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Trauma Team Specialist Guide

Version 1.0
Author: Number1YoshiFan
Email: stinkoman@cox.net

Table of Contents
Introduction [INTRO]
Version History [VERHIS]
Walkthrough [GUIDE]
		Chapter 2: Frozen in Time [1-2]
		Chapter 3: Uninvited Guest [1-3] 
		Chapter 4: History of Fear [1-4]
		Chapter 5: Waking From Terror [1-5]
		Chapter 6: Blade of Resolve [1-6]
		Chapter 7: Waking Heart [1-7]
		Chapter 2: Foul Mood [2-2]
		Chapter 3: Maximum Annoyance [2-3]
		Chapter 4: Mournful Hero [2-4]
		Chapter 5: Hesitant Spirit [2-5]
		Chapter 6: Desperate Rescue [2-6]
	Hank Freebird [ORTHOPEDICS]
		Chapter 2: The Big Guy [3-2]
		Chapter 3: Time For Trouble [3-3]
		Chapter 4: Love in the Ground [3-4]
		Chapter 5: Broken Heart [3-5]
		Chapter 6: I Want To Believe [3-6]
	Tomoe Tachinbana [ENDOSCOPY]
		Chapter 2: Insecure Smiles [4-2]
		Chapter 3: Moment of Zen [4-3]
		Chapter 4: Marionetteís Lament [4-4]
		Chapter 5: The Healing Warrior [4-5]
		Chatper 6: Resolution [4-6]
	Gabriel Cunningham [DIAGNOSTICS]
		Chapter 2: Signs of Anguish [5-2]
		Chapter 3: Blazing Darkness [5-3]
		Chapter 4: Moving Heart [5-4]
		Chapter 5: The Simplest Truth [5-5]
	Naomi Kimishima [FORENSICS]
		Chapter 2: Locked-Room Mystery [6-2]
		Chapter 3: Wandering Girl [6-3]
		Chapter 4: Behind the Lies [6-4]
		Chapter 5: Crime of Passion [6-5]
		Chapter 6: Seeking Atonement [6-6]
	Finale [PART2] 
		Chapter 2: So Begins Death [F-2]
		Chapter 3: Proud One [F-3]
		Chapter 4: Stolen Memories [F-4]
		Chapter 5: Spreading Infection [F-5]
		Chapter 6: Chloeís Change [F-6]
		Chapter 7: Demons and Death [F-7]
		Chapter 8: Missing Girl [F-8]
		Chapter 9: Friends [F-9]
		Chapter 10: Carpet of Blue Death [F-10] 
		Chapter 11: Despair [F-11]
		Chapter 12: Time for Rejoicing [F-12]
		Chapter 13: Twisted Rosalia [F-13]
Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
Contact Information [CONTACT]
Special Thanks [CREDITS]
Legal Information [LEGAL]

Introduction [INTRO]
Hello, and welcome to my first guide. As you may have gathered, 
it is for the game, Trauma Team, for the Nintendo Wii. All the 
information in this guide will be regarding the Specialist 
difficulty (which is unlocked by completing the game once on 
either Intern or Resident), but it is all likely applicable to 
Resident and Intern as well. This guide will likely not help you 
XS rank most chapters because Iím honestly not that super 
amazing at this game and I donít have the patients (doctor pun) 
to XS everything. This guide will also not cover the medals, 
however I will likely put them in a later version. This will, 
however, help you complete the game and may help you realize 
tricks or tactics that you hadnít thought of before. This guide 
will be largely spoiler free, but something may slip in there 
every now and then, so be advised to read with caution. To skip 
to a certain section of the guide use the find function (Ctrl+F) 
and type in what youíre looking for (The bracketed shortcuts in 
the table of contents may help you with that). If you have any 
questions or complaints, feel free to contact me via email (see 
contact information below).

Version History [VERHIS]
V1.0: Launch of the new guide, contains Table of Contents, 
Introduction, Version History, Contact Information, Legal 
Information, and Walkthrough sections. Walkthrough covers all 
missions that are more than just cut scenes, including bonus 
conditions for each mission.

Walkthrough [GUIDE]
Welcome to the actual meat of the guide, the walkthrough. I will 
handle this by going through each doctorís campaign 
individually, and then going through the finale section which 
consists of twelve sequential missions where you switch from 
doctor to doctor instead of choosing who you want to play as.
CR-S01ís missions are all surgery missions, similar to the 
missions in the previous Trauma Center games. If youíve played 
the previous games, youíre likely very familiar with this game 

Chapter 2: Frozen in Time [1-2]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 0 times
Cool at least 7 times
Operation completed in 90 seconds
Blood pool formed six or less times

Start out by using the stabilizer to raise the patientís vitals 
up to 75 or so. Continue by using the antibiotic gel over the 
guideline, then the scalpel over said guideline to open up the 
patient. Once inside use the ultrasound to find the black 
shadow. Itís in the middle of the heart. Use the syringe and 
yellow vial on the shadow, and then use the scalpel to cut it. 
Use the drain to get rid of the blood, then the forceps to close 
up the wound by pulling the left side to the right, then the 
right back to the left. Use the sutures to close up the wound. 
The next black shadow is over on the left side of the heart. 
Deal with it the same way you dealt with the first one. At this 
point if your vitals are low, use the stabilizer to increase 
them. Pull out the ultrasound and let the dialogue continue 
until the hand tool becomes available. Use the tool to find the 
remaining areas. They are slightly to the right of the center of 
the heart, at the left edge of the heart, and at the right edge 
of the heart. Treat these three the same way you treated the 
last two. Now close up the patient with the sutures, run over 
the stitches with the gel, and then use the bandage to finish 
the operation.

Chapter 3: Uninvited Guest [1-3]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 0 times
Vitals didnít fall below 45
Mucus treated twenty or less times
Shadow disappeared one or less times

Start out by using the laser to remove all four small tumors, 
and then use the gel to heal the four wounds. Use the ultrasound 
to find the next tumor a bit to the right of the middle of the 
screen. Drain the cytoplasm around the tumor, use the scalpel to 
excise it, and use the forceps to extract it. Use the forceps 
again to place the synthetic membrane over the wound, and the 
gel to fix the membrane to the skin. Use the gel and the scalpel 
to make your incision and enter the intestine. Use the syringe 
and the blue liquid do get rid of the inflammation. If you fill 
up the syringe completely there is enough liquid to treat three 
small areas or one big area and half of a small area. Use the 
ultrasound/magnification tool to move the camera up and a bit to 
the left. You should see a group of three inflamed areas in the 
top left, and two areas in the top right. Take care of them with 
the syringe. After treating the inflammation, use the ultrasound 
to find a tumor underneath where the three inflamed areas in the 
top left were and to the right of where the two inflamed areas 
in the top right were. Treat these tumors the same way you did 
earlier. Afterwards, inflammation will have reoccurred in the 
bottom right area of the intestine. Treat it quickly with the 
syringe. There should also be a tumor hidden at the sort of bend 
in the middle of the intestine. Treat it as usual and move on. 
Lastly there are two small inflamed areas in the bottom left of 
the intestine.

Now youíll move on to the lungs. Use the laser and gel to remove 
the small tumors here. There should be four visible on screen 
immediately, three in the bottom left, and four at the top of 
the lungs (three in the top right and one bellow them). There 
are mucus patches that look like large tumors bit to the left of 
the three small tumors in the top right, on the right side of 
the line between the middle and top portions of the lungs, and 
near the bottom left of the center portion of the lungs. There 
is an actual tumor near the top middle of the center portion of 
the lungs. Treat the mucus by using the scalpel, drain, and gel 
on it in that order, and treat the tumor as you have been 
throughout the mission. Note that before you finish this set of 
tumors/mucus, I suggest raising the patientís vitals fairly 
high, as this next section can make the vitals drop extremely 
quickly if youíre not careful. A large black bruise will appear 
at this point, but it doesnít really do anything. You will now 
find two new tumors in the top portion of the lung (One a bit 
below and to the left of the middle of the top portion and 
another a bit above the middle of the top portion). When you 
extract the tumors three small tumors should appear around the 
wound. Ignore them until you place an apply the synthetic 
membrane, because if you donít more and more small tumors will 
just keep appearing. As you continue you should see more and 
more small tumors popping up. Try to balance taking care of the 
small tumors and keeping vitals high, then move on to find the 
remaining mucus and tumors. The mucus will actually move around, 
making things difficult. There should be three or so patches of 
mucus in the upper section of the middle part of the lung. The 
small tumors tend to pop up close to mucus, so use them to help 
you find the mucus. There is large tumor in both the bottom 
right and the top left of the middle portion of the lung. Take 
care of them after you get the mucus and small tumors under 
control. Once you take care of all the mucus and tumors, close 
up the patient and youíll be done.

Chapter 4: History of Fear [1-4]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 1 or less times
Cool at least 20 times
Shadow disappeared three or less times
Cardiac arrest four or less times

Ok, right off the bat the patient undergoes cardiac arrest. Push 
the Wii Remote and Nunchuk forward and press B and Z when the 
meter enters the green. I believe it takes one shot in the green 
or two shots in the grey around the green to resuscitate the 
patient. Every so often throughout the mission an EKG will 
appear on screen. When itís abnormal (the lines going kinda 
crazy), donít do anything or else the patientís vitals will 
drop. CR-S01 will warn you when this happens. Just wait until 
either the patient does or doesnít go into cardiac arrest, and 
continue with the procedure. Ignore the large I-beam for now, 
weíll deal with that later. Suture the laceration on the right. 
Use the ultrasound to see the wire in the top left. Remove the 
wire and the glass near it and use the gel on the wounds. Move 
over to the right and get rid of the glass there, then head down 
to the bottom. Take care of the three injuries there while 
maintaining the patientís vitals. Now that all the small wounds 
are taken care of, use the stabilizer to raise the patientís 
vitals as high as you can. Youíll need it. Drain the blood 
around the I-beam. Use the scalpel to cut around the beam, drain 
the blood again, then use the forceps to pull it out a little. 
At this point I suggest using the stabilizer once or twice to 
keep vitals high. Repeat this process three or four times until 
the beam gets removed completely. During this process the EKG 
should come up again, so be careful. After doing so quickly 
drain the blood in the wound, close it with the forceps, then 
suture the wound shut. Drain the blood near the wound, but donít 
put on the membranes yet, because the EKG will go off again 
soon, so again, be careful. If you have time before that 
happens, use the stabilizer to raise vitals or use the gel on 
the small hemorrhaging. Use the defibrillators and then work on 
affixing the membranes to the wound. If you canít do this 
extremely quickly several lacerations will form from 
hemorrhaging. If you can do it quickly, or want to take care of 
the hemorrhaging first, use the ultrasound to find it. There 
should be two below and to the right of the wound. Anyway, 
immediately after you heal the large wound, two lacerations will 
appear to the right (I donít think these are tied to 
hemorrhaging, but email me if Iím wrong about that) doing ten 
damage each, so make sure your patientís vitals are high enough 
to take it. There will also be a larger laceration here, so 
drain the blood around it, use the forceps to close it, then 
suture it shut. Suture the wounds, fix the hemorrhaging 
(ultrasound, scalpel, drain, sutures), and then head to the 
bottom left to find another larger wound. Use the drain and 
forceps to close it and then suture it closed. Use the gel on 
any small hemorrhaging spots that are still remaining. 
Afterwards five new hemorrhages will pop up, one in the bottom 
left, one in the top left, and three in the top right/middle 
area. Now close up the patient and be done with this mission.

