl
80  Dragon Blood
    Shop: Veranick (Stamp Card level 10) (limit of one)
    Zone Cage floor 6
    Sub-event 54
81  Dark Ground
    Shop: Teros1 (Stamp Card level 10) (limit of one)
    Zone Cage floor 10
    Sub-event 54
82  Pure Bright
    Shop: Cat People Village (Stamp Card level 10) (limit of one)
    Zone Cage level 4
    Sub-event 54
83  Sinfully Delicious Water
    Discovery 11: Valonia Church
84  Forest Flower
    Discovery 12: Auron Forst
85  Poisonous Seaweed
    Discovery 17: Seaside Cave
86  Balloon Flower Fuzz
    Discovery 20: Valonia Southern Road
87  Truth Salt
    Discovery 31: Or Ley
88  Strata Cactus
    Discovery 32: Strata Rock Desert
89  Script Drawings
    Discovery 46: Veranick
90  Gumi Seed
    Discovery 4: Road West of Lhant
91  Common Metal
    Discovery 58: Fendle Government Tower
92  Rare Metal
    Discovery 58: Snow Covered Historic Ruins
93  Hihirokane
    Discovery 73: Island at the Centre of the World
94  Flame
    Discovery 41: Ancient Strata Ruins
95  Icicle
    Discovery 59: Fendle Iceberg Ruins
96  Clay
    Discovery 70: District 66, other planet
97  Shredded Page
    Discovery 33: Sable Isoley
98  Stratium Horn
    Drop: Stratium -- Monster on the path between Zavert and Fendle 
164 Winning Popsicle Stick
    Ice Candy -- upon using, you get this or the lose
165 Losing Popsicle Stick
    Ice Candy -- upon using, you get this or the win

Frivolous Items
These can all be made my combining items, and are mainly only used for 
selling, or for commissions or sub-events.  They have a G icon, and 
their descriptions say the price of the item.  Even though they can all 
be crafted, I've certainly see them drop off enemies as well.

099  Glittering Fruit
     Scattered Core + Unknown Seed
100  Tanned Hide
     Fur + Wood Block
101  Hair Ornament
     Feather + Worn Out Tooth
102  Poison Fruit
     Unknown Seed + Stinger
103  Ignition
     Mysterious Liquid + Scattered Core
104  Ring
     Scale + Shell
105  Glue
     Simple Bone + Fur
106  Music Box
     Broken Cog Wheel + Rusty Nail
107  Horn
     Worn Out Tooth + Simple Bone
108  Fly
     Rusty Nail + Feather
109  Poison
     Stinger + Mysterious Liquid
110  White Pigment
     Shell + Stone
111  Fishing Rod
     Wood Block + Chipped Claw
112  Earrings
     Chipped Claw + Scale
113  Stone Watch
     Stone + Broken Cog Wheel
114  Lantern
     Core Fragment + Upper Stone
115  Parchment
     Fine-quality Fur + Nameless Seed
116  Feather Pen
     Pretty Feather + Spiked Tooth
117  Pigeon Alcohol
     Nameless Seed + Deadly Poison Stinger
118  Dead-smooth File
     Dangerous Liquid + Broken Blade
119  Necklace
     Hard Scale + Spiral Shell
120  Gelatin
     Pretty Good Bone + Fine-quality Fur
121  Puzzle
     Cog Wheel + Core Fragment
122  armlet
     Spiked Tooth + Spiked Tooth
123  Kitchen Knife
     Broken Blade + Cog Wheel
124  Corrosive Chemical
     Deadly Poison Stinger + Dangerous Liquid
125  Bone Key
     Spiral Shell + Pretty Good Bone
126  Mask of the Dead
     Straight Grade Lumber + Pretty Feather
127  Choker
     Spiked Tooth + Hard Scale
128  Expensive Looking Desk
     Upper Stone + Straight Grade Lumber
129  Imperial Egg
     Clear Core + Strange Gear
130  Fire-red Cloth
     Top Class Fur + Dragon Scale
131  Icarus' Wing
     Beautiful Feather + Top Class Fur
132  Advanced Knowledge Text Book
     Secret Seed + Golden Bough of the Sacred Tree
133  Soft Stone
     Dangerous Liquid + Earthen Bowl
134  Black Ring
     Dragon Scale + Instant Kill Poison Stinger
135  Hand of Glory
     Great Bone + Emperor Claw
136  God Killing Sword
     Strange Gear + Rusted Sword
137  White Ring
     Sharp Tooth + Great Bone
138  Damascus Steel
     Rusted Sword + Dangerous Liquid
139  Cantella
     Instant Kill Poison Stinger + Secret Seed
140  Wild Eye
     Crystal Shell + Clear Core
141  Ceremonial Arrow
     Golden Bough of the Sacred Tree + Beautiful Feather
     聖木の金枝+ 美麗な羽根
142  Dice of Fate and Chance
     Emperor Claw + Sharp Tooth
143  Box of a Law
     Earthen Bowl + Crystal Shell
144  Ash Ring
     Black Ring + White Ring
145  Stream Fishing Rod
     Straight Grade Lumber + Fishing Rod
146  Carbon Rod
     Strange Gear + Rare Metal
147  Angler's Fishing Rod
     Golden Bough of the Sacred Tree + Damascus Steel
     聖木の金枝+ ダマスカス鋼
148  Balloon Cloth
     Balloon Flower Fuzz + Corrosive Chemical
149  Stuffed Toy
     Balloon Flower Fuzz + Balloon Cloth
150  Armeseya Chronicles
     (seems to be a reference to some other Bamco game)
     Script Drawings + Feather Pen
151  Imperial Family's Coat of Arms
     Rare Metal + Imperial Egg
152  Water-coloured Dangerous Liquid
     Poisonous Seaweed + Cantella
153  Stinking Sack
     Glittering Fruit + Chemical
154  Rainbow Coloured Lens
     Dead Smooth File + Wild Eye
155  Mysterious Mirror
     Common Metal + Advance Knowledge Text Book
156  Curious Mass
     Clay + Soft Stone
157  Knight of Spring Water
     Flame + Icicle
158  Frying Pan
     Common Metal + Fire-red Cloth
159  Questionable Powder
     Glue + White Pigment
160  Ore of Heaven and Earth
     Hihiirokane + Damascus Steel
161  Feather Crest
     Necklace + Balloon Cloth
162  Mask-like Thing
     Bone Key + Mask of the Dead
     骨のカギ+ 精霊の仮面
163  Expensive Looking Crown
     Shredded Page + Ore of Heaven and Earth


