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Where can I find these characters?

I will put up 5 characters and every time one gets answered I add one.

1. Prof. Snape
2. Prof. Lupin
3. Sirius Black
4. Lucius Malfoy
5. Whomping Willow

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Where do I get Character Token Locater?

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6. Ernie Prang (Knight Bus Driver)

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Thnx to Mufufu_Master.


pichufreak answered:

Lusius malfoy is in following the spiders where u fight aragog i think sirius black is in the dark tower but u need lusius malfoy to get him.
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Mufufu_Master answered:

Alright, I'll do the ones I know. I suggest you get the Character Token Locator.

1. Snape is in his office: you need Griphook to get it. (Griphook is in "the magic begins") Go to the potions classroom and there should be a door in the top right. Three keys (one of which needs Griphook) will unlock the blocks, which you can stack to unlock Snape.

2. I'm not sure of lupin...IIRC, he's in Dementor's Kiss, but I'm not completely sure.

3. Sirius is in The Dark Tower. He needs a Dark Wizard to unlock the case he's in, however. A dark wizard such as Barty Crouch Jr. or Lucius Malfoy can do it.

4. Speaking of Lucius, he's in Follow the Spiders, but you also need a dark wizard to unlock him.

5. Sorry, but the whomping willow is not a character. It is a boss you fight at the beginning of the level "The Shrieking Shack".

So there's some: I'm not sure of Lupin, and the whomping willow isn't a character.

Hope I helped!
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pichufreak answered:

actually u need reducto to get Lucius malfoy not a dark wizard
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