Chapter 5: Waking From Terror [1-5]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 1 or less times
Operation completed in 390 seconds (6.5 minutes)
Blood pool formed 10 or less times
Needle only lost once

Start out by draining all the blood and then excising the tumor. 
This tumor is odd in that you only excise it a part at a time, 
and after each part blood pools form. Still, itís nothing too 
tricky. Raise the vitals before you extract the tumor. Excise 
the next two tumors at the same time instead of one after the 
other, because as soon as you extract the first one, two more 
appear. Once again raise the vitals before extracting. Deal with 
these next two exactly like you dealt with the last two. 

Youíll now move on to the abdomen of the patient. Make your 
incision like always and continue. Once inside I suggest taking 
care of the wound on the left first. Drain the blood, excise the 
area, drain again, use the forceps to close the wound, suture it 
shut, then place and gel the synthetic membranes. Drain the 
remaining blood and take care of the inflammations. Laser and 
gel all of the small tumors. After doing this youíll use the 
magnification tool to move up and to the right. Youíll see more 
inflamed areas and more small tumors. Take care of the as per 
usual. I suggest removing the small tumors first, then 
increasing the vitals. Before taking care of the last spots of 
inflammation in the very top right, max out the patientís 
vitals. Large tumors will now appear. There will be one at the 
very top of the green area, one in the mid-left section of the 
green area, and one in the bottom right of the green area. After 
you extract each tumor, four small tumors will appear around it, 
so take care of those as well. There will also now be some 
inflammation and a few small tumors at the bottom, as well as 
another wound like the one you initially healed when you entered 
the patient. Thereís also one inflamed area on the mid-left 
section of the yellow area. Once again, I suggest raising vitals 
before treating the last area.

Take care of the blood pools when you get to the new area. There 
will be a large hidden tumor in the bottom right of the area. 
Once you extract it several small tumors, blood pools, and 
another wound will appear. Treat them as you have been this 
whole mission. Continue to drain the blood as you move into the 
top area. There is another large tumor in the top left, so 
extract it. Small hemorrhaging will now appear, so use the gel 
on it to fix it. Blood pools will form in the bottom left around 
another large tumor. Drain the blood and take care of it. More 
small hemorrhaging will appear along with blood pools and a 
wound at the top. After you close the wound with the forceps 
your needle will fall into the patient. Itís location is random 
so quickly look for it with the ultrasound. Find it and finish 
fixing the wound, then drain the rest of the blood pools. Close 
up the patient and youíre done.

Chapter 6: Blade of Resolve [1-6]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss one or less times
Vitals didnít fall below 30
Burn worsened one or less times
Membrane fell off one or less times

Begin by injecting the stabilizer into the patient to raise the 
vitals to max. Then inject the coolant into the burn and then 
excising and extracting it. At this point drain all the blood on 
the screen, then use the forceps to put down the synthetic 
membrane on both burn wounds. Use the gel on the membranes and 
all of the small hemorrhages. If any blood pools form while 
youíre placing membranes, just affix the membranes before re-
draining the blood. Use the ultrasound to see the wire, then the 
forceps to remove the wire and the glass. Suture/gel the 
remaining wounds to continue. You may want to raise the vitals 
before fixing the last wound.

Move over to the legs now. Wow, thereís a lot to do here. Start 
by fixing the bottom leg. Immediately fix the burn so that it 
doesnít worsen. Then take care of the wire. Re-raise the vitals 
before moving on to the other leg. Drain the blood and suture 
the wounds, then move on to the burn on the right. Inject the 
coolant, excise, and place the membranes down. Then do the same 
with the burn on the left. Raise the vitals, then remove the 
glass and gel the wound.

Move back to the torso which has suddenly gotten a lot worse. 
While you have the ultrasound out, reveal the three hemorrhaging 
spots, one in the bottom left and two in the middle right 
(around the top of the bottom right burn). Immediately cut 
before they burst, but donít waste time draining and suturing 
yet. After doing this drain the blood and apply the membranes to 
the burns. Gel the membranes and the small hemorrhages that are 
scattered about. Then drain and suture the remaining wounds. The 
patient will then go into cardiac arrest. Use the 
defibrillators, although Iím not sure if it matters if you hit 
the green or not, as the power goes out after you use the 
defibrillators once. You probably get a higher score if you hit 
green than you would if you hit gray or black. Anyway, the power 
goes out and the mission ends.

Chapter 7: Waking Heart [1-7]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 2 or less times
Vitals didnít fall below 25
Membrane fell off 4 or less times
Wound reopened 0 times

Once again youíre starting out defibrillating the patient. Raise 
her vitals then make your incision. Drain the blood on the set 
of lacerations, then use the forceps on one of them. Suture that 
wound, then repeat with the next two lacerations. Drain the 
blood on the wound and affix the synthetic membrane. Next there 
should be a hemorrhage to uncover in the bottom right area. Take 
care of that quickly before it bursts. Use the forceps to remove 
the pieces of bone, then the gel to heal the wounds. Use the 
magnifying tool and head up. You should raise your vitals at 
this point, as theyíre likely pretty low. Suture the two 
lacerations, then drain the blood and take care of the larger 
laceration. Keep removing the bone fragments and using the gel 
on the small cuts. Keep the vitals high and move over to the 
left now. Take care of the three lacerations near the bottom 
first, then remove the bone fragments and use the gel (note that 
one of the bone fragments is in the top left, actually outside 
of the ribcage/ organ area). Increase the vitals again and then 
work on the large triple laceration in the same way that you 
took care of the first one.  Now youíll reconstruct the ribcage. 
The fragments it gives you are in a random order, but it 
shouldnít be too hard. Note that there are multiple sections of 
the ribcage that you can switch between with the control stick 
(you must be holding a bone fragment to switch views). Once you 
put it back together, lather the gel all over the ribcage.

You will now move to the liver, and on first site it looks like 
itís gonna be hell. Once youíre in here youíll start getting 
flashes from the EKG again. It works exactly like it did before, 
so just be careful when it pops up. Start out by using the 
ultrasound above the large wound on the left. There should be 
hemorrhaging there, so quickly use the scalpel to get rid of it. 
You should be able to get this done before the EKG takes effect. 
If you still have time, use the gel on the affected areas or 
suture one of the lacerations near the bottom of the screen. 
Once the EKG is done, continue treating the small wounds and 
raise the vitals if necessary. Fix the wound on the left while 
watching out for the EKG. Once itís healed a laceration will 
appear in the top left and some small hemorrhaging will appear 
near the top right, bottom right, and bottom left. Treat these 
smaller wounds before moving on to the last big wound. Once 
again, youíll likely need to raise the vitals at this point, so 
I suggest doing that while you wait for the next EKG to pop up. 
Take care of the last wound the same way youíve been doing it 
all mission. Drain any remaining blood pools. The patient will 
now undergo cardiac arrest, and youíll have to successfully 
defibrillate her three times. After doing that, close up the 
patient and youíre done. Congratulations, youíre now done with 
CR-S01ís campaign! If youíre like me you probably C/B ranked all 
of that on Specialist, or S ranked all of that on Resident.

Mariaís missions are the First Response missions. They all 
involve multitasking taking care of several patients at once. 
Youíll have to switch from patient to patient to make sure none 
of them die. You can see the status of each patient in the top 
right corner. For the purpose of this guide, I intent do show 
how to win each mission without losing a patient instead of just 
how to win without losing more patients than the limit allows 

Chapter 2: Foul Mood [2-2]

Bonus Conditions:
No Misses
No burns worsened
Cool at least 8 times
Gauze not thrown away automatically

Alright, as the first mission this is very straight forward. 
Start out by grabbing the gauze and absorbing the blood pools. 
Donít just put the gauze in the middle of the pools, itís most 
effective if you hold it on the edge of the pools. For example 
you should put the first one so that the gauze is just slightly 
touching both of the pools on the left. After you absorb the two 
pools on the left, reselect the gauze to get a fresh piece so 
you can absorb the pool on the right. Next use the gel to fill 
up the burns. Donít just hold the gel over the burn, either mash 
a on the burn or move the gel back and forth between the two 
burns. Use the forceps to put the gauze over top of the two 
burns, the affix them with the gel. Lastly use the tape to 
secure the gauze. Youíll now move over to his arm. Use the 
stabilizer to increase his vitals, then treat the burns the same 
way you treated the previous two. The game wants you to move 
over to the second patient, but you donít need to until youíre 
done with this one. Now youíll do a blood transfusion. To do 
this put some gel on the marked spot, then place the needle into 
the spot. Lastly use the bandages to secure the needle, and the 
patient is good to go.

Youíll now move on to patient number two. At this point itís 
probably best to stabilize the vitals. After doing so treat the 
burns as you treated the other ones. Sheíll start having 
convulsions, so follow the on screen directions for how to 
resuscitate her. Youíll then have to secure an airway by sliding 
the tube down into her throat. After doing this the patient will 
be stabilized. Mission complete.

Chapter 3: Maximum Annoyance [2-3]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 1 or less times
All patients transported
Cool at least 8 times
Let go of limb 2 or less times

Start out by adjusting Patient 1ís arm into place. To do this 
simple grab the bone tool and slide it into the outline (youíll 
end up pointing a good deal past the outline in order to get it 
to move that far). Then grab the splint tool and slide that into 
place around his arm. Youíll now be able to talk to the patient. 
Heíll tell you that his son is still inside. This makes it so 
his son will appear as a new patient later on. Use the bandage 
to secure the splint in the same way that you did for the blood 
transfusion last chapter. Patient 1 complete. 

Patient 2 has some wires sticking out of him. If you touch the 
wires (i.e. drag anything through them) youíll get a miss. Stop 
the hemorrhaging with the gauze and then hit the cutter tool. 
While itís cutting you may want to raise the vitals or drain the 
blood by the wires. Once youíve cleared up the blood pools, move 
on to Patient 3. Use the forceps and gel to treat the glass 
shard in the same way you did in CR-S01ís levels. Simply slide 
the glass out of the wound and onto the tray, then go over the 
wound with the gel. Before you cut Patient 3ís clothes off, go 
back to Patient 2 and raise his vitals. The paramedics should 
also be done with the cutters by now, so treat the hemorrhaging 
by the wires and do a blood transfusion. 

At this point if you talked to Patient 1, Patient 4 should 
appear, but letís focus on Patient 3 for now. Raise his vitals 
and then cut his clothes off. While youíre cutting clothes other 
patients vitals wonít drop, but your current patientís vitals 
will. Use the gauze to clear up the blood pools and then us the 
other gauze to cover the lacerations. Use the gel and tape to 
secure the gauze. Quickly perform the transfusion and move on to 
Patient 4. Raise Patient 4ís vitals and then treat the glass 
injuries. Wow, that was a quick patient. Well, mission complete. 
Note that from here on out the procedures will be a lot less 
linear and will have you jumping between patients more often.