These are for attaching to equipment with dualise.  When you use the 
equipment long enough in battle, it will eventually level up the 
equipment it is attached to.  It can only be attached to weapons and 
armour.  If you have two weapons or two pieces of armour that are 
leveled up with a fragment still attached, you can combine them.  You 
will not lose the weapons/armour, and you will get a crystal that can 
be equipped that has a property of the combined property of the 
fragments.  After doing this, you can attach a new fragment to the 
weapon or armour, and level it up again.  By doing this, you increase 
the strength of your equipment.  You will need to do this for Zone 
Cage.  All fragments drop from monsters based on zone.  Because of 
that, you won't find them listed on a monster's drop.  They are zone 
specific.  They drop all over the place, not just what is listed here.  

No.  Name
     Special Effect
     Method of Obtaining
213  Attack Piece
     Physical attack up
     Zone Cage Floors 1, 2, 3, 10
214  Defence Piece
     Physical defence up
     Zone Cage Floors 4, 5, 6, 10
215  Mind Piece
     Magical attack up
     Zone Cage Floors 1, 3
216  Resist Piece
     Magical defence up
     Zone Cage Floors 4, 5, 6, 10
217  Hit Piece
     Hit up
     Zone Cage Floors 1, 2, 3, 10
218  Evasion Piece
     Evasion up
     Zone Cage Floors 4, 5, 10
219  Vitality Piece
     Maximum HP increase
     Zone Cage Floor 10
220  Speed Piece
     Movement speed up
     District 13
     Zone Cage Floor 10
221  Gain Piece
     Gain HP when you kill an enemy
     Zone Cage Floors 1, 2
222  Absorb Piece
     When you are hit, you gain HP
     Zone Cage Floors 1, 2, 3
223  Bless Piece
     Recovery spells more effective
     Zone Cage Floors 1, 2, 3
224  Tension Piece
     When you critically hit an enemy, you gain HP
     Zone Cage Floors 7, 8, 9
225  Holy Piece
     HPs automatically heal at all times
     Zone Cage Floors 7, 8, 9
226  Rescue Piece
     When on the verge of death, gain HP
     Temple Buried Under Sand
     Zone Cage Floors 7, 9
227  Poison Piece
     Your attacks can poison the enemy
     Zone Cage Floors 7, 8, 9
228  Paralyse Piece
     Your attacks can paralyse the enemy
     Zone Cage Floors 7, 8, 9
229  Freeze Piece
     Your attacks can freeze the enemy
     Zone Cage Floors 7, 8
230  Burn Piece
     Your attacks can burn the enemy
     Zone Cage Floors 4, 5, 6
231  Stone Piece
     Your attacks can petrify the enemy
     Temple Buried Under Sand
     Zone Cage Floors 4, 5, 6
232  Slow Piece
     Your attacks can slow the enemy
     Temple Buried Under Sand
     Zone Cage Floors 4, 5, 6
233  Revenge Piece
     Defending an attack refunds CC
     Zone Cage Floors 1, 2, 3
234  Revamp Piece
     Evading an attack refunds CC
     Zone Cage Floors 4, 5, 6
235  Refilled Piece
     Defeating an enemy refunds CC
     Zone Cage Floors 7, 8, 9
236  Rise Piece
     Minimum CC up
     District 13
     Island at the Centre of the World
     Zone Cage Floors 2, 3
237  Exceed Piece
     Maximum CC up
     Zone Cage Floors 5, 6
238  Reforce Piece
     CC recovery time up
     Zone Cage Floor 9F

