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I am in year 2 and Gill has not come in the game yet. Did I miss something?

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I have rung only the red and yellow bells.

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From: D_Blade_h112zi 5 years ago

You Have To Rung The Blue Bell Then You Will Meet Ya. (But He Will Not Move In Permanently Until You Rung The Green Bell)

To Rung The Bell It's Simple :
A.Green Bell Part 1:
1.Go to Windmill At The Flute Horn Ranch
2.Go Up Stairs And You Will Notice There Just A Frame And The Bell Is Missing
3.Go to Fougue Forest (At The Flute Fields) Talk To Cain Then Get The Key From The Carpenter
4.Get Back To Fougue Forest Then Open The Door
5.Folow The Path To The Witch House (In The Route You Will Meet Luke)
6.Get Inside The House And You Will See There A Pink Frog
7.Then Go To Wizard House Ask Him "About The Witch"
8.He Will Ask You To Give Him Some Ingredients For The Potion

a.Perfect Butter (Throw A Perfect Milk To The Butter Maker)
b.Good Cornmeal (Thow A Good Corn Into The Watermill)
c.Hibiscus Flower (You Will Get it After Completing Toucan Island Drama)

B.Blue Bell:
1.Go to The Lighthouse Ask Paolo To Give The Key To Watery Cave
2.Go to Watery Cave You Will Meet With Blue Harvest Spirt A.K.A :BEN
3.Go to Harvest Goodness Talk With Her
4.Then Talk To Paolo After That Get Some :1 Duck Egg, 1 Black Pearl, 5 Fish
5.After You Get All Of That Talk To Paolo On A Windy Day
6.Throw The Fish All Of Em At The Square Pond At The Top Of The Fishery
7.Set The Black Pearl Down In The North Side Of Ocarina Inn
8.Set The Duck Egg In Mayor House roof
9.Talk to Paolo
10.Back To Watery Cave And Ring The Bell...

Green Bell Part 2:
1.In The Next Day You Will See A Ship Is on The Pier
2.Go to Toucan Island
3.Get To Pineapple Inn
4.Back To Harmonica Town
5.At The Next Day Go To Brass Bar At 16:00 -- 01:00
6.Back To Toucan Island Samson Will Give You Hibiscus Flower
7.Give It To The Wizzard And Undo The Spell
8.Talk To Witch About The Bell
9.Then Go To Windmill Use The Bell At The Frame Then ring it
10.After That Gill Will Move In permanently

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How many bells have you rung? He won't move in until after you've rung the green one.

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Gill moves in after you ring the blue or green bell. Well actually green. You only see him after you ring the blue bell.


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