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Me and my bro looked at youtube videos and saw sasuke go into sharigan can and how do u do it?

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sharpshooter826 answered:

He can't activate sharingan in rev 3. The video you might had saw was EX3, the japanese version of rev 3 where sasuke can go sharingan. They took it out of rev3 to make him more balance. However, if you look closely at his special jutsu animation, the one with the sword, he has the sharingan activated. You can tell because an electrical current surounds sasukes head and he has red eyes. This was how you can tell Sasuke was in sharingan mode in EX3. The reason is because its the same animation in the EX3 game and tomy decided to reuse it. Its the same thing for his custom throw. It was an attack that only sharingan sasuke could use in EX3, but they reused it and you can see the electrical current around his head. But the fact is you can't really use the sharingan. Sorry.
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