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How do I solve opening the canon in world 2?

I've tried all the paths in the castle but can't open the canon. I need help.

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ISpecter answered:

The secret exit you need for the world 2 cannon is in stage 2-6. You MUST have a propeller cap in order to reach it.

On the last pink spinning block, wait until it gets near the end of the track. If you jump, you should see a red pipe at the top of the screen. Jump, then propeller upwards mid-jump. (otherwise you won't get enough height) just hold 'up' as you collide with the bottom of the pipe and you should reach the secret exit.
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yoda2323 answered:

You mean the cannon that blasts you to another world? You don't get there from the castle level, you get there from one of the other levels. I don't remember exactly which level it is, but it's the one where you ride the spinning block to the right. There is a red pipe above, at the end of the level, and you have to use the propeller suit to reach the pipe that will lead to the secret exit that leads to the cannon.
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vyseskies answered:

You can reach the warp cannon by fiding the secret goal in world 2-6. Just get a propeller mushroom on this stage. Near to the end, there is a red pipe on top of the screen. This pipe will lead you to the secret goal.
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Shadow_Girl_17 answered:

To get to the Cannon, you go to level 2-6. Make sure that, before entering, you have a propeller hat. Then you go into the level. Towards the end where the red coin ring is, you wait til the block gets to the edge of the top section of the track thing, jump and then fly. The red pipe is to the right of that section, so fly to the right, you should be able to get into the red pipe if you jump and fly at the right time. If you can't do it the first time, just trial and error. Just try again until you can get it. :) I hope this helps. :)
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kannasai941 answered:

You have to beat the secret goal for world 2-6 to activate the world 2 canon
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