There are some other items, but for now I think I'll just leave it like 
this.  I think everything of use can be found here. 


You can put these in your Arles Pot and get special effects.  I have 
written the special effects, as far as I know, as well as the energy 
cost from your Arles Pot.  By the way, for people who do not know, you 
can also put items into your Arles Pot, and those items will 
eventually be duplicated.  The higher the quality the item, the longer 
it will take to duplicate.  

No.  Name
     Consumption Energy
     Method of Obtaining
070  Flawless Grimoire
     If you beat a battle without being injured, you will be refunded 
     some energy
     Valonia passage under the castle
071  Self-support Grimoire
     If you do not use any food in battle, recovery some energy
     The ruins under Wallbridge
072  Luck With Money Grimoire
     Gain more gold at the end of a battle
     Grelside, password locked treasure
073  Dissolving Grimoire
     Items that you can no longer carry that you get at the end of 
     battle will refund energy instead.
     The selling price of the item X 0.25 + 1 is the amount refunded
     From the Grimoire Seller in Grelside
074  Skill Grimoire
     You get an extra skill point at the end of battle
075  Zero Style Grimoire
     For every combo over 10, the number of hits over 10 refund energy 
     (2 per hit)
     The ruins under Wallbridge
076  Profound Grimoire
     Time in battle is refunded in energy at the end of the fight.
     Valonia passage under the castle
077  Snacking Grimoire
     1 per heal tick
     Gain 50 HP every 6 seconds or so. 
     Not used when at full health.
     Or Ley, password locked treasure
078  Small Appetite Grimoire
     The effectiveness of food used in battle is 0.25, but the cost 
     becomes 0.5
     Sable Isoley, password locked treasure
079  Large Container Grimoire
     Food cost X 2
     The growth rate of your Arles Pot increases from food used in 
     From defeating the General you initially fight at Coliseum Island
080  Preemptive Grimoire
     Grants an extra CC at the beginning of battle.  Does not seem to 
     work if your minimum CC is higher than 7?
     Within Rock Gagan's stomach
081  Collector's Grimoire
     Increases the rate you'll receive raw item drops by two
     Lhant Stamp Card 9
     Yu Liberte commission
082  Mining Grimoire
     Increases the rate you'll receive fragment drops.
     Anmaruchia Home Village, password locked treasure
083  Doubling Grimoire
     Item cost X 3
     When you create an item with your Arles Pot, you will make two of 
     them.  However, the energy cost is increased three times.
     Ancient Strata Ruins
084  Fleet Footed Grimoire
     1 per set distance
     You move faster on the map/out of battle.  There is no cost if you 
     Tortoise People Stamp Card 2
085  Regeneration Grimoire
     Food cost X 2
     When you cook in battle, you get the value of the food twice. 
     Coliseum Island, password locked treasure
086  Dexterous Grimoire
     10 energy per 30 seconds
     The chance of stealing in battle is increased by two.  
     Zavert, password locked treasure
087  Full Stomach Grimoire
     You can use food twice a battle
     From defeating Pale Parasite, the boss inside Rock Gagan's stomach
088  Discovery Grimoire
     20 * 
     You have twice the chance of receiving an item you haven't gotten 
     before from enemies in battle
     * Cost incurs upon killing an enemy that may drop an item you have 
     never gotten
     Sneak Research Establishment
089  Delicious Food Grimoire
     Food cost X 3
     When you cook in battle, the heal value is doubled
     Beat normal level Carta Card game
090  Bravery Grimoire
     0 * 
     Energy pot value will go up or down at the end of battle
     * Change is based upon level.  If the enemy is a lower level than 
     party, you will lose energy
     Highest level monster's level - your party's mean level = energy 
     Fendle Iceberg Ruins
091  Holy Water Grimoire
     1 per set distance
     While in motion, you have a high likelihood of receiving an effect 
     like that of taking a Holy Bottle
     Anmaruchia Family Village Commission
092  Solitude Grimoire
     Can play in battle solo.
     Sand Buried Historic Ruins
093  Bank Transfer Grimoire
     When you enter a town, your Arles Pot will auto fill, using your 
     For every energy point filled, it will cost 1.1 gald