Chapter 4: Mournful Hero [3-4]

Bonus Conditions: 
Miss 2 or less times
All patients transported
Cool at least 16 times
Chest struck 2 or less times

In this mission you start out by performing chest compressions 
on Patient 1 (P1). Thereís nothing wrong with her initially, so 
raise her vitals and go see what Patient 2 (P2) has to say. 
Before you try to clean up the blood, use the tourniquet on her 
arm to stop the hemorrhaging. Then use the gauze to soak up the 
blood and cover the wound. P2 complete. P1 is back in cardiac 
arrest now, so do the chest compressions again. Raise his vitals 
and move on to P3. By this point P3ís vitals should be in the 
mid 20ís, so use the stabilizer to raise them before you cut off 
his clothes. After cutting off his clothes, P1 should be in 
cardiac arrest again, so perform chest compressions once more. 
P1 will now be stabilized and P4 and P5 will get added assuming 
you talked to P2. Back on P3, use the gel, gauze, and tape on 
the burns like always. If you put the gel in the burns before, 
the burns may worsen by this point and you might have to re-gel 
them. You can also use one piece of tape to secure the gauze on 
the two middle burns. P3 is now stabilized. When you get to P4 
youíll have to use the gel and box cutter tool to open up the 
neck, then drag the pen into your incision. While you are doing 
this other patientsí vitals will not decrease. P4 will then 
undergo cardiac arrest, so perform a different type of chest 
compressions where you hold down A and swing the Wii Remote as 
hard as you can. P4 will now be stabilized. Raise P5ís vitals 
and then absorb the blood with the gauze. Cut his shirt off and 
soak up the blood, then apply the gauze as per usual. You will 
once again need to make a small incision and insert a pen inside 
the patient. After inserting the pen use the stabilizer to make 
sure he doesnít die while you wait for him to get better. When 
Maria gives you the go ahead, remove the pen from the incision. 
Place the film over the incision and tape it down on three 
sides. Youíll now get four new patients in critical condition. 
Luckily you donít have to operate on any of them. Mission 

Chapter 5: Hesitant Spirit [2-5]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 2 or less times
All patients transported
No burns worsened
Taped at least 3 burns together at once

Start out by filling all the burns with gel on P1. Switch to the 
forceps and cover the burns with gauze, then pull the glass out 
of her. Gel over the wounds and the gauze. At this point Gabe 
will bring out another patient (P5). Talk to P1 and then tape up 
all the gauze. P1 is now stabilized. Switch to P5 immediately 
and soak up the blood. Raise P5ís vitals a bit, then switch to 
P2 and raise his vitals. Start treating P2 by soaking up the 
blood. Continue by applying gel to the burns and place and gel 
the gauze on top. Switch to P5. He should be ready for a blood 
transfusion by now. Give him the transfusion and heíll be 
stabilized. P6 will now be added. Everyoneís vitals should be 
below 20 by now, so go around to P3 and P4 and raise Ďem up. 
Switch to P2 and tape up the gauze. You can tape the two 
rightmost ones with one thing of tape. Heíll then undergo 
cardiac arrest, so do chest compressions and secure an airway. 
P2 should be stable now. Use the syringe on P3 a bit then switch 
to P4. Take care of the burns with gel and apply the gauze. 
Before you put the tape on youíll likely need to heal P3 and P6. 
Switch back to P4 and apply the tape. Heal P3 and P6 if 
necessary, then work on P4ís arm. Soak up the blood then fully 
heal the burns before moving on. Heal P3 and P6 as they should 
be dropping pretty quickly by now. After doing that switch back 
to P4 and finish fixing her up. Heal her burn and laceration and 
sheíll be stabilized. Heal P6 up to about 50, then work on P3. 
Soak up the blood and then cut his clothes. Remember that you 
donít have to worry about P6ís vitals while youíre cutting. Use 
the stabilizer if necessary and apply the tourniquet. Soak up 
the blood and treat the laceration like normal and P3 should be 
stable. Go back and raise P6ís vitals some more, then start 
treating her. Soak up all the blood, then heal the burns. You 
can tape the bottom two with one piece of tape. Now to fix her 
leg. If you screw up here you can have your vitals drop 
extremely fast, so raise them up to 60 or 70, just in case. Grab 
the foot and move it back into place. Put the splints into place 
and then secure them with bandages. P6 should now be stabilized, 
ending the mission. 

Chapter 6: Desperate Rescue [2-6]

Bonus Conditions: 
Miss 2 or less times
All patients transported
Cool at least 25 times
Defibrillator used 1 or less times

Once again youíre starting off with cardiac arrest (as Maria 
outright says), so youíll have to do more chest compressions. P1 
doesnít have anything wrong with him other than the fact that he 
keeps going into cardiac arrest. So for now weíll move onto P3 
and start treating him. Remove the glass from his wounds and 
cover them with gauze. Ignore the other patientsí vitals and 
just focus on him. When you fix all the wounds except for the 
rightmost one, backup will arrive. Everyoneís vitals will go up 
to max, which really helps out. Talk to P3 and then finish 
treating him. Heíll be transported out. Move onto P5 and fix his 
right leg. After youíre done with this P1 will be in cardiac 
arrest, so go do more chest compressions on him. Go back to P5 
and finish treating him. It should be straight forward, just cut 
his pants open and treat the laceration. 

P6 will now appear, so go to him right away. Heís in cardiac 
arrest, so use the defibrillator and perform chest compressions. 
Lastly intubate him and heíll be stable. Unfortunately P7 gets 
brought in now. Fortunately sheís also undergoing cardiac 
arrest, so your other patientsí vitals wonít drop. P1 is now in 
cardiac arrest again, so go resuscitate him for the last time. 
Intubate him and heíll be stabilized. Go back to P7 and apply 
the tourniquet. Manage her treatment and P2ís vitals which 
should be dropping pretty low by now. Treat her two wounds and 
secure an IV. Sheís gone now, leaving you with just P2 and P4. 

Raise P2ís vitals and cut open her shirt. Soak up the blood and 
treat the lacerations with gauze. Youíll now move on to her 
shoulder. Raise her vitals if necessary, then treat her last 
laceration. Sheíll now be stable, leaving just P4, whose vitals 
should b in the mid 20ís by now. Raise his vitals to a decent 
level (50-60), just to be safe, then talk to him. Fix his left 
arm and secure the splint. Youíll then move onto the right arm. 
Talk to him and reposition his right arm and align the splint. 
Secure it with the bandages, and heíll be stable. P8 will now 
appear (there was a reason we saved P4 for last). P8 has wires 
sticking out of him that you canít touch. Youíll have to extract 
the glass while maneuvering around the wires. Use the gel on the 
wounds and then soak up the blood with the gauze. P8 will now be 
stabilized. Wow that mission was a pain in the ass, but we did 
it. Mariaís campaign is now complete! I did surprisingly well on 
her missions on Specialist, considering how bad I did on CR-
S01ís. All S ranks except an A on missions 5 and 6.

Hank Freebird [ORTHOPEDICS]
Hankís missions are all about orthopedics. They mostly consist 
of drilling holes in bones and placing screws, as well as 
tracing a line with the Wii Remote. Theyíre pretty boring in my 
opinion, but theyíre not too hard either. Your patients here 
donít have vitals, youíre just not allowed to screw up too many 
times. You have 10 misses that cannot be regained once you lose 

Chapter 2: The Big Guy [3-2]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 1 or less times
Chain at least 2200
Operation completed in 150 seconds (2.5 minutes)
Treatment halted 2 or less times

Start out by making the incision. Use the scalpel to trace the 
guideline. Youíll be doing a lot of tracing in these missions. 
Excise the next one by tracing again. Then youíll have to trace 
a third guideline, but this time the camera moves as you 
progress. I like to put my cursor about half way between the 
center and side of the screen and let the camera move the line 
around my cursor, if that makes sense. Basically it makes the 
camera do most of the moving while you just hold your cursor 
there, occasional strafing perpendicular to the direction the 
camera is moving. I donít really know any other way to explain 
it. Trace two more guidelines with moving cameras. The second 
one has a smaller margin for error for a portion of the tracing. 
Lastly use the stapler to close the patient. Line the stapler up 
with the outline and press A and B to close him up.

Chapter 3: Time For Trouble [3-3]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 1 or less times
Cool screws at least 12 times
Cool drills at least 18 times
Cool mallets at least 5 times

Start out by making your incision. Fix the humerus by aligning 
it with the shadow. Now youíll have to drill several holes. 
Simply drag the remote from the tip of the drill to the 
guideline. The distance between the drill and your cursor 
changes the drillís speed, but it wonít affect its ending 
position, as the drill will slow down as it approaches your 
cursor. So you can just place the cursor a bit past the solid 
red line and wait for the drill to get there. Drill two holes, 
then place the screws by holding down A. Youíll have to release 
A a bit before the screw reaches the shadow. Really the only way 
to get the timing down is through practice and experience. Place 
the two screws in the arm, then move on to the leg.

Grab the bone fragments and realign the bones in the leg. Put 
the bone fragments back into the leg by lining them up with the 
shadows. If youíve already played CR-S01ís rib cage mission, you 
know how to do this. If not, itís not difficult to figure out. I 
believe these are in a random order like they are for CR-S01, 
but I may be wrong. Feel free to contact me if I am. After 
placing the fragments, youíll be missing a piece and need to 
make it out of synthetic bone. Once again trace the guideline. 
Youíll have to trace two guidelines before the bone is cut out. 
Place the bone into the leg. Youíll then have to drill six more 
holes and place six more screws, followed by another seven holes 
and seven screws. Youíll then drill even more holes (three 
more), and then hammer pins into each hole. It takes a total of 
7 segments of power to drive in each pin. Youíll then drill 
another three holes and drive in another three pins (again, 7 
segments of power each). Use the stapler to close up the patient 
and youíre done.

Chapter 4: Love in the Ground [3-4]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 1 or less times
Chain at least 7000
Treatment halted 2 or less times
Cool at least 36 times

Make your incision and enter the body. Use the laser (trace the 
line) six times to excise part of the vertebra. Make another 
incision to open up the spinal cord. Youíll now have to extract 
the tumor into bits, which means tracing six separate lines with 
the camera moving. Black bruises that should look familiar if 
you played CR-S01ís missions appear, and you have to trace four 
more lines to detach the blood vessels. Extract the tumor and 
another one appears, this time moving. Trace four more moving 
lines and extract the tumor, just like the last one. Now youíll 
put in eight more screws, then slide two rods through said 
screws. The rods work just like the drill does, only you use 
them for a larger distance. Staple up the patient and youíre 

Chapter 5: Broken Heart [3-5]

Bonus Conditions:

Miss 1 or less times
Drill Miss 1 or less times
Mallet swung 23 or less times
Cool bone chipping at least two times

Start out by making your incision in the leg. Youíll then use 
the saw which is a bit harder than just tracing lines, but not 
much. Trace and twist the Wii Remote along the guideline to 
continue. Trace the next line to cut the synthetic bone. Every 
now and then the projector will screw up and youíll have to wait 
for the static to go away before continuing. Drag the bone into 
place, then drill three holes and screw in three screws. Then 
grab the three bone fragments and use the saw again. When you 
use the hammer itíll take 14 power units to hammer in the first 
thing, then 15 to hammer in the second. Youíll then have to use 
another tool that works like the screws, only you use the 
control stick instead of the A button. Youíll then use the 
hammer again, this time it only takes 6 or 7 power units to 
drive it in. Staple him up and youíll be done with the first 

Make an incision in the leg to start out again. Grab the bone 
pieces and readjust the fibula. Put all the fragments back into 
place, then drill four holes and place four screws, followed by 
another large hole and securing a pin. Itíll take 21 power units 
to drive it in. Youíll then use the control stick again to shave 
down the femur. Itíll then take 9 power units to hammer down the 
cup. Repeat the shave and hammer process on the pelvis (7 power 
units this time). Staple up the patient and youíre done.

