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How do I get past Bowsers Castle in world 8?

I can make it bowsers chamber and make it past him to get to the thing you have to jump on to make him fall. I can't however make it very much further than that.

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julia2468 answered:

After you defeat him once, he'll spring up out of the fire and be Giant Bowser. The way to beat him is to stand in a place where you want his fire breath to go. For example, If you're standing in a spot that has a wall blocking your way, stand next to it-in the spot where you want Bowser's fire breath to hit the wall. He'll aim for you, so, when a fire ball is coming at you, jump when it's about to hit you. You'll jump over it, and the fire will hit the wall that was blocking you, so you now have a clear path to go through. Keep doing so when a wall is blocking your way, and you'll beat him in no time.

In the part where the moving platform moves down-left diagonally, hit the [?] block for a Propeller Mushroom, and grab it before it flies away. It'll help you because since the scene moves to the right automatically, if you miss a jump and start falling, shake the Wii console to fly up and save your life.

You'll get far enough at some point, and you'll see a big white switch. Run over and hit it with joy. Giant Bowser will fall down, then Mario's beloved Princess Peach will float down to him, and kiss him on the cheek.

Congrats!! You've finally finished the game!!

If this didn't help, go to and search for, "New Super Mario Bros Wii World 8 Final Castle and Boss". Scroll down the list of videos until you see a World 8 Final Castle and Boss video by octaneblue. It will really help.
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Kraleck answered:

Bring a Propeller Suit and brush up on your jumping skills.
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