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What are the solutions to ALL of Barbara's treasure maps?

Where are they, and what is their prize.

Pigpen29 provided additional details:

OKay, but what are the PRIZES! YOU ONLY GAVE ME 2!

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Terra669 answered:

Map of Mirrors = Mirror in Witches House (Amber)
Map of Wings = go on top of the fishery and look in the big Chimney (Ruby)
Map of Fire= 30th lvl on lower garmon mine, you have to hop to the little island in the lava.
Map of Droplet= 50th floor in Water Cave stand directly in middle
Map of Splash= go to the brige that connects your land to the Garmon Mine District stand directly in the middle have your character face you and press A.
Map of Bonds= go to Sonata Tailoring and into their living section and look at the posters above the beds.
Map of Goddess= Toucan Island- This one is hard, go to the west side of the island and press A along it, youl find it eventually
Map of Pastoral= Toucan Island-go to the frog sign infront of the Pineapple in and press A.

*All places will require you to have the map with you and to press A

*Theres one other map that i forget the name of but for your last map go to Juluis house and press A at the brown barrel closest to his house inside is a Diamond
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Terra669 answered:

Hi, yeah sorry bout that i forget the rest :/ but they are all a Gem of some sort

*The map that i forgot the name of was the map of sneaking and you get a diamond from that
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feral_valkyrie answered:

map of bonds is an opal
map of fire is a Lapis Lazuli
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