Chapter 6: I Want To Believe [3-6]

Bonus Conditions:

Miss 1 or less times
Treatment halted 1 or less times
Cool at least 24 times
Tore soft tumor 2 or less times

Make your incision to start the operation. Use the saw, then use 
the drill on the vertebra. Youíll drill nine times, then begin 
to extract the tumor. Trace the guideline to excise it, then use 
the forceps to extract it. You have to pull carefully so that it 
doesnít split into two pieces. Another tumor will appear, so 
treat it just like the last one. Another larger one will appear, 
but itís no different from the other two. Extract it then use 
the laser to cut the synthetic bone. The static will appear 
three times, so just wait for it to clear. Place the bone in the 
hole, put in the two screws, then staple the patient and youíre 
done. Hankís incredibly boring missions are now done! Well done 
until the finale at least. If youíre curious, I C ranked all of 
these on Specialist because Iím incredibly inpatient, so I got 
at least 2 misses on every chapter.

Tomoe Tachibana [ENDOSCOPY]
Tomoeís missions area all about endoscopy. Theyíre a bit harder 
than Hankís, and a bit more interesting, but not any more fun, 
largely due to bad controls. Youíll have to thrust the Wii 
Remote back and forth to move through the body and use various 
tools (you have a tool wheel similar to CR-S01ís) to fix various 
problems such as blood pools and tumors. Itís not too 
interesting for the most part because most of the wounds are 
simply fixed by holding down a certain tool on it for a certain 
amount of time. There are some exceptions, but altogether itís 
not too fun until the last two or three missions (including the 
ones in the finale, so donít expect much good from endoscopy 
until then).

Chapter 2: Insecure Smiles [4-2]

Bonus Conditions:
No Bads
Stomach treated in 60 seconds (1 minute)
Ran into a wall less than 2 times
Vitals didnít fall below 15

Familiarize yourself with the terrible endoscopy controls. Got 
that done? Good, now letís move on. Move forward and use the 
drain on the blood pool. Continue forward. Cauterize the wound 
before draining the two blood pools and move on. Use the 
stabilizer to raise the vitals. Use the medicine to treat the 
ulcer. Time it so that you release Z when the medicine reaches 
the guideline. Move forward and treat the next ulcer. Use the 
spray on the area the game targets. This will reveal an ulcer 
that you can treat with the medicine. Move forward and time it 
so that you go through the valve while itís open. Move forward 
and drain the blood. Use the stabilizer if necessary at this 
point. Move to the left a bit and forward, cauterize the wound 
and drain the blood around it. Turn to the right and drain the 
blood pools there. Do a 180 and look up a bit. There should be 
another ulcer here, so treat it with the medicine. Turn to the 
right and look down a bit to see a new blood pool. Drain it, 
then do a 180 and move forward. Use the spray on the wall to 
reveal an ulcer. Treat it and youíll be done.

Chapter 3: Moment of Zen [4-3]

Bonus Conditions:

No Bads
Passed both valves safely
Didnít hit small intestinal wall
Vitals didnít fall below 20

Move forward and treat the hemorrhaging and the blood pools. 
Continue on and use the forceps to remove the drugs. Continue 
forward and time your way through the valve. Immediately in 
front of you there should be more hemorrhaging to fix. Treat it, 
then turn right to find another bag of drugs. Remove it with the 
forceps, then turn left and look up to find another bag. Remove 
that as well and inject the medicine into the area beneath it. 
Turn left and look even further up to find another bag of drugs. 
Underneath this one will be some hemorrhaging, so treat that as 
well. Raise the patientís vitals if you need to. New wounds will 
now appear. There should be an ulcer nearby, so inject it with 
the medicine. Down and to the right will be some hemorrhaging. 
Treat it, then continue through the body. Before you leave this 
area you will have to use the spray on an area marked on your 
radar. Treat the ulcer that is revealed and continue.

Continue forward and time your movements so that you get through 
the valve. Move forward and youíll find another bad of drugs, as 
well as to polyps. To treat the polyps use the snare to excise 
them, then the forceps to extract them. Moving forward you will 
find two more bags of drugs, a polyp, and some blood pools. 
Underneath one bag will be inflammation, and under the other 
will be hemorrhaging. Treat everything and continue. Move 
forward, treating the bags of drugs as you go along, until you 
come to the next bag. Grabbing the bag will cause a tumor to 
appear. Inject the tumor with medicine, then excise it with the 
scalpel. Use the snare on it and several hemorrhages will 
appear. Treat them all and extract the tumor to finish the 

Chapter 4: Marionetteís Lament [4-4]

Bonus Conditions:
Cool at least 12 times
Never pushed back to beginning
Didnít hit small intestinal wall
Vitals didnít fall below 20

Start off by moving forward and treating the polyp. Continue 
going and youíll find an ulcer, another polyp, and two 
hemorrhages. You should have no problem treating these by now, 
so do it quickly and continue. Youíll now reach a sort of wind 
tunnel section where youíll constantly be pushed back while you 
continue forward. Itís not too difficult to just push through 
the wind, but just be careful not to run into any walls. Once 
you make it through the tunnel youíll face three polyps. Treat 
them as normal, and if hemorrhaging occurs, treat that too. 
There will be a hidden ulcer youíll have to spray before you can 
inject it with medicine, so use the radar to find it. Pass 
through the valve and continue. You may have to be more careful 
here as the area is less spacious. Continue for a long time 
before coming up to another polyp. Youíll have to inject it 
before using the snare, and hemorrhaging should occur after you 
excise it. Youíll then go through another wind tunnel before 
coming upon an ulcer and some hemorrhaging. Treat everything 
then go through yet another wind tunnel. Once through youíll 
find two tumors and two polyps. Treat them as well as any 
hemorrhages that appear (there should be one under the first 
polyp and another under the second tumor) and youíll finish up 
this operation. 

Chapter 5: The Healing Warrior [4-5]

Bonus Conditions:
No Bads
Gates opened less than 6 times
Operation completed in 200 seconds (3 minutes 20 seconds)
Ran into wall less than 2 times

For this mission youíll have six minutes, which shouldnít be a 
problem as itís fairly short. There will be multiple paths you 
can take, marked by the yellow gates. If you choose a wrong 
path, use down on the D-Pad to back out of it. After exiting an 
incorrect path or a complete correct path a red barrier will 
appear. Generally there will be something to treat either right 
before or right after the correct gate, so use that to guide 

Move forward and ignore the barrier on the right. Turn left and 
treat the hemorrhaging, then continue and drain the blood by the 
gate on the right. Go through that gate. Treat the hemorrhaging, 
turn left, treat another hemorrhage, then go through the gate. 
Treat the blood then look up. Treat the hemorrhaging and go 
through the gate. Continue going straight while treating the 
blood along the way. Go through the gate and treat the 
hemorrhage. Turn down and to the left to find the ruptured 
bulla. Treat the hemorrhages that appear and spray the bulla 
while theyíre gone. Eventually Gabe will tell you to find the 
source, so back out with the D-Pad. Back up through two gates, 
then look down. Youíll see some hemorrhaging. Treat it and 
continue through the gate. Drain the blood and go down at the 
next fork. The thrombus will be there, and youíll treat it 
basically like you treat a tumor. Inject the medicine into the 
thrombus (itíll be more than a full vial), then use the scalpel 
and snare on it to excise it. Extract it with the forceps, then 
treat the hemorrhaging. Go back to the bulla and treat the 
hemorrhaging there. Use the spray on the bulla to finish the 

Chapter 6: Resolution [4-6]

Bonus Conditions:
Video feed disrupted less than 1 times
Didnít reach same survivor twice
Ran into wall less than 2 times
Operation completed in 180 seconds (3 minutes)

Ok, this mission is different from the previous ones. You have 
10 minutes to find five victims with the endoscope. Basically 
itís like a big maze of rubble. Every time you find a new victim 
youíll be returned to the starting area because Tomoe has to 
make sure her endoscope isnít damaged. 

For the first victim, go straight through three gates, right at 
the next fork, then left at the fork after that. For the second 
victim, go left at the first fork, then left again at the second 
fork. For the third victim, go straight at the first fork, left 
at the second fork (at this point youíll be able to hear the 
victimís breathing which you can use to guide you, or you could 
just use this guide :p. Basically whenever you take the correct 
path youíll hear the victim, and whenever you take the wrong 
path youíll hear nothing), right at the third fork, left at the 
fourth fork, and up at the fifth fork. For the fourth victim, go 
left, straight, straight, and right. To find Dr. Cunningham, the 
fifth victim, go straight, left, down, down again (at this point 
the endoscopeís light will break, so youíll have to use the 
gates as a guide), left, right, and right (after opening this 
gate the light should turn back on). Congrats, youíre now done 
with endoscopy (until the finale)! I got mostly Bís on these on 
Specialist, with an S on the last one because of its simplicity. 

Gabriel Cunningham [DIAGNOSTICS]
Gabeís missions are about diagnosing the patient. There are no 
operations here and the missions are all based on finding 
abnormalities in the patientís behavior, appearance, and medical 
tests. Since these missions are story driven, in this guide I 
will simply put a list of actions to take in each mission so as 
not to spoil anything. For these missions a lot of my 
information is supplied from Halcyoneís Diagnostic guide because 
Iím too lazy to replay these missions and record the 
information. Thank you very much Halcyone for helping me with 

Chapter 2: Signs of Anguish [5-2]
-Questions: Fourth, sixth, and eleventh statements
-Stethoscope: Either lung, heart
-Examine: Hands, neck (this one is very subtle and gave me a lot 
of trouble when I first played through these)
-CT scan: Picture 2: Light triangle near the top right.
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms with Painless Thyroditis, Graveís 
Disease, and Plummerís Disease.
-Scintigraphy: Either of the blue ovals
-Diagnostic: FT3, FT4, TSH
-Diagnosis: Match new symptoms with Plummerís Disease
Mission complete!

Chapter 3: Blazing Darkness [5-3]
-Questions: Third, eleventh, twelfth, and fourteenth statements
-Diagnostic: Platelet count, total bilirubin, AST, ALT, 
-Examine: Right leg, stomach, eyes
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms with Congestive Liver Failure 
-CT scan: Picture 2: Dark blue shadow on left. Picture 3: Bottom 
right corner of liver.
-Diagnosis: Match new symptoms with Congestive Liver Failure

-Questions: Third and sixth statements
-Stethoscope: Either lung, Heart
-Diagnostic: Blood pressure, BNP
-EKG: Downward spike on top row, occasional valley on bottom row 
-X-ray: Swollen heart in lower abdomen
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms with Dilated Cardiomyopathy
-Ultrasound: Picture 3: Black hole in center.
-Diagnosis: Match new symptoms with Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Mission complete!

