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Where do I find Eunice the Giraffe?

I have been looking for the giraffe every where and blowing the whistle. Where do I locate her?

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Wolvez9 answered:

Eunice is in the western side of Harmonica town, across the bridge, and behind the lighthouse. While you're in front of the light house, blow the whistle. She'll want Good or better herb fish. To make it, use any type of herb, and fish that cost 250g or more.
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hero_girl answered:

when the circus comes you talk to theodor and Eunice is behind the light house and it wants a GOOD herb fish NOTE:you have to have the animal whisle to get the animals from hideing
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foxgirl100 answered:

Once Theodore gives you the whole speel you'll have to find the girrafe, hippo and elephant. The girrsfe likes tall buildings. Look on your map by pressing +. Zoom in to the city and you'll see a lighthouse. Using the map go to the lighthouse. ON the left side of the lighthouse (your left.) blow the animal whistle. The girrafe will appear from behind. The little orange sprite (forgot the name.) will decihper what eunice is saying. eunice wants good herb fish. In order to make good herb fish, you'll first need an oven, which can be bought at the general store in garmon mines. Afterwards you need to locate as many herbs and fish you need. But first go to your bookshelf and see the foraged item and fish list under encylopedia. See which fish you caught before and see what they cost. Do the same with the herbs you found. After you add up how many fish and herbs you need (All of the ingrediants must all together add up to over 250G but less than 600G.) Bake it in the oven and once that's done, give it eunice. Then she'll say she can go back to the circus. (Which she then does.) Hope this helps.
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