     Veranick, password locked treasure
094  Substitute Grimoire
     You will only get half the gald from battle as you normally would, 
     but the other half goes to refilling your Arles Pot
     For every gald converted to energy, 0.4 energy is restored
     Cornell Research Institution
095  Hot Blooded Gimoire
     You will have half your stats in battle, but will receive twice as 
     much experience points
     Teros1, shuttle bay
096  Good Luck Grimoire
     Item cost X 2
     The frequency of creating an item with your Arles Pot will double.
     The growth percentage does not change despite having this 
     Stacks with the Arles Pot grade shop bonus. 
     Bashis Military Base
097  Enthusiastic Grimoire
     You will have half your stats in battle, but will receive twice as 
     much SP
     Defeating Richard, second time
098  Quick Strike Grimoire
     20 per skill
     When using an ability in battle, it will count as having been used 
     Tortoise People, stamp card 9
099  Iron Chain Grimoire
     You will have half your stats in battle, but your chance of 
     critically striking will be doubled
     Yu Liberte, password locked treasure
100  Growth Grimoire
     Maximum energy will increase at the end of each battle
     Snow Covered Historic Ruins
101  Expansion Grimoire
     Maximum amount of options you can set on the Arles Pot will 
     increase over time
     Zavert Government Tower, 12th basement
102  Smithing Grimoire
     Increases the growth rate of you arms at the end of each battle
     Lamda Cocoon
103  Violet Dragon Grimoire
     You will take extra damage from critical hits, but in return will 
     gain 1.5 times as much experience and skill points
     Lamda Cocoon, but only after it has been cleared
104  Friendship Grimoire
     5 * 
     The Arles Gauge of you and your party will increases more easily
     * the price is incurred upon gauge increase
     From defeating Kohaku, at Coliseum Island
105  Impregnable Grimoire
     one energy 1/60 second
     In battle damage halved.
     Guardia Shaft, Upper Level
106  Partner Grimoire
     The character in which you are using in battle gets a 35% 
     increases in offensive ability
     From defeating Kohaku, in Zone Cage
107  Glory Grimoire
     one energy 1/60 second
     You will evade all enemy attacks as long as you have energy left
     From defeating the last boss in Zone Cage
108  Disillusion Grimoire
     Arles Rise's time is doubled
     From defeating the Dark Tortoise Person in Zone Cage
109  Fairy Grimoire
     10 * 
     Cost of food in battle is halved
     * Cost is incurred, however, if you do not cook at all by the end 
     of the battle
     There is apparently a bug where, should you have under 10 energy 
     and do not cook, this will go backwards and fill your Arles Pot 
     From defeating Rock Gagan

8. Password Locked Treasure Chests

In most towns, there will be a locked treasure chest.  In the town 
there will generally be a hint, or it will out right tell you want the 
password is.  I'm just going to put the passwords here, without real 
explanation, for those that cannot read Japanese, since I think the 
hints are pretty obvious if you do know Japanese.  Except the Cat 
People one, that one was cruel...  Just Enter it exactly as it is 


Valonia - Knight School

Lhant - Mansion Study
All Divide

Grelside - Duke's Manner, in Dale's room
Luck With Money Grimoire

Or Ley - In front of the inn
Snacking Grimoire

Sable Isoley - To the right of the Research Institution
Small Appetite Grimoire

Yu Liberte - President's room
Iron Chain

Collisium Island - To the right of reception
Regeneration Grimoire

Veranick - The inn, backstage
Bank Transfer Grimoire

Zavert - Inn, left most room
Dexterous Grimoire

Anmaruchia Family Village - Pascal's sister's room
Mining Grimoire

Teros1 - Shuttle bay
Hot Blooded Grimoire

Cat People Town - Left of the warp

9. Extra Dungeons

Zone Cage

After you beat the game, you'll be asked to save.  If you save, then 
load this new game file, you'll be at the final save point before the 
last boss in Guardia Shaft.  Exit via a warp, then go to Lhant.  Head 
towards your mansion, and you will get an event, followed by a skit, 
"Flown away"「呼び出しされた」 to view.  At least, I think it will go 
in that order.  Anyway, after that event, you will get a new location 
to go to on your shuttle under dungeons.  This location is 
ゾーオンケイジ or Zone Cage. 