Chapter 4: Moving Heart [5-4]
-Questions: Fourth, fifth, sixth, and twelfth statements
-Examine: Set of red dots
-Scintigraphy: Shadow below left lung
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms with Kaposiís Sarcoma
-Questions: Thirteenth statement
-Diagnosis: Match new symptoms with Kaposiís Sarcoma

-Questions: First, second, sixth, and eleventh statements
-Stethoscope: Stomach
-X-ray: Shadow in the top right.
-CT scan: Picture 4: Circular shadow in top right
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms to Occlusive Ileus

-Questions: First and second statements
-Use the stethoscope and EKG
-Questions: First and fourth statements
-Stethoscope: Left lung
-X-ray: Shadow in bottom left corner
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms with Carcinomatous Pleuritis
-X-ray: Picture 2: Shadows on the right near the ribs
-CT scan: Picture 4: White shadow in top right corner
-Diagnosis: Match new symptoms with Carcinomatous Pleuritis
Mission complete!

Chapter 5: The Simplest Truth [5-5]
-Questions: Listen to the patient
-Perform Stethoscope, EKG, and Visual examinations.
-Stethoscope: Either lung, heart
-Examine: Abdomen, blood on shirt
-X-ray: Picture 2: White shadow near center
-Questions: Second and third statements
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms to Gastric Ulcer

-Diagnostic: Serum Amylase, Serum Lipase, Elastase
-X-ray: Shadow in top right
-CT scan: Picture 3: White shadow in the top-middle
-Questions: Second and fourth statements
-Examine: Red marks near naval, red marks on left side
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms to Acute Pancreatitis

-Questions: Fourth statement
-Diagnostic: Serum Calcium, Ser. Phosphorus, Serum PRL, Serum 
Gastrin, Intact-PTH
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms excluding High Serum Gastrin 
Level and High Serum PRL Level to Hyperparathyroidism
-X-ray: Faded pointer finger past first knuckle 
-Scintigraphy: Blue dot at bottom of neck
-Diagnosis: Match Parathyroid Adenoma and Subperiosteal Bone 
Resorption to Hyperparathyroidism.
-Questions: Third and fourth statements
-MRI: Picture 5: White shadow near center
-Diagnosis: Match High Serum PRL Level, Visual Field Loss, 
Headache, and Tumor  
Shadow on Pituitary Gland to Pituitary Adenoma. Match all 
symptoms to Wermerís Syndrome.
-CT scan: Picture 4: Blue shadow on pancreas.
-Diagnosis: Match new symptoms to Wermerís Syndrome
Mission complete!
And weíre now done with diagnostics except for the grand finale! 
These were some of my favorite missions in the game, although 
Chapter 5 went on a bit too long if you ask me. And checking for 
small differences in X-rays/CT scans gets really frustrating 
after a while. Well, on to forensics.

Naomi Kimishima [FORENSICS]
Naomiís missions are all about using forensic science to solve 
murder mysteries. It also doesnít have any surgeries, and the 
gameplay is mostly about searching for clues, combing clues that 
fit together, and answering questions to get to the bottom of 
the mystery. Once again, these missions are story driven, so I 
will just put a list of actions to take so that nothing is 
spoiled. If anything is unclear, feel free to contact me. For 
these missions a lot of my information is supplied by idk077ís 
Forensic guide because Iím too lazy to replay these missions and 
record the information. Thank you very much idk077 for helping 
me with this.

Chapter 2: Locked-Room Mystery [2-2]
-On the computer drag the Knife to Little Guy 
-On Dennis' Corpse you must find a fracture on his right hand 
(Fracture), an odd bruise under his right armpit, the 
hemorrhaging in his eyes (Red Spots), his slit wrist (No signs 
of pain reaction) 
-Go back to the computer and talk to little guy, and select 
Knife cut Dennis' 
-Combine the Knife and the Slit Wrist together and select The 
Knife was used on his Wrist 
-Drag the Eye card to Little guy (Slashed Wrist) 
-Drag the Fracture to Little Guy 
-Listen to the Neighbor's Recording and select statement 7 
-Drag the Old Lady card to the Dead Card (Alive until 3PM) 
-Go listen to the recording and select 17 
-Talk to Little Guy on the computer and select Bone Broke After 
he Died 
-Drag Knife and the Fractured Finger cards together and select 
Knife was used in an injured hand 
-Exit the computer and Listen to the Electricians recording and 
select recording 3 
-Drag the two photos of the witnesses together 
-Go back and listen to the new recording about his status, 
select recording 10 
-Drag the two Dead cards together and select Between Noon and 1 
PM, Seemed Depressed, Latest 3 PM 
-Talk to Little Guy select a Fire, The knife and a slashed 
wrist, door locked, no pain reaction, knife in right hand, 
hemorrhaging in the eyes 
-Exit and go to the crime scene Select the Bed Blood Stain 
(Lying on his back), Broken Ceiling Fan (Repairman came), Select 
the ashes on the broken table, Select the bulletin board 
pictures on the left, 
-Go back to the office and listen to the recording select 
recording 10 
-Go to the Evidence room and select his clothes, then select his 
white shirt 
-Drag the friend card and the white shirt card together select 
-Drag the Electrician and the ceiling fan together 
-Listen to the Electricians Recording and select recording 8 
(too hot for a heater) 
-Listen to the Girlfriends recording and select recording 9 
-Go back to the Crime Scene and use the ALS behind the ashes on 
the floor and select them. 
-Drag Electrician Cards together and select Air Circulation 
-Give the Ashes, and the White Powder, and the Bloodstains on 
the Bed Card (not enough blood) to little guy
-Go back to the crime scene and move the dresser behind the 
white powder you found earlier  
-Talk to little guy and select the drugs fell when the fire 
-Drag the drugs and hole in the wall together and select Drugs, 
a place to hide drugs, they were made after the fire, scattered 
just before the fire, whoever took them dropped them 
-Talk to little guy and head to the crime scene  
-Spray the luminal on the floor to the left of the ashes, the 
ceiling fan and on the door and use the ALS on each of the 
-Talk to little guy and select Start the Fire 
-Drag the 2 Ceiling fans together 
-Give the 2 star Lock to Little Guy, and select Locked only by 
chain, removing one screw 
-Drag the blood stain and the bed blood stain together and 
select the blood stain on the floor 
-Drag the Lock to Little guy and select "It touched the murder 
weapon, screwdriver, 
-Drag the bruise and the screwdriver together and select 
Screwdriver handle 
-Drag the Ashes card to the Ceiling Fan and select Heat is 
Created, To Delay the Fire Start, Ceiling fan and the Rope, So 
Dennis' body would be found, To Create an Alibi 
-Drag the Hemorrhaged Eye and the Bruise together  
-Drag the Blood Stain on the bed and the NEW Dead card together 
and select Screwdriver, Asphyxiation, Make it look like suicide 
-Drag the Girlfriend and the old Dead card together and select 
Dennis' behavior 
-Go check on the effects and select under right armpit of 
Dennis' clothes, select Bloodstains on the stab wound 
-Drag the 2 white shirt together and select Red T, White Shirt, 
No indication of stab wound, The Killer changed Dennis, to make 
it look like suicide 
-Drag the last 2 cards together and select it was broken while 
-Go to the check on the effects again and select a button on the 
-Drag the card to Little Guy  
-Select Dennis the Pusher, Missing Drugs, Murder Timeline, 
Appearance of Suicide, Locked Room Trick, Fire, killer's 
Fingerprints, Deceased's Voice

Chapter 3: Wandering Girl [6-3]
-Go to examination room and select the body bag and arrange the 
-Examine the corpse and select the Thigh/Femur, right small 
finger/pinky, grey substance on right arm 
-Examine her clothes and select the tire tracks on the back of 
the pants (found near river), blood on chest(No apparent 
Damage), necklace 
-Give the Skull Card and Grey Substance card to Little Guy 
- Exit the computer and select How Long it had been there 
-Drag the Broken Femur and the Pants cards together and select 
Legs were run over 
-Listen to the recording of Witness A 
-Listen to Witness A and select the Lie, and then select 
recording 7(Saw the Corpse himself) 
-Drag Witness A to Little Guy and Select Tampered with the scene 
-Exit and select Shattered into pieces, Both Femurs were broken, 
then select the area of the bridge on the river 
-Go to the bridge and select the green object, the tire tracks 
(accident occurred 
-Drag the 2 green shards together and select victim on the 
-Drag the tracks to Little Guy(Large Truck) 
-Drag the Skull and the Large Truck together and select 1 Month 
-Drag the Pants and the Green Necklace/Shards together and 
select Fractures and Tire Marks 
-Listen to Witness A's recording and select statement 8 
-Listen to Witness B and C and select the bruise under the right 
eye on the couple, were hurt repeatedly  
-Drag Witness A's cards together and select is missing an 
-Drag the Cause of Injury card to Little Guy  
-Drag the Skull and the Dead cards together  
-Drag the Dead card to Little Guy  
-Go to Veronica's Room 
-Use Luminal then the ALS on the pile of mirrors on the bottom 
(It was swept up with the Glass) 
-Check the white case beside the Blue Vase by the window and 
open it 
-Listen to Witness D select Veronica before the accident, select 
statement 8 
-Listen to Witness D select What did you do afterwards, select 
statement 11 
-Give little guy the white case card, the earring with the blue 
background( It was ripped out of her ear)
-Drag 2 earrings together and select She was taken by force 
-Drag Witness D's pictures together and select Lying on the 
road, Threw the corpse over the bridge, She was thrown off the 
-Talk to Little Guy  
-Drag the Broken Femurs and Witness D cards together and select 
Already Dead 
-Drag the white drugs to little guy again 
-Drag the white drugs and the parent cards together and select 
2, then select 2 
-Drag the broken Finger to Little Guy  
-Drag the Fracture and White Case together and select Increased 
Aggression, Veronica was beating her parents  
-Drag the Dead and Blood on the clothing cards 
-Drag the Grey Substance and the Clothing Card together 
-Go to the crime scene and use the powder(Bottom Icon) on the 
floor in front of her broken mirror (Crawling on the floor) 
-Use the ALS on the rug in front of the door and check it out 
-Use the use the luminal on the area under the rug and use the 
ALS, and select blood that she vomited, door was closed  
-Check on the door and use the ALS on the back of the 
-Drag the blood stain at entrance and the scratching cards 
together and select Locked In 
-Drag last 2 cards together 
-Select the Fractured Hand Card, Sudden Attack, Sealed Door, 
Proof of Abduction, Truth Behind Fractures, Deceased's Voice

