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How many gifts do you have to give someone to achieve hearts?

I want my character to marry Owen. I've given him 12 of the things he loves (mostly copper and silver ores and mushroom soup) and I only have one heart with him. I give him a gift every day, I talk to him multiple times a day.. am I doing something wrong or does it really take this long to get hearts with someone?

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Thank you! I'll keep trying :)

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I've found that it takes 4-6 days of giving a loved gift to achieve one heart, 20 days just talking, and I'm not sure how much of a bonus rubbing gives...

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I give him copper everyday for at least a week to get one heart, so no your not doing anything wrong, it just takes a really long time

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If you give a loved gift and talk it should take one week for one heart. This is because each time you give a gift you will get 10 hearrt points. And for the first time you talk in a day it will give you 5 heart points. This equals a maximum of 15 heart points a day unless you rub them to. This was all based on ToT because this games way of earning heart points is probably the same.

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Rubbing gives 3.5pts (or 7pts if you do it until you see hearts) each time~!

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It takes seven days to get one heart if you give them a gift they love mwaning multiple hearts appear over their head when you give them it and you have to talk to them at least once i always talk to them twice for good measure :l i dont know how long it takes if you use the extra wiimote to rub them but i knoe the rest for a fact due to having to ring the purple bell xD

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