There will be another event upon entering.  I will explain in brief how 
this dungeon works.

There are 10 floors, but you will only see 9 initially.  To go a floor, 
you need to have an item of a specific level.  Here is the chart:

Floor   necessary   example
        item level
1       1           everything
2       400         grape gumi
3       800         elixir
4       1600        Battle sword
5       3200        Mithril Sword
6      	6400        Monocle
7       12800       Crafted equipment only (like Valkirin)
8       25600       Crafted equipment only (like Valkirin)
9       51200       Crafted equipment only (leveled up)
10      102400      Crafted equipment only (leveled up)

When you go to the large warp in the centre of the entrance to Zone 
Cage, you'll get a window listing all the floors available to you.  
Selecting one will bring up an item sub screen.  The items that you can 
use for the floor you selected will be the only ones listed, and the 
item's level, or its points, will be listed at the top left.  You 
select the item, and give it over and you will go to the floor you 
selected.  If you beat the boss on that floor, you will get the item 
back.  If you do not, and instead die, you will be teleported to the 
entrance again, but will lose the item. 

For floors 6 and up, your best option is to make a weapon of high level 
and progressively upgrade it.  The best option in this case is to go 
with the Mithril weapon + item from commission, but I also think the 
rare weapon + crystal is a good option, because they tend to sell for 
the most.  Asbel has a title related to selling crafted equipment.  
That being said, the Mithril weapon + commission item has a higher base 
point, so I think it only needs to be level 5 to go to floor 10, while 
the Rare one needs to be level 6 or so.

To get to floor 10, you need to defeat all three guardian dragons.  See 
sub-event 63 for more details.  After doing that, you can go to floor 
10, but you'll still need to submit a high level crafted item to do so.

Another note on Zone Cage is there is a penalty for avoiding enemies.  
At the top of the screen, you will notice something is written, 
敵強化レベルについて or Enemy Level Change.  Beside this there will be 
a percentage.  The percentage is the strength of the enemy levels.  If 
it's at 150%, the enemy will be 1.5 times stronger than before.  This 
percentage will always be on the rise, and starts off higher than 100% 
when you first enter a floor, so be careful.  If you see a tube with 
yellow/orange liquid in it, emptying it will decrease the percentage by 
25%.  Additionally, fighting a monster will lower the percentage by 8%.  
However, this percentage cannot go below 100%.  Bosses also receive the 
level boost bonus, so keep that in mind before going into the boss 

Every floor's layout is randomly generated, and will contain a couple 
treasure chests, as well as blue and yellow tubes.  The blue tubes 
sometimes will not appear full, but will fill over time.  If you empty 
them, you can either get a Tortoise Person Vendor, a treasure chest, or 
an enemy encounter.  The yellow tubes, as I mentioned before, lower the 
Enemy Level Change percentage by 25%.  Every floor will have a warp, 
which takes you to part two, and a boss at the end.  The first time you 
defeat a boss, you will get a special item for winning.  You can go 
back as often as you want to each floor, and as the spheres have a low 
chance of appearing, you probably will end up doing so if you want all 
the best items in the game.

I'll also point out that by beating the final boss in Zone Cage, the 
boss of the game will become harder.  Good luck!

Sand Buried Historic Ruins

This one is not so complicated, but is technically an extra dungeon.  
If you go South East of Or Ley, you'll come to the Unexplored Desert.  
Continue there and you'll eventually come to these ruins.  You need the 
Anmaruchia Key アンマルチアの鍵 to enter.  You get this key from a 
discovery in Bashis Military Base.  Note that getting this key can 
create a bug in new game plus if you remember your discoveries.  I 
think you will be unable to get the skit again that comes with getting 
this discovery or some such. 

This place is pretty easy and straight forward, but has a few riddles 
with these energy ray things where you need certain colours to match 
up.  It might take time, but I'm sure you're able to do it.  I don't 
really want to explain the solution because it seems too difficult, so 
just figure it out on your own.

