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Asked: 3 years ago

Candace Events?

I am playing as a girl, Candace has had 4+ hearts for a few days now (she has 5 right now), she was the one to come to me for advice. Well, I've gotten Luna and Anissa up to 4 hearts and gotten to see their rival events, but every time I go into sonata tailoring I get no Candace events not between her and Luna or her and julius. I've been going in and out several days with no luck on either event. I'm now married to The wizard, and Julius is at 6 hearts for me. Am I missing something or just having rotten luck?

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From: Crystal_Almasy 3 years ago

I feel like an idiot... I hadn't played in a while and I thought I remembered everything that had happened... Apparently I forgot I viewed those scenes already with Candace... I got her to seven hearts and for the hell of it went to juli's place and got the engagement scene. So at least I can stop running I'n and out of the tailor shop like a crazy girl and wondering why Candace doesn't like me.

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Some heart events are trigerd at a certin time. Try going into the tailor at noon. I think that's when her events happen.

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