Question from mawaz1234

Getting into the girls bathroom?

How do you get into the girls bathroom. The picture keeps showing me a girl, but in story mode you do not get a girl. Any help would be great.

mawaz1234 provided additional details:

Thanks Im gonna try. We have tried that and nothing happens, but gonna try it again. Do we have to hit the painting with a special spell or person?


pierocks166 answered:

There should be a painting. I think you have to zap the painting or something... Then something happens, I think the painting is lit up. Then there are a bunch of stuff in the painting that the person in it gives to you, and Harry becomes a girl. Wave at the woman above the entrance, then go in.
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dcoughler answered:

Keep zapping the painting (B Button), then eventually the wizard will get upset and turn you into a girl.
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