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Asked: 4 years ago

The Final Boss/Chapter?

How do I defeat the final boss of the game, the one that that one girl Cicil draw? I really don't get the sight of how to beat him.

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Sorry don't have an answer but a question for you.....if you are at the end, how did you get past the last level in Eastern is called Maze of Ages and is where you find the Tree of Ages. I can't get past the cannon that is directly under two opening brick walls. The cannon doesn't shoot me high enough to pass through the first wall and kills me every time. I can't see any other say through it.

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He myfourboys...

What you got to do is crawl in the cannon.
If the walls go open you can see in the middle of the two walls the kind of cirkle or other thing that you draw to go fast like a rocket in the air.
That's how you get above these two walls, but maybe ypu,ve skipped the part where you had to draw this thing...

Good luck!

PS Maybe that if you are at the end you can answer my question...

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That is my problem...I can't get to the accelerator in between the two closing sections of the walls. I keep getting squished between the first section.

Should I manage to get passed there and get to the end and defeat the boss, I will definitely let you know but in the meantime, I am stuck.

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Dear myfourboys,

A question: when you ho into the cannon do you shoot yourself right away in the air? Because the thing is that you have to wait for a few seconds until there is enough pressure on the cannon, you notice it when it starts to rumble and that's the moment you have to launch yourself into the air (ofcourse when the two walls are on the side...) and if that doesn't help then i don't know...
Good luck!

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ooohhhh.....hadn't noticed that. Will give it a try and let you know. I have been launching straight away.
Thank you so much. Let's hope I will be able to return the favour.

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No problem!

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...Well, anyway, there's a floating mask that you punch repeatedly. Then, when the mask/head rejoins the rest of the manniquen, you draw a platform and punch -it-. (Careful to punch, not draw more lines) Rinse and repeat. Eventually, it dies. It takes a fairly long time.

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