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Is there an expert level to the obstacle course minigame? 2
Can you change the weight to read in pounds instead of KG's? 3
Has anyone found all 20 balloons in the free ride course of Island Cycling? 4
A secret in the ruins of the Island Bicycle Ride? 2
Are there any differences between the balance board that came with wii fit and the one that comes with wii fit plus? 1
Does Wii Fit Plus completely replace Wii Fit? 2
How do you change your target weight? 2
Is there a way to increase reps in My routine besides doing the exercise multiple times? 2
Is there an expert mode for each one of the new balance games? 1
Does the pulse checker come with it? 1
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How do I get the Simple Test icon to appear on my user profile? 0
Can you get on the right ruins steps from the overlook across the road? 0
Do you need Wii Motion Plus to play the game? 3
On the Island Run, in Wii Fit Plus, is there more than 2 cats to follow? 5
How do I add my real-life workouts? 1
Rhythm Kung Fu, what move at the end ? 3
How do you unlocked expert (not advanced) for Rhythm Kung Fu? 2
What is the best strategy for wii fit hula hoop? 3
Import guest data into a Mii? 2
Step Counter? 2

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