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What date does this game come out? 2
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How do I get past raiders of the lost arc level two? 3
How do you get inside the rocket on Crystal Skull Part 1? 1
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Need help finding last Bonus Level in Raiders? 0
How do i get the plane in raiders of the lost ark that is spinning around when u selecting which level are u playing? 0
How do you get to the green plain? 0
What am I doing wrong- Cant unlock Marion on raven rescue.HELP? 0
Why can't I get Marion to backlight ? 0
How do I find last guy and vehicle on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 1? 0
How do I get past Last Crusade #1 - Crane ropes? 0
Cheat Codes only work once? 0
What do you do If you have a game glitch? 0
Where is the movie clips? 0

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