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Adult Kids?

They only Harvest Moon game I've ever came close to fully playing out was 'Another Wonderful Life' for gamecube. On that game specifically the child grows into adulthood and eventually leaves and that's the end (I've only gotten to the teenage stage)

My question is, do the kids eventually grow up into teenagers and adults in Animal Parade?

Yeah you can do the the 'journey sack' thing and start over as your kid but if you don't do that and just keep playing the game do they eventually grow up into teens or adults?

I've have never gotten past infancy in ToT and this is a question that has been bothering me for a long time.

So if you know please tell me, I'm absolutely dyeing to know!

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Komae_Seshat answered:

Sadly, children in both ToT and AP never age past a sort of toddler stage. They remain about the same age as Chloe/Paolo/Taylor, if not a little younger.
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Komae_Seshat answered:

Also, when you being New Game+, by doing the rucksack quest in ToT and by helping the Harvest Lord with the final quest in AP, you don't play as your child. In ToT, you simply begin a new game as the default starting character the same gender as your child. In AP, your child delivers a couple of items to the character you choose to start as on the file you save your New Game+ info to when you begin it.

You can check for more information on their ToT and AP pages.
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NintendoGamer34 answered:

No. They grow into stage 4, which is kid. You can have 2 children in this game, and one looks older, and one looks younger.
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Dwes_Trueheart answered:

AND they're absolutely adorable. I don't want them to grow up! xD
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Wiigame19 answered:

No. Unfortunately both in TOT and Animal parade the kids only go to toddler stage and they don't get any older. But in animal parade you can have two kids. Your first kid would always look slightly older than the other while the younger one looks younger than the other. But you get used to it. I mean they're so darn adorable you don't want them to grow up. Hope this helped!
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wilcher418 answered:

LOL well duh, if one looks older then the other has to look younger... You don't need to point out the obvious! HaHaHa. oh people make me laugh. But but they are telling the truth so okay. XD sorry sudden outburst.
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chainchomp27 answered:

No no teenagers... AND there is no journey sack in this game. To play as a new character, you have to complete the main story(ring all five once) and then go up to the harvest king at the mountaintop, then he will say somthin about a pure heart then say let (name of child) do it. Then some events... Then you get a divine tree seedling... Then you HAVE to water it 4 days in a row or else, if you forget one day, go to the teleport thing that the harvest king made. he will be mad and then he will loosen up and the harvest goddess will give you another one. Them some more events... And then it is goodbye to your child... Then choose: Wait! Take this! and give them something shippable not tools.


AND THEN........
When you start your new game+, you...
swallow 2 power berries, maxing out your stamina at 1000!!...
start out with goddess hoe and goddess watering can
start out with all tool skills at level 5...
your previous game kid knocks on your door and gives you the present...
and finally you will get letters from your parents from time to time!

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aweb306 answered:

No they stay at ethier the little kid or big kid stage depending on how old ur kids r.
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