Chapter 4: Behind the Lies [6-4]
-Check the body and select the Chest wound (Cross Shaped), the 
star on the side of the head (Shape of the weapon), back wound, 
wound on both hands  
-Check effects and select the blood on the left sleeve, and the 
hair on the shoulder (both have white hair) 
-Give Little Guy the Blood on the Sleeve card, the Black Hair? 
-Combine the chest and back wound cards together and select the 
weapon penetrated the body, her chest. 
-Give Little Guy the Unknown Weapon and select Over 20 cm, Cross 
-Combine the two weapons together and select Joseph is lying  
-Listen to the recording and select recording 6 
-Combine the Blood on the sleeve and the husband card, 
-Exit computer and select He Hid the Murder Weapon, He canít 
stand , 
-Go to the murder scene select the shard of glass under the 
table(There are no other pieces around), the clock on the 
table(Bruise on corpses head), fire place  
-Give Little guy the Shard of glass and select Wine Glass 
-Combine the two fur cards 
-Combine Star Shaped Bruise and the Clock,  
Give the clock to little guy 
-Examine Abigail Parkers Corpse and select the chest wound, and 
the wound on the hand 
-Examine the effects and select the Cell Phone, fur on 
shoulder(Alma's Clothes) 
-Combine the similar patterns of the hand bruise and wound 
-Combine the fur together and select Killer wore the fur 
-Give Little Guy Abigail's Wound and select the murder weapon is 
the same, depth of the wound  
-Give Little Guy the Phone 
-Combine the Fur and the Wound on the chest cards together and 
select Weapon that Killed them, Black Animal Hair  
-Exit and listen to Witness A's recording 
-Listen to Witness B and select recording 10 
-Combine Two Day Old Corpse and Abigail's Trail together and 
select Was Seen Hours before her death
-Give the Gold Lighter to Little Guy and select Caroline Bowen  
-Listen to Sean Bowen's testimony and select record of calls 
received, The Chef Victor, The wife Caroline, 
-Listen to Carolineís Testimony 
-Listen to Caroline and select peculiar statement and select 
recording 7, and select saw him with Abigail, 
-Combine Women who know too much and the gold lighter and select 
We can't say for sure  
-Give Little guy the card you just got 
-Combine Abigail's Time of Death and the Phone, and select 3, 
Sean Bowen, She had a phone call, a pay phone nearby , 
-Give Little guy the Broken Wine Glass  
-Listen to Witness B's testimony 
-Listen to Carolineís Testimony  
-Combine the object in the fireplace and the weird monster cards 
-Exit and select Destroy the evidence, He confessed to the 
murder, Abigail, Responded to the phone call, lying to protect 
-Give Little guy the Sharp Stake  
-Combine weapon inconsistency and the stake  
-Combine Weapon Hilt and the bruise on the hand cards together 
and select Alma used the murder weapon, 
-Combine Alma's Weapon and the murder weapon and select she 
didn't know it was Alma 
-Talk to Little Guy 
-Exit computer and select Joseph, The blood on Alma's Sleeve  
-Go to the crime scene, inspect above the fireplace  
-Go back to office and select black bruise on right palm, having 
auditory hallucinations wound on right palm, sleeping pills,  
-Give Little guy the last card and select Alma's, Burning the 
mask and fur, hiding the murder weapon 
-Select Alma's Hallucination, Abigailís Death, Deceased's Voice 
: Abigail, Two Sigils, Benzodiazepine in Wine, Joseph's Blood 
Stain, Masked, Other Killer, Husband's Lie, Deceased's Voice: 

Chapter 5: Crime of Passion [6-5]
-Go examine the body and clothes to find Ashe marks on the right 
hand, the calluses(Tennis Player, Right Handed), Shard Lodged in 
the Chest(Explosion blew it there), the chest wound, 
-Give Little Guy the Lacerations on Corpse(Within a meter), 
Mystery Metal (Shrapnel from a bomb), substance on little finger 
-Listen to recordings of A and B(A young man, a Caucasian man) 
-Go examine the next victim, find the grey substance on the 
hand(small finger, physical location, on right little finger), 
chest marks  
-Go to the office then the fourth victims home, you must check 
the computer, the broken guitar, the shard of metal in the wall  
-Give Little Guy the Broken Guitar, Mystery Metal 2(Part of a 
bomb), Substance on little finger 2, Non- Responsive computer, 
Injuries from explosion(At very close range),  
-Drag Close Range Explosions, Pieces of Metal(Steel Pipe, 
Explosive propellant), carbon dust on finger(On different hands) 
-Give Little guy the $100,000 Guitar (String Order, Left Handed) 
-Drag Same Bomb and Explosion Similarities(Same Power, Very 
close, same person) 
-Drag the calluses on right hand and left handed guitar 
together(Right Hand, Left Hand) 
-Drag the Differences in Dust and Victims together (On the 
dominant Hand, 
-Exit and listen to C's testimony 
-Drag Newest Victim and White male (He isn't famous)  
-Exit and select He isn't famous, buy a guitar, had a periodic 
-Listen to D' testimony, re listen and select 9 
-Give Little Guy Reason of Cutoff 
-Listen to D again and select 8 ( A phone in Steven Eldred's 
-Drag Steven Eldred and Rev. together and select It's Steven 
-Exit the computer

Chapter 6: Seeking Atonement [6-6]
-Select Deliverywoman, Carbon Dust, The Rev, Voice Unprocessed, 
Why was the Rev killed  
-Go to the room again and select The Delivery Form 
(Fingerprints), Use ALS beside the blue vase on the floor and 
select it, select the door mat. I'm not sure how to explain the 
shoe part but its near the middle 
-Give Little guy the unknown footprint, Rev's Delivery Receipt, 
Black Hair(Natural Color Stands Out), 
-Drag Delivery form and Delivery Form prints, select person who 
delivered it, deliverywoman at CIFM, The Rev, Opening Packages 
Lid, Heavy Security, Bomb threats  
-Drag Final Deposit and Why was the Rev killed together and 
select Raging Bomber, Bomb threats, more money, he blackmailed 
the bomber, pay back loans, to pay for another threat  
-Drag Higgins Beach Deposits and Shoe Store and select shoe 
store has to be checked 
-Give Little Guy narrowing the stores and select sheís a woman, 
unknown, unknown, 170-180, her red hair  
-13121112 for first bomb (King being 13, Queen being 12, and 
Jack being 11), for the 2nd bomb 21112333 (Use the 
powder/luminal on the mirror/phone to see the riddle and clue), 
the 3rd bomb 34158693 (Use luminal to find numbers and symbols 
around the room. Examine the planet poster to see the order of 
the symbols, Mercury being 1 and Pluto being 9), 4th bomb is 
23416897 (The two rows in the clue refer to the 789 and 123 row 
on the calculator. The numbers in the clue should be replaced 
with the corresponding number in the opposite row. The 456 row 
should remain the same). 
-Select the Brown Bear on the bed and cut the yellow wire 
(Follow the Yellow, Red, Blue pattern from the yellow wire and 
youíll reach the bomb, something that is impossible from the 
other two wires).
Weíre now done with forensics until the finale. If you really 
liked these missions like I did, they are similar to the Ace 
Attorney series for the Nintendo DS, so give those a try. I 
absolutely loved these missions, but at this point in the game I 
was ready to get back to operating since I played the missions 
in the order I have them listed in the guide, and I didnít like 
orthopedics or endoscopy. Luckily, the Finale starts out with an 
intense first response mission. But more on that later.

Finale [PART2]
Wow, later already? That was fast. So the way the finale works 
is that youíll go through a series of missions in a linear order 
rather than being able to choose missions from whatever doctor 
you want at the time. There are 12 missions, two for each doctor 
except one for Gabe and three for Tomoe (although her second two 
missions are one right after another and take place within the 
same patient, so itís really more of a break in one mission than 
two separate ones). Youíll start out with First Response, then 
Diagnostics, Surgery, Orthopedics, Endoscopy, Forensics, First 
Response again, another Orthopedics, a final Forensics, two more 
Endoscopies, then the big finale with Surgery.

Chapter 2: So Begins Death [F-2]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 1 or less times
Cool at least 12 times
Convulsions occurred 10 or less times
Vitals didnít fall below 12

Youíll start out by seeing a patient with the oh-so-familiar 
black bruise (I believe actually one of Mariaís patients in 
either her Chapter 2 or Chapter 3 had the bruise as well). The 
patient will start out by convulsing, so just keep her vitals 
high until P2 gets brought in. Get Pl and P2ís vitals up to max 
and then talk to P2. This will bring in P3, P4, and P5. Get P3 
up to about 50 vitals then move on to P5. Cut his sleeve off and 
treat the small lacerations. Youíll then move over to his left 
arm. Move it into place quickly, then place and secure the 
splint. Youíll then do the same thing with his leg, nothing you 
havenít seen before. Fix the leg, place and secure the splint, 
and then P5 will be done. Inject the stabilizer for good 
measure, then move on to P4. Remove the glass and quickly gel 
the wounds. Cut the shirt open and quickly soak up the blood and 
place the gauze over the wounds. Youíll probably need to jump 
around and raise some vitals right around now, so do so if you 
have to. Cut open her sleeve, apply a tourniquet, soak up the 
blood, and apply the gauze. Do the same thing on her other arm, 
then perform a blood transfusion. Iíve decided that the best way 
to do this operation is to act as quickly as possible once 
youíve started working on P5, and ignoring P1, P2, and P3ís 
vitals after you initially raise them. Youíll be cutting it 
close, but you should make it. 

Chapter 3: Proud One [F-3]
-Examine: Left eye, left arm, fingers
-Questions: Second, third, and fourth statements
-X-ray: Shadow on top right of collar bone. This one is also 
really tricky to find if you donít know where to look.
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms with Pancoast Tumor
-X-ray: Shadow on right side
-Diagnosis: Match new symptoms with Pancoast Tumor

-Questions: Second statement
-Examine: Eyes
-Diagnostic: Total Bilirubin, AST, ALT, y-GTP, LAP, PIVKA-II, 
-Diagnosis: Match all symptoms with Malignant Liver Tumor
-CT scan: Picture 3: Blue shadow on liver. Picture 4: Blue 
shadow on left side.
-Scintigraphy: Darkest blue shadows
-Diagnosis: Match new symptoms with Malignant Liver Tumor

-Questions: Sixth, ninth, twelfth, and fourteenth statements
-Examine: Eyes, brown spots on chest
-Diagnosis: Match Fever, Headache, and Pigment Spots on Skin to 
Typhoid. Match Bloodshot Eyes, Headache, and Fever to Acute 
Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis. Match Fever, Headache, and Muscle 
Pains to Acute Severe Respiratory Syndrome. Match Fever, 
Bloodshot Eyes, Headache, Muscle Pains, and Anemia to Malaria. 
Match Fever to Bacillary Dysentery.
-Examine: Mouth, red spots on chest.
Diagnostic: Blood pressure, white cell count, fibrinogen, APTT, 
platelet count.
Diagnosis: Match all symptoms to Viral Hemorrhagic Fever.
Question: Fourth and ninth statements.
Diagnosis: Match new symptoms to Viral Hemorrhagic Fever.

Chapter 4: Stolen Memories [F-4]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 1 or less times
Focus regenerated 2 or less times
Foreign objects passed 10 or less times
Collisions 2 or less times

Ah, back to good olí CR-S01. Start out by making your incision 
as always. You may wanna raise your vitals before going in, or 
before draining the focus. Treat the focus by draining it, then 
injecting the blue vial followed by the orange vial. Excise it 
with the scalpel then use the forceps to extract it. Treat the 
next two foci the same way. I suggest taking on a the same time 
instead of one by one. Then small shadows will start appearing. 
Treat them by using the ultrasound to uncover them, the scalpel 
to excise them, and the drain to remove the blood/the object. 
Use the gel on the incision you made to finish it up .Youíll 
remove five of these shadows before two more foci appear. 

