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Asked: 4 years ago

Honeymoon with the wizard?

I didnt have one. why?

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From: Mothership1953 4 years ago

You don't get a honeymoon when you marry the "special" people (Wizard, Witch, Goddess and King). I think it's because Hamilton doesn't attend those weddings. Since he isn't there, he can't give you the honeymoon ticket.

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Yes- Because of the fact, I notice from a video,
Wizard's wedding is at night in the church.
No one is there.

So you get no honeymoon ticket, so obviously, no honeymoon.

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Sorry, since you married the wizard Hamilton wasn't there so no honey moon ( It's the same for the witch, HG and HK ). But if you want you can get a boat ticket and get the wizard to go on a walk with you, and go to toucan island. Then you can walk around. :D I married the wizard so I know from experiance.

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