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Asked: 3 years ago

Fastest way to earn hearts??

I'm trying ot get everyone in town married... I am already married to Chase, so Maya cannot marry.. :-(
But what is the fastest way to get everyone's heart level up.
I'm also trying to get the final bell, so even the village people would help too.
I already know about "rubbing" people.

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The fastest way to earn hearts is to give the person items that they love and by talking to them. if you give a person something they love every day then they're heart lvl will go up much faster. hope this helped.

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By the wayyy can you help me.... i dont know how to rub ppl

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I'll answer both questions...
1... To rub someone, log onto the other remote. Then you have to move the remote to the screen, once you can see the little pink-ish heart, you must slide the remote side-to-side (left-to-right.. up-to-down... etc) on the selected character's head... do this until you see them do a motion... do it again, to see them do the motion, and a few hearts will pop out...
2... The hearts, if you give the selected person something they...
-Love, 10pts
-Like, 5pts
-Each time you rub them, it gives you 3.5, so if you rub them until you see the hearts, thats 7
-Picnic/Date (unlocked at 5+ hearts), gives you a lot of points... i believe approx. 30pts
~Every heart is 100pts, so if you do all the above, (a loved gift, and rubs) you'll get... 17pts-a-day, to add up to 136pts-a-week, and 6days-per-heart (approx. trust me i've done it, it works)

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Following what YoshiStar said when I married Wizard it took about 5 days per heart now I'm triyng to marry Selena and it hopefully goes just as fast I overwrote my file accident so now I forget how long it took me to get the others up to 7 hearts.

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Yeah, it'll take a while to get everyone's hearts up a lot but if your patient and find the right items to give everyone it wont take too long... what I did for Candace was pick up Sakura shells at the beach every day and give them to her, and for Kathy, you can give her red herbs? I think.... Also, Luna likes the same things as Candace, for Mira, just give her herbs, and that's what I know at the moment.... Hope this helps!!

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Patience. And good gifts (on their birthday, the gifts get more hp I think)

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You can ask Wizard for information on the available bachelors/bachelorettes. I suppose if you wrote down what Wizard told you about them and used that while playing as the opposite gender, you could go faster, as Wizard will not only tell you what your standing is with each of the bachelors/bachelorettes (except himself, Witch, Harvest King, and Harvest Goddess), but he will tell you what to give them to really get there hearts up. However, I don't know for sure if this would work as I've never tried it, and I really never go for anyone who has a rival. But try it, and see what happens. After all, it can't hurt.

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