10. Grade Shop

All the things that you can get with new game plus, provided you have 
the grade. 

Here is info on what provides grade:

grade, varies

Clear Bonus クリアボーナス
The more you clear the boss, the more bonus

Title Bonus 称号ボーナス
A bonus according to how many titles you have

Skill bonus スキルボーナス
A bonus for how many skills you have mastered

Move use bonus 技カウントボーナス	
A bonus for using moves, as close as you can to 9999

Book complete bonus ブックコンプボーナス
The more the book is filled, the more bonus

Sub-event bonus サブイ ベントボーナス
The more sub-events you complete, the more bonus

Combo bonus コンボボーナス
A bonus based on how high your combos are

Technical bonus テクニカルボーナス
A bonus based upon how often you get technical bonuses

Extra bonus エクス トラボーナス
A bonus for how many floors of Zone Cage are completed

Quick bonus 早ときボーナス
A bonus for how quickly you beat the game

Dauntless bonus 早ときボーナス
A bonus for finishing without dying at any point

Large quantity crushing bonus 大量撃破ボーナス
A bonus for every ochi tamtama you collect

Gumi hater bonus グミ嫌いボーナス
Clear the game without using a single gumi in battle

Arms crafter bonus 武具強化ボーナス
A bonus that corresponds to your highest level weapon

Tortoise people conquest bonus かめにん制覇ボーナス
A bonus for finishing the tortoise people dungeon

And here is what you can buy:


Inherit titles 称号引継ぎ
You will have all your old titles (when you reach adulthood)

Inherit skills マスタリースキル引継ぎ
All the skills you have mastered will be inherited

Inherit Arles Pot エレスポット引継ぎ
The maximum energy, and amount of items that can be set for your Arles 
Pot will be inherited, and you can use it from the beginning of the 

Inherit gald ガルド引継ぎ
You will start the game with half of the gold from your old game

Inherit stamp card お得意様ス タンプ引継ぎ
Your stamp card levels will be inherited

Inherit move usage 術技使用回数引継ぎ
You will inherit the amount of times you have used moves

Inherit book ブック引継ぎ
All the data saved in your book will be inherited (including 

Inherit battle items 戦闘アイテム引継ぎ
All battle use items will be inherited

Inherit fragments 欠片アイテ ム引継ぎ
You will inherit all your fragment items

Inherit medical herb growth 薬草成長引継ぎ
You will still have the stat bonuses of used sage and other 
stat-boosting medical herb items

Experience point gald conversion 経 験値をガルドに変換
All your experience points will be converted into gald.  The conversion 
rate is 0.5 gald per experience point

Experience times 2 経験値2倍
You will receive double experience points

Experience times 5 経験値5倍
Double experience again, after the previous choice is set

Experience halved 経験値半分
you will receive half experience points

Skill points times 2 スキルポイント2倍
You will receive double skill points

Skill points times 3 スキルポイント3倍
You will receive tipple skill points

Once seen mastery いつか 見たマスタリー
Skills that you had mastered last game will be learned twice as quickly

Item drop chance times 2 アイテム入手確率2倍
Chance of receiving an item drop doubled

Dualise cost 1/4 デュアライズ価格1/4
Dualise cost goes down to a quarter of the price, but this can make 
getting stamp cards harder

Arles Pot ability up エレスポット性能アップ
It is easier to create items in the Arles Pot

Item holding expansion アイテム所持数拡張
Can carry 30 consumable items

Speed maximum スピードマキシマム
Your movement speed on the map is increased

Chain capacity +1 チェ インキャパ+
Your starting CC is increased by one

Chain capacity +1 チェインキャパ+2
your starting CC is increased by two

Critical chance times 2 クリティカル率2倍
Critical rate for enemies and allies doubled

Damage times 2 ダ メージ2倍
Damage for enemies and allies doubled

Damage times 5 ダメージ5倍
Damage for enemies and allies is increased 5 fold

Gald acquisition times 2 獲得 ガルド2倍
Receive double gald

Property release 性質解放
Can get special, not before seen properties on equipment

Inherit tortoise people こかめにん引継ぎ
Inherit tortoise people's item strength (for the tortoise people 

Energy maximum + 500 エ ナジー最大値+500
Increases the Arles Pot's energy by 500

Maximum HP +1000 最大HP+1000
Start the game with plus 1000 hit points

And that's all she wrote.