Question from foxgirl100

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I check heart levels?

I am sooo used to playing Harvest Moon magical melody and it just shows you peoples heart levels. I bought Harvest Moon Animal Parade like 4 weeks ago and i petted animals talked to people but i don't know how to check their heart levels. Does anyone know how? Also, this is just extra, how do you adopt a animal? This would help lots!

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Thanx for the info!

Accepted Answer

From: dinamking 4 years ago

It's one of the buttons on the left controller - i think c?
The one used to open your rucksack - then just used the arrow on the right controller to scroll to the heart levels - you can also track a person.
To adopt a pet just keep petting them and giving presents and eventually the game will ask you if you want to adopt it. you can also check the animal heart levels .

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