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Asked: 4 years ago

How to open Hint Movies Mario Wii with question marks?

I don't know how to open all the hint movies in Mario super bros on Wii, some of the hint moves have question marks and even thou i have collected all the stars i have 16 stars left after buying all of the hint movies and there are few i just cant even buy it even doesn't say the name just question marks on them.

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From: ---Nintendo--- 4 years ago

To get all the hint videos you need to complete every level, find all secret exits, use every cannon and collect all 231 Star Coins.

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Some of the hint movies cant be unlocked by collecting star coins, Most of them could be unlocked by geeting to the alternate goal of some stages, or all goals.

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Complete the levels.....if it has n alternate exit, also go for the alternate exit.

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I think you have to collect all star coins (even in world 9), find every secret exit, finish every course, and maybe use all the cannons. hope this works. :^)

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You have to go for perfect completion of the game. even though this makes no sense since you will be then unlocking hints to how to get perfect completion of the game.

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Just like everyone said, just collect star coins and find the secret goals and such. There's a guide here on Gamefaqs that tells you how to unlock each one. Link:

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I'd say, pass levels, colect star coins, and also keep going on your adventure. And I think you can get more stuff. Mariotoad, I don't think they have star coin movies in world 9.

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