Question from Reiko_XIII

Asked: 5 years ago

Where do you find the crystal ball the Wizard asks for?

After releasing the witch. I went to the Wizard, another cut scene..and then he asked me to find his missing crystal ball. I have looked everywhere for it. Where is it?

Accepted Answer

From: Tally_Mai_chan 5 years ago

You go into the Inn and you talk to Colleen then talk to Jake. After that go back into the in after 10pm and walk into the backroom and watch the scene and then you have the ball back

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Submitted Answers


Head to the Orcarina Inn and talk to Colleen. Later return to the inn after 22:00.

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Hey Tally sorry about the thumbs down i meant it to be a thumbs up but i mis-clicked. That was totally my bad.

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