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All All Open Questions for MySims Agents.

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Evelyn's break in? 5
Fixing Chaz's motorcycle? 2
Help with the analysis for the suspicious liquid in the beach? 1
How can I analyze the plants in Brandi's case? 1
How do I complete the 4th puzzle with the fire breathing dragons inside the temple? 1
How do I fix Chaz's bike on the boardwalk? 2
How do I fix the engine in the junkyard? 1
How do I get to the book in cyrus's library ? 1
How do I solve cogs and gears? ! 1
How do I solve dj candys speaker? 1
How do I solve Eveyln's case? 3
How do I solve that Mayor Skip is one of man in the meeting at the Forest? 2
How do I solve the anilzed egg puzzle? 1
How do I solve the clock puzzle in cyrus's mansion? 1
How do I solve the junk yard cog and gears to repair the robot inside the container? 2
How do I solve the romote control on the beach for dr.f? 2
How do I solve the satellite puzzle? 2
How do I solve the secret admirer? 3
How do I solve the Ski Lift Puzzle? 1
How do I solve the underwater part with Tobar? 1
How do you solve the cogs and gears for the generator in the construction park? 1
How does Sam find any clues after following the footprints in the park? 1
How to solve cogs & wires puzzle for Chaz's motorcycle ? plz help 1
I need help with cog/gear in the end of the temple? 1
I'm having trouble analizing the oil in the junkyard? 1
I'm stuck in the sewer? 3
Is it possible to access the jet areas after the imperfect ending and credits? 2
My Sims Agents Forensic puzzle help? 1
on the beach how do I repair the computor in the submarine cave after you hack tobor and find his remote? 7
What do I do once I have got through the locked gate on the Mountains level? 1
What is the solution to the analysis of the water pump behind the temple? 3
Where do you find the atomic converter on the beach for Dr.F? 2

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Where do i go after the snowy mountain level? 1

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