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How do I get to world 7?

how do I get on world 7?

hrevlns asked for clarification:

I am stuck on world 6, it won't let me past the cannon to go further in world 6 so I can get to world 7. How do I get past the cannon, it keeps shooting me to world 8.

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randctod answered:

Finish the airship on world 6.

You will fight bowser jr.
When you are done, world 7 will be available.
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DeyuraguaHunter answered:

Beat world 6
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killyodead13 answered:

You have to beat the fortress castle in world 5 or find the secret exit in world 4 to the canon.
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seoyeon answered:

You finish World 6 including the airship. Or just go to the cannon that leads to world 7. (I think it'sin world 4.)
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julia2468 answered:

Just beat the World 6 Castle and Airship. After doing so, you'll play World 7.
B.T.W, in this version, Worlds 4and 7 aren't secret worlds, so get to them by beating World 3 to get to World 4, and World 6 to get to World 7.
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hilbert00 answered:

I have exactly the same problem. I've finished world 6, including the airship level and the "electrified" boss at the end, but there is no path to world 7. How is it possible?
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jdaster64 answered:

The only way to unlock world 7 is to finish world 6; no cannons lead to it, unlike in the DS New Super Mario Bros.
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Sly_Cooper_13 answered:

Just go world by world or use a cannon
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sheed15 answered:

Just beat world 1-6
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