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(Clone Glitch?) 1
... Is that it? 4
...About story mode? 2
Ambu were are you? 1
Anbu kakashi speicials? 1
Can Sasuke use sharingan? 13
Can someone translate button keys? 1
Do they have new moves? 1
Do you need...? 1
Does kakashi have the mongekeo sharringan in this game? 5
Does this game has japanese voice acting in the options menu? 1
Guy nunchucks, how do you do this move? 1
How do i activate kakashis sharingan to defeat deidara ?? 3
How do I beat Sasori with (Poisoned) Chiyo? 3
How do I unlock Sasuke (so I will be able to buy him)? 1
How do I unlock TOBI? 4
How do you do Anbu kakashi's second special? 1
How do you do itachi's 31 hit combo ? 1
How do you do missions? 1
How do you do the fire ball justu with kakashi(not anbu)? 1
How many characters? 1
How many chracters will there be in this game ? 4
How many Ryo I need to get all character and stages in the game? 1
I can make Hinata have a blue glow, what is purpose of glow? 1
I can't get anbu kakashi and i don't know why, so can sumbody help me? 2
I have all of the speculated requirements, why won't the game allow me to fight anbu kakashi in kakashi's S rank? 1
I have beaten story mode but it only ses (bad vocab) i have completed 26 % of story mode? 1
I have heard rumers that pain is in the game true or false ? 1
I want to know other special combination secret techinique? 1
I want to known if itachi can do amaterasu? 1
I want to known if this game is the same as what you say exemple anbu kakshi? 2
If you have Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution on your memory ? 1
Is shippuden saskue in the game? 2
Is there a certain number of battles you can do to unlock anbu kakashi? 3
Is this game worth buying? 1
Is this process true? 6
It is real that the fourth hokage is in this game? 5
Just asking? 1
Just Wonder..? 1
Kakashi can copy Primary Lotus? 1
Mission mode? 1
Need help unlocking final characters. 2 characters and one item left in store? 1
Ryu help? 2
Screen Transition Controls? 2
Sharigan? 1
Story Mode? 1
The Kabuto mystery special? 1
There is 35 character or more? 1
Unlocking stuff? 2
using Kakashi i nee help understanding two moves? 1
What are the new tag team jutsus? 2
What are the Two Man Squad Teams for the Specials? 3
What are they doing, and how often does this happen? 3
What do the circle of Hidan? 2
What exactly is spamming? 1
What is the best way to earn ryo with first set of characters? 1
What is the best way to earn ryu ? 1
What is the japanese version of naruto clash of ninja revolution 3? 5
What technique kakashi(anbu or not) can copy? 2
What's the Difference? 2
Whats kabuto's one move where he shrugs his arms? 2
Who is the character that cost 100,000 ryu? 1
Who is the charactor above anbu kakashi? 2
Why cant i get Anbu Kakashi? 1
Will I? 1
Will Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 come out in europe?? 1
With what character does sasuke do his Team Jutsu? 8
Zabuza and Zetsu? 2

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