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How do I beat Bowser at the castle at the end of world 8?

I beat little bowser and then the stupid witch makes him huge. Is there a trick to beating him? I get pretty far it seems and then the lava always gets me when it turns into a wave. I found the hidden ability next to the door before you enter, and I figured out how to beat little bowser (most of the time without even getting hit)...but this one is kicking my butt.

snmnstrs provided additional details:

You can't step on him....DUHHH! It's after you beat bowser and you save the princess and it turns out to be the witch. Compared to Mario, he's the size of the empire state building. He just follows behind you blowing fire balls and breaking the walls so that you can get through. I've gone to level 7 and done the bullet state over and over again collecting as many mushrooms as I can. I just can't get through.

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Elitebavoomian answered:

To beat the giant Bowser just keep going until you find a switch, you don't fight him. Just keep running and you'll find Peach and the switch at the end. You jump on the switch.
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