This is where things get seemingly tough. It appears as if you 
have to manage extracting the two foci while dealing with the 
shadows, right? Well in actuality nothing happens if the shadows 
make it to the edge of the organ, so long as they donít touch 
any foci. There is a bonus for having less than 10 pass, but you 
should be able to treat the foci fast enough to avoid that. Just 
make sure you get rid of them if they actually do start 
approaching the foci. Treat these foci in the same way you 
treated the last to. If you feel like you canít doing them both 
at once, just do them one by one, it shouldnít really make a 
difference. After that another two should appear and the shadows 
will start flowing in different directions. Donít let it trip 
you up, just remove the last two foci. After doing that youíll 
just have to clear up the remaining foreign objects (there 
should be three or so), then close up the patient. That was 
actually surprisingly easy. 

Chapter 5: Spreading Infection [F-5]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 2 or less times
Drill Miss 6 or less times
Cool at least 90 times
Mallet swung 5 or less times

Make your incision to start out the operation. Ugh, this mission 
is such a pain in the ass. Itís not hard, just long and tedious. 
Then again, that pretty much describes all orthopedics 
operations. Start out by lining up the mallet and hammering the 
seven segments of the tumor. Just wail on the thing, you canít 
hit it too hard like you can in other mallet sections. Trace the 
guideline for the synthetic bone, then place the bone into the 
hole. Drill four holes and place four screws. Realign the bone, 
then drill more holes and place more screws (three of each) to 
secure it into place. Youíll then have to mallet another set of 
tumors and shave another piece of synthetic bone. Every now and 
then shards of bone will go flying up and youíre supposed to 
avoid hitting them with the laser. Place the bone and then 
secure another place over top of it. Youíll then move on to 
excise another tumor, then make another synthetic bone piece, 
then drill more holes and place more screws. While making the 
synthetic bone the projector will screw up a few times, but you 
should be able to deal with that easily enough. Youíll then 
remove the bone fragments and realign the bone, then put the 
fragments back into place and secure the bone with ANOTHER TWO 
PLATES. Having fun yet? I hope so, because after that we get to 
remove another tumor and do it all over again! Seriously, whose 
idea was this mission? Well, anyway, remove the tumor, trace the 
guideline for the bone, put it in place, and put on a plate to 
secure it. Afterwards remove all the bone fragments and put them 
back into place. Youíll then have to drill a long hold to put a 
pin into. Youíve done it in an orthopedics mission before, so 
you should be familiar with how to do it. Itís just like any 
other hole, but longer. Hammer the pin in (I think it takes 
around 23 power units), then staple up the patient and youíre 
done. God that was obnoxiously long. Well, thereís only one more 
orthopedics mission left, and itís actually pretty fun.

Chapter 6: Chloeís Change [F-6]

Bonus Conditions:
Cool at least 15 times
Ran into wall less than 2 times
Blood pool formed 30 or less times
Stabilizer used 25 or less times

Yes, thatís right, youíre operating on a cat. Move forward and 
youíll find some hemorrhages and inflammations. Treat them and 
continue on. Move forward and time your way through the valve to 
continue. Almost directly in front of you is the foreign object. 
Use the forceps to extract it and a focus will appear. Attempt 
to retrieve it and itíll explode, causing problems everywhere 
and dropping vitals by about 30. Raise the patientís vitals and 
start treating the wounds. There should be a hemorrhage, a blood 
pool, and a polyp. Treat them like you normally do and the black 
area will shrink. However more wounds will also form, this time 
a hemorrhage, a blood pool, and an inflammation. Treat them 
again and the black area will shrink again, causing another 
three wounds to appear (hemorrhage, inflammation, and polyp). 
Youíll have to use medicine on the polyp, and a hemorrhage will 
form after you excise it. Once youíve treated all the problems 
youíll move on to the large intestine.

In the intestine youíll immediately face a blood pool, a polyp, 
and an ulcer. You should also see a wind tunnel in front of you. 
Fun. Make your way through the wind tunnel to find more 
inflammation and hemorrhaging. Treat the wounds and move through 
another wind tunnel. Once through it youíll find a hemorrhage, 
an inflamed area, and a tumor to excise and extract. Move 
through the valve when youíre done. Move through another wind 
tunnel to find a hemorrhage and a polyp. Move through yet 
another wind tunnel and youíll find the remaining bone fragment, 
as well as another hemorrhage and inflammation. Treat those 
before grabbing the bone. When you do grab it, there will be 
another focus. This one works exactly the same as the first one 
did, except that different wounds may appear every time the 
black area forms/shrinks. Treat the wounds as you have dozens of 
times before and youíll be done. Your last super repetitive 
mission is done with.

Chapter 7: Demons and Death [F-7]
-Examine bloodstain on chest: No clothing damage
-Examine chest pocket
-Examine front right pocket
-Fix the skull. Itís fairly simple and shouldnít take long. You 
have to fix all four sides, but itís still not that hard. There 
is a piece missing in the bottom right of stage 4 of the skull, 
so donít try to fill that in.
-Return to the computer
-Give Portable Syringe Case to Little Guy
-Combine Strange Bone Fragment and Skull (Incomplete). Finish 
fixing the skull.
-Examine the skeleton
-Examine left knee
-Examine broken right femur: The hardest bone
-Examine marking on right arm
-Return to computer
-Give Marking on Right Arm to Little Guy: To obtain a sample 
from it
-Give Joint Damage to Little Guy: The meniscus was gone
-Give Fractured Femur to Little Guy
-Give Diseased Bones to Little Guy: Had hemorrhagic fever, A 
deadly virus, Airborne infection is impossible, Under the bone 
fragments, Mucous membrane contact
-Give Key to Little Guy
-Give Bloodstained Clothing to Little Guy
-Combine Lost Meniscus with Decreased Bone Density: Weakened 
skeletal system
-Combine Unknown Vector with Bone Samples Taken: Mucous 
membranes, Shaved the bone, Inhaled the bone powder
-Give Matching DNA to Little Guy
-Combine Antiviral Drugs with Weakened Skeleton: Abnormal 
calcium consumption, Decreased bone density, Themselves, 
Fractured femur, Loss of meniscus
-Combine Dangerous Injections with Dust Borne Infection: 
Infected with a virus, Vomited
-Combine Death by Hemorrhagic Fever with Traces of Vomiting 
Blood: The clothing was unchanged, In the health profession
-Examine skeleton
-Examine pelvis
-Examine skull
-Examine eyes
-Return to computer
-Combine Pelvic Shape and Determining Gender: Male
-Combine Partial CS Fusion and Assuming Age: In their 50ís
-Combine Triangular Orbital Bones and Assuming Race: Caucasian
-Combine Bone Nitrogen Concentration and Estimating Time of 
Death: 2 years ago
-Select: Time since Death: Two Years, Male Skeleton, Age Assumed 
Around 50, Caucasian Skeleton, Health Professional, Conclusive 
Cause of Death, Deceasedís Voice

Chapter 8: Missing Girl [F-8]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 3 or less times
All patients transported
No mistakes with antiviral drug
Convulsions occurred 5 or less times

Alright, back into the action. Youíre starting out with five, 
thatís right, five patients. Start out by injecting the white 
vial into the black bruise. While you wait for the bruise to 
change, use the stabilizer on the patient. The color is not 
random, and you can actually administer the drug before the 
bruise changes color. You donít even have to inject the white 
vial at all. P1 is red, P3 is yellow, and P4 is also red. This 
is only a temporary fix for the patient, so youíll have to check 
back every now and then to re-administer the drug.

Whenever you administer three injections of the red drug to P1 
heíll be stabilized, but I suggest waiting until heís almost 
dead to do so.

Quickly go by P3 and P4 to administer the yellow and red drugs 
respectively. Move on to P5 and quickly fix his arm. Do this as 
fast as you can so you can get to the other patients. Heíll be 
transported out when you secure the splint. Manage the other 
patientsí vitals and bruise condition while treating P4. All you 
have to do is soak up the blood and secure gauze over the wound. 
P6 and P7 will then be transported in with high vitals. They are 
both infected. P6 and P7 need the blue vial to treat them. 
Talking to P7 will add another patient in the future. 

Quickly clear up P3ís condition (itís small, just get rid of the 
glass and gel over the wounds) and P8 will get put in, again at 
high vials.

Go over to P2. Treat her condition quickly and sheíll go into 
cardiac arrest. Defibrillate her and intubate her and sheíll be 
transported out. Go over to P7 and inject him with the blue 
vial. Treat his wounds and heíll be transported out, while P9, 
P10, and P11 will be brought in. Go over to P9 and treat her 
burns and apply the gauze to them. Move to P10 and treat his 
burns and heíll be transported out (you can use one thing of 
tape for both burns). P9 will then go into cardiac arrest, so 
use the defibrillators and sheíll be stabilized. 

Go over to P8 now and treat his glass wounds. Cut off his shirt 
and inject the yellow drug into his bruise. Soak up the blood 
and apply the gauze and heíll be transported out. Go back to P6 
now and inject him. Heíll go into cardiac arrest. After you 
defibrillate him heíll be transported out. Now weíre just down 
to P11. Or we would be if the military didnít bring in four more 
patients. Quickly fix P11ís lacerations and heíll be stabilized.

Each one of your new patients is infected. P12 needs red, P13 
and P14 need yellow, and P15 needs blue. Star out with P14 and 
inject him with the yellow drug. Apply the gauze and tape, then 
perform chest compressions on him. Secure an airway and heíll be 
transported out. Go to P12 and cut off the shirt. Inject him 
with the red drug and treat his lacerations. Youíll then have to 
do a blood transfusion to stabilize him. Go to P13 and cut off 
his shirt. Inject him with the yellow drug, soak up the blood, 
apply gauze to the laceration, and perform a blood transfusion. 
Now weíre down to P15. Inject him with the blue drug twice and 
heíll go into cardiac arrest. Do a hard chest slam, then secure 
an airway and youíll be done. Wow, that was intense.

Chapter 9: Friends [F-9]

Bonus Conditions:
Miss 4 or less times
Treatment halted 2 or less times
Tore soft colony 2 or less times
Blood vessel readhered 4 or less times 

For this patient weíll be dealing with a spinal tumor, similar 
to the one we dealt with on one of Hankís previous missions. 
Start out by making your incision then using the laser to cut 
parts of the vertebrae. Make your incision into the spinal cord, 
then start excising the tumor. Youíll do it exactly like you did 
it in the other mission. The black shadows will move in and the 
focus will appear. Extract the tumor by detaching the five blood 
vessels then removing it with the forceps. Another focus will 
appear, and youíll have to extract it again. Itíll be moving 
this time, but youíve already had experience detaching moving 
blood vessels. Youíll have to excise it quickly, as if you take 
too long the blood vessels will reattach themselves to the 
colony. If you canít do it at first, donít worry, it takes the 
vessels longer and longer to reattach each time. Just keep at it 
until you finally get everything, then extract the colony. 
Naturally as soon as you finish extracting that one, another one 
will appear. This one acts the same way as the last one until 
you sever all the blood vessels. Once you sever all the vessels, 
youíll see that the colony it made of soft tissue, so youíll 
have to be careful when extracting it. I believe if youíre too 
slow, the vessels can still reattach at this point. Youíll then 
have to screw in eight screws and slide two rods through them. 
The rods work the same as the drill does, so itís still nothing 
new. After placing the rods, staple the patient closed. See, 
even the hardest orthopedics mission isnít that bad. Nowhere 
near as hard as those last two first response ones.

