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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I catch a King Salmon?

I heard that my fishing rod needs to be leveled higher than gold, but how do I get it that high and how and where do I catch the fish?

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If you go here;
it has instructions on how to catch all the 'King fish'.

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At 19:00, go to the flute watermill. When close to the river, like at the mini beach, go under the watermill, right when the dirt turns to pavement, charge up your fishing pole to level 3 and eventually you will catch the king salmon

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To get it to gold, you have to get the iron, copper, then silver, then get Ramsey's shop upgraded to level 3 (ship 15,000g of mined items), and get 3 gold and your silver fishing pole.

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I have caught the King Salmon with a silver rod it uses more stamina than a gold rod but it's doable.

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