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How do I unlock the tag teams?

I have the first 6 tag teams available, but I want to unlock the other 3 (I'm assuming DX is one of them). Any suggestions?

silverwraith720 provided additional details:

guydudeasian : Yes and no. When you start the game, a few tag teams aren't immediately available. I was able to unlock the Rhodes Family as a tag team, and I realized that the DiBiase family is probably another tag. But that leaves me to wonder about the last one. Is it possibly Red and Green? As far as creating, I made the Hardys, Brothers of Destruction, Jesse & Festus, Miz and Morrison, Kendrick and Jackson, and DX (these were all just based on what entrance motions were available).


guydudeasian answered:

All the tag teams are unlocked in the game. DX, Brothers of Desturction, The Hardy Boys aren't tag teams in the game at the time it was made. However, you can make a new tag team and put those characters under the tag team name. They have the entrances for all of the ones I just mentioned except for the Hardy Boys, but they usually just use Jeff's entrance. Oh yeah, they order you put them under the tag team matters in this game as you can see if you get it wrong( If you put Undertaker and Kane in the wrong order, Kane comes out with Undertaker's hat on and Undertaker comes out the way Kane comes out). Just reverse the order of the names and it should be fine.
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Mastersniper400 answered:

They do have the hardy boyz music though so you can make them
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den32123 answered:

the tag teams are Rhodes family Diabise family and orton family
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