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Tag Teams specials?

Can somebody list the characters who have the altered ones and not the default

Accepted Answer

tomster220 answered:

Kisame and Itachi
Naruto and Pervy Sage :P
Towa and Komachi
Bando and Kagura
Neji and Hinata
Kabuto and Orochimaru
Kurenai and Asuma
Guy and Lee
Shikamaru and Choji
Kiba and Shino
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orkhart answered:

Garaa and Lee
Kiba and Kankuro
Sakura and Tsunade
Kakashi and Yugao
Hidan and Kakuzu might have one..... i dont have them yet but they might
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150339 answered:

Sadly Hidan and Kakuzu doesn't have one in this game
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tomster220 answered:

Gaara and Lee doesn't have one already tried it
Kiba and Kankuro not sure
Sakura and Tsunade sounds like it would work but no dice
Kakashi and Yugao not sure yet
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kcansur721 answered:

Yes, Gaara and Lee have one. Gaara does his Sand Tsunami and Lee kicks through it to the enemy like in CoNR2. And Sakura and Tsunade kick the ground, also like CoNR2.
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tomster220 answered:

My bad. I didn't look pass the part where they knock the person in the air. Cause I would take it as the normal team special. If they knock the person in the air.
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AsuzaTK answered:

Temari and Shikamaru have one as well.
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SSBBSSBM answered:

I don't have a combination, but make SURE you're using forward+jutsu or else we'll all be saying these things don't work when they might actually.
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