Question from eugenialynne

Asked: 5 years ago

How do you ride the horse?

It's been big for quite awhile now but I don't get the option to ride like I do with the sheep and the cow.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Pigpen, thanks---I'll check the horse's hearts. About the whistle, though. When I whistle, sometimes the sheep comes, and sometimes the cow, even though the cow has more hearts.

Accepted Answer

From: Pigpen29 5 years ago

You need 5 hearts and it needs toi be outside, and also when you whistle, only the animal with the most hearts will come out, if you want to ride your horse, ring the bell to let your animals outside, make sure you have 5 hearts. go near him (on the side) and press A, now select ride and here you go, your riding him! howver you need to bring hishearts higher then your cow or sheep in order to whistle ride him, try puting the cows and sheeps feed in the spots to the left when feeding them and feed your horse, with the spot in the middle. Also DONT brush your cow and sheep every day but DO brush your horse every day! hope this helpS!

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