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How do I get 100% Story?

I've played the story mode over and over, but I still get the same ending. Do I need to unlock all of the characters? Or, is this really the ending to the game. If so, *tear*, I wanted more story.


gill_bill answered:

You have to finish story mode in all difficulties (Difficulty 1-4) to get 100% completion on story mode.
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Ikazachi answered:

Nope. That's all the story. Just up to when they rescue Gaara. The game developers didn't want to get too far ahead of the US dub.
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sharpshooter826 answered:

As mentioned above, you need to complete story mode in all four difficulties to get 100%. Completing each difficulty will get you around 25 %. And Just the Rescue Gaara arc and intro to the sai/sasuke arc. The intro was only added so the game can feature characters like sai, yamato, orochimaru, kabuto, sasuke, hidan, and kakuza. But the end of story mode is one-tailed naruto vs deidara.
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luke4202001 answered:

Do story mode with every diifuclty and attack diffuclty.
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Emi3280 answered:

You need to finish Story Mode with all the difficulties.In the Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 version in Japan,it is the complete Shippuden.I dont know why they didnt do that in the US version.
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