Chapter 10: Carpet of Blue Death [F-10]
-Examine body
-Examine cut on foot: She walked on the injured foot
-Examine front bullet wound on leg: The exit GSW
-Examine back bullet wound on leg: The entrance GSW
-Examine palm of right hand: A gun
-Examine blood on back
-Examine front bullet wound on chest: The entrance GSW
-Examine back bullet wound on chest: The exit GSW
-Examine clothing
-Examine splattered blood: Itís splattered around
-Return to computer
-Combine the entrance/exit GSW cards for the thigh and chest: 
Shot from behind for thigh, Shot from the front for chest
-Analyze Gunshot wound from the front
-Analyze Gunshot wound from behind
-Analyze Particles of Palm: She was shot from close range
-Analyze Remaining Hypostasis: The corpse was not moved, The 
killer moved her there
-Move to Research Facility
-Examine Broken Recorder on floor
-Examine Bloodstain on Floor
-Use ALS near foot of door
-Examine bullet case
-Use ALS near base of chair on right
-Examine bullet case
-Examine shattered glass near door
-Examine broken window in door
-Return to computer
-Analyze Casing Under Desk
-Analyze Casing Near Entrance: A shot was fired
-Analyze Broken Recorder
-Analyze Bloodstain on Floor
-Analyze Bloody Glass Shard
-Listen to Record-01
-Analyze Bloodstain
-Analyze Gunshot Wound on Right Palm: To try to protect herself
-Analyze Shattered Glass
-Combine Defensive Wound on Right Palm with Bloodstains on 
Chest: Bleeding from right palm
-Gunshot to the chest, Front, Defensive wound on palm, Gunshot 
residue, At close range
-Move to Flower Field
-Examine blue flowers
-Return to computer
-Analyze Casing Found in Flowers
-Combine Gun Fired Near Desk and Glass Shattered From Inside: 2, 
Glass from the door, Near the desk
-Combine Third Bullet Casing and Murderous Intent: A shot was 
fired here, Rosalia was killed here
-Exit computer
-Return to computer
-Combine Rosaliaís Bloodstain with Cut on Left Foot: Stepped on 
broken glass
-Combine Glass Breaking Shot with Cut By Glass: Inside the lab, 
She was running away, Rosalia, 3 rounds, Number of shots used 
here, The distance was greater
-Combine Gun Fired From Distance and Gunshot Near Entrance: In 
the field of flowers, Near the labís door
-Exit computer: Total of 3 shots, In the blue flower field, 
Collapsed on the ground
-Move to Flower Field
-Examine blue flowers
-Return to computer
-Analyze Fatal Bullet
-Combine Albertís Gun and Matching Rifling: Albert killed 
-Exit computer
-Listen to Record-02: It was vomited
-Listen to Record-03: An antibody
-Return to computer
-Analyze Blue Deathbed: The killer moved the corpse, The bullet 
in the ground, Defensive wound in her hand
-Move to Flower Field
-Examine Blue Flowers
-Return to computer
-Analyze Blue Flowers
-Combine Girl With Miraculous Blood and Blue Asclepius: They 
became discolored, Rosaliaís blood
-Combine Discolored Flowers and Blue Deathbed: Rosaliaís blood, 
Monarch butterflies
-Listen to Record-04
-Select: Albertís Killing of Rosalia, Scenario at the Entrance, 
Leg Shot From Entrance, Gun Shot in Flower Field, Albertís 
Vomited Blood, Blue Death Blossoms, Death On Golden Wings, 
Deceasedís Voice.
Well, now youíre done with Forensics. Crazy stuff, huh?

Chapter 11: Despair [F-11]

Bonus Conditions:
Gates opened 28 times or less
Injected gigantic colony 20 or less times
Drain not used on gigantic colony
Virus colony exploded 2 or less times

Alright, back into the endoscopy. This wonít be too hard. Move 
forward to find the virus colony. Follow CR-S01ís advice for how 
to treat it (spray, medicine, scalpel, forceps). Move forward 
and take a left at the fork after draining the blood. This will 
work the same way as Tomoeís second to last mission with the 
gates. Follow the affected areas through the gate to find more 
affected areas, and so on. Youíre going to go down after the 
first fork and take care of the hemorrhaging. Continue and treat 
the ulcer up ahead. Take the bottom right path next and treat 
the ulcer. Continue through the next gate to the blood pool. 
Take a left at the next fork and then treat the virus colony the 
same way you treated the first one. After doing that back out 
with the D-Pad until you see a red barrier replace one of the 
gates (it should be at the three way fork).

At the fork take the top left path this time. Treat the ulcer, 
then go left and drain the blood. Head through the gate and head 
right. Treat another ulcer and go through the gate. Take your 
next left and youíll find another virus colony to take care of. 
Now back all the way out to the first fork.

This time go right and treat the hemorrhaging in front of you. 
Go through the gate, turn left, treat the blood pool, then go 
through the next gate. Keep right and treat the ulcer, then go 
down at the next fork and treat another ulcer. Go up and treat 
the hemorrhage at the next fork, and continue. Turn up at the 
next fork and youíll see another virus colony. Extract it as 
usual, then back out through four gates and turn right.

Go through the next gate and treat the ulcer. Go down through 
the next gate and treat the hemorrhage, then continue. Go up at 
the next fork and treat the blood pool. Continue on and again 
stay up at the next fork. Treat the ulcer, stay at the top path, 
treat the hemorrhaging, then continue through the next gate. Go 
down and youíll find another virus colony to extract. Back out 
until a red gate appears, then go right (and I mean very right, 
there are four gate, go through the rightmost one).

Treat the blood pool and then turn left. Treat the hemorrhage 
and go through the gate. Go right and treat the ulcer, then turn 
left to find another virus colony. Treat it and back all the way 
out to where you first started the operation. The screen will 
now focus on a group of five, count Ďem, five colonies. Start 
out by spraying colonies until OKís stop popping up. Now youíll 
have to inject the medicine into the colonies to get them all 
within a certain range. The trick is that injecting one colony 
also injects a little into the two colonies around it, so you 
have to manage your injections so no colonies burst. If a colony 
starts to get to large, use the drain on it. If the colonies 
start flashing, use the spray on them. This is really just a 
matter of managing the medicine between the colonies, and it 
shouldnít be too hard. You may have to drain a few colonies when 
they get too big, but itís still really easy. Once all the 
colonies are green, use the scalpel to excise them. Make sure 
the vitals are high before starting excision, because theyíll 
drop extremely fast while excising. If at any point one of the 
colonies burst, youíll have to treat it like you did in the last 
operation. After excising the colonies, extract all the foci 
with the forceps and youíll finish the mission.

Chapter 12: Time for Rejoicing [F-12]

Bonus Conditions:
Cool at least 4 times
Antiserum used 10 or less times
No outbreaks from Rosalia bruise
Blood pool formed 10 or less times

I know, youíre probably thinking, ďWhat? Another endoscopy 
mission? What about surgery?Ē Well relax, this one is short, 
easy, and probably the most fun out of the endoscopy missions. 
Well first off, the snare is no replaced with the antiserum, 
which you will use on the discolored area after treating all the 
affected areas. Move forward and treat the two hemorrhages and 
the ulcer in front of you, then inject the antiserum. If youíre 
too the affected areas will reappear.  When you inject the 
antiserum parts of the discolored area will disappear and more 
affected areas will appear. Itís somewhat random which ones will 
appear, but itís generally a combination of one or two 
hemorrhages and an ulcer, along with some blood pools here and 
there. Sometimes there will be a tumor if youíre unlucky. Treat 
the new affected areas and inject the serum again. The vitals 
tend to drop like crazy after you inject the antiserum, so make 
sure you use the stabilizer. Treat the affected areas again and 
inject the serum again. Go through this process a total of 5 
times and youíll be done. Youíll also get a nice Defeat popup 
like in the older Trauma Center games.

Chapter 13: Twisted Rosalia [F-13]

Bonus Condition
Miss 1 or less times
Colony shell regenerated 4 or less times
No Colony/Tumor collisions
Bruised formed 2 or less times

Alright, the grand finale, and your final surgery mission. For 
this mission there are four colonies on the patientís heart, 
each one a bit harder to kill than the last. Start by making 
your incision. Make your next incision in the left atrium. 
Youíll probably notice that this colony look really weird. Yea I 
dunno whatís up with that. Anyway, treat it starting with the 
drain. After draining it, inject the blue liquid, then the 
orange liquid. Use the scalpel to excise it and the forceps to 
extract it. Watch out for the flying objects on the right. Hit 
Ďem with the drain before they get to the heart. Use the laser 
on the shell to destroy it, then inject the gelator (purple 
vial) into the heart. Suture your incision and then make a new 
one in the left ventricle. Youíll find two colonies here. Still, 
it shouldnít be a problem treating them. Take care of them while 
watching for the foreign objects on the right. Now when you use 
the laser on the shell, youíll notice itís separated into two 
parts. Take care of the two sections together rather than one at 
a time, or else the shell may reform. Inject the gelator into 
the heart to stop the shell from growing back, then suture the 
lacerations caused by the exploding shell. Remember to keep an 
eye out for the foreign objects. Suture your incision and move 
on to the right atrium. Feel free to raise the vitals before 
entering if you wish.

So now there are three colonies, and the shell will be split 
into three sections. Guess how many will be in the right 
ventricle? But weíre getting ahead of ourselves. Youíre gonna 
treat the colonies while stopping the foreign objects as usual. 
Now I donít suggest treating all three at once unless youíre 
extremely fast. Two at a time followed by the last one on its 
own seems to work best. You may notice you have a new, pink vial 
when you select the syringe. Donít worry about that just yet. 
Once again work on the three sections of the shell together 
instead of one at a time. Hurry though, because the colonies 
will re-grow. Now, you may also notice that chunks of the shell 
are staying on the screen. If any of the foreign objects touch 
those, theyíll burst. Thatís what the pink vial is for. Inject 
that into the ooze formed by the burst to treat it. Use the 
forceps to remove said chunk of shell when youíre done (or 
alternatively after the shell explodes). Suture your incision.

Youíll then move to the right ventricle. Youíll probably wanna 
raise the vitals before going in there. Make your incision and 
youíll be faced with, you guessed it, four colonies. This time 
itís best to pre-damage the shells before treating the colonies. 
Use the laser to crack each shell twice, and maybe a bit more 
after that (but donít break it completely). Treat the colonies, 
this time all at once instead of two at a time. After extracting 
them, break the four shells. Each shell will now have two chunks 
fly out and create two lacerations. Grab them and treat the 
lacerations, use the pink vial if necessary, then suture up the 

Use the stabilizer and make your final incision. You will 
definitely want your vitals maxed out right now. Inject the 
solution into the virus. This will stop the patientís heart, 
causing her vitals to plummet. Quickly excise and extract the 
membrane and inject the antiserum. You should be fine, as the 
vitals will drop a lot slower once they hit 25 or so. Enjoy a 
nice mash up of Trauma Center: Second Opinionís main theme and 
this games main theme. Suture the heart and your initial 
incision. Bandage the patient and win the game. Let this disease 
pass from this world. Congratulations on completing Trauma Team 
on Specialist (I hope you were on specialist at least. Thatís 
the whole reason I made this guide!)

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