Question from ladyvash30

Where can I find the first Star Coin in 4-4?

I found the last 2 coins in that level but I just need to find the first coin in World 4 Stage 4


sunfalcon9 answered:

You have to click the P switch and go UP one of the golden pipes. Im pretty sure the purple coins leads you to it.
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Kraleck answered:

Go up the Yellow Ceiling Pipe almost immediately after the P-Switch on the ceiling. You'll have to dodge a ton of Bloopers here to get to it.

One of the ?-Blocks in the new area has a Penguin Suit. Use its Ice Ball Power to freeze the Cheep Cheep when it is under the coin and use it as a platform to jump for the Star Coin.
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hmelvin83 answered:

You have to hit the P switch and follow the coins to the golden pipe on the CEILING and go up it.
dodge the squids to get it. 1 of the ? blocks has a penguin in it. freeze the cheep cheep when its under the coin and jump on it to get the Star Coin.
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