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Good Herb Fish?

I want to make the Good Herb Fish to bring Eunice back to the Parade but i always end up with Decent Herb Fish what can i use to make Good Herb Fish? Thanks

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Mothership1953 answered:

Try fishing in the pond by your house in the late afternoon/evening for catfish. Three, or four, catfish plus any herb will make Good Herb Fish. Basically, you need any combination of fish that add up to a shipping price of at least 300g....the catfish are just the most convenient to catch.
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bokuwakuma answered:

Three catfish and an herb makes a good herb fish.
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ktx891 answered:

If you can get to toucan island, try catching a fish there. They should be able to make a good herb fish. I used a Mahi-Mahi
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foxgirl100 answered:

Well I already made good herb fish and got eunice back. First you need to know you need at least one herb and one fish to make this. Go to your bookshelf at home, and searh for enyclopedia section. Then you'll find diiferent lists, (Fish list, animal list, etc.) and look at your fish list. It'll say how much they are in money. Do the same with the herbs, (under foraged item list) the ingrediants should and up over 250G but less than 600G. Add up how many herbs and fish you need to add up to over 250G. Hope this helps! If you don't get it, I give you more info.
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stillrighthere answered:

I used 2 catfish and a blue herb
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