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Where is the second star coin in 2-5?

Where is the second star coin in 2-5?

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Reakt00r answered:

There are two walkthru yellow walls with a piranha plant in between. It's a few steps before the midway checkpoint flag. Try to kill the piranha plant and walk thru the yellow wall on the right and get down. It will move you down thru a pipe. In this new area get to the top of the largest yellow wall in the middle, the coin is on top of it.
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myscreennamewow answered:

where the flower piranha(or whatever it's called) is trapped in between two yellow walls. You have to kill the flower and then drop down go right into the wall then left and right. You'll see that there is a gap underneath that you can drop from. From there it is towards the top. You need yoshi so you can jump off of his back and get high enough for the coin.
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