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How do i get to world 6-6?

I have gotten all the star coins fromworld 1-7. except world 6-6 because i cannot find out how to get to it. it's not even on the map i really need help im so lost!!!


Kraleck answered:

In World 6, Level 5, do NOT take the Vine to Red Flag Goal. Continue to dodge the fish to the Black Flag Goal. Head left on the World 6 Map to 6-6.
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girantina1799 answered:

AT 6-5, instead of jumping in the middle of the 4 big floating blocks, pass that part and get to the pipe at the end. 6-6 is a level that has darkness and a boat with light that you can control, by tilting your wii remote.
Star Coin 1: Use the pow block to drop the star coin to the boat.
Star Coin 2: You need the propller cube to get up in area that partly goes in front of things.
Star Coin 3: The Secret Goal: There's 3 fire bros near the end. Jump onto their platforms and find the pipe above them. You then get to a point with a glow cube. Avoid the bats found with yellow eyes. And get to the other side, there's a star coin at the end. Then you'll see the red flag. Which unlocks the cannon to world 8.
Those are where I think they are.
I hope I helped!
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kannasai941 answered:

You have to not take the vine to the secret have to get the regular goal for world 6-5
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