Question from Emi3280

Asked: 5 years ago

Can I use Luigi or the Toad in 1-Player Mode??

I already passed all this game (I even passed all World 9 levels) and I want to use Luigi like in the DS Version,by pressing L+R you can use Luigi in 1-Player Mode,I want to know how to use Luigi in
1-Player Mode in the Wii one,or I want to know if its imposible.

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From: Kraleck 5 years ago

Luigi can only be used in 1 Player with the Super Guide (but it screws your chances of getting 5 Sparkling Stars on your file). Die 8 total times on a level and strike the green block to watch Luigi clear the level (you can continue the level as Luigi at any time during the Super Guide).

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sadly, you cannot use Luigi in story mode... But the only way is the super guide like kraleck said.

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No you cannpt.

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Nope. Although Luigi can be played in a level by getting the Super Guide.

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no, you can't play as luigi. you can only play him in multiplayer. also, in super guide, luigi will be Played.

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If u have a 2nd Wiimote, then you're all set to play as Luigi. Pick 2P mode and then use Mario to pick items and levels. Then you can either grab Mario and carry him to the goal (just to practice rescuing Toads) or press A on P1 to get Mario in a bubble and jump on top of him to jump extra high! Not only that, but since its 2P, Super Guide won't appear so you can keep your sparkling stars!!

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