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What is the school for in Harmony Town? Does anything ever happen in it. How do I do it?

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There is one cutscene between your first child and either Angie or Vivian when they are at 2 hearts, but besides that nothing else happens there.

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WHY!? Do they keep making useless schools. ...FOR ONE CUTSCENE! Ugh. I was always the last one to bash the creators of Harvest Moon but REALLY GUYS!?

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OK I saw another cutscene that happens when you have both kids and also once you have enough kids they starthanging out there so I've heard. I also heard your kids go there if you don't walk with them or do chores.

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No, it serves no purpose other then to trigger a few cut scenes. You can find a few of the kids hanging around there sometimes, but it's not like they're really doing anything. Not that there's a teacher or anything... >____>

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