Question from cayla22

How do i unlock world 7?

I have beat the game and unlocked every level except world 7?


yoda2323 answered:

World 7 is unlocked by beating world 6. Did you take a warp cannon at any point? If so that's probably how you skipped World 7. Go back to World 6 and beat the 2nd castle to get to World 7.

Unless of course you mean level 7, in which case you'll need to say what world you're talking about.
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mariotoad7 answered:

You probably skipped it by cannon.

beat the world 6 boss and get the key to world 7. let me warn you, it's a pretty hard world.
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dterr68 answered:

Personally, i think what you forgot to do was play the level AFTER the castle in world 6. since most worlds go straight from the previous castle to the next world, you probably just missed this.

go to the castle and take the path to the right. the level has an anchor in front of it on the map. if you've beaten that, world 7 should be available.
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kannasai941 answered:

You have to beat the castle and the ship to get world 7
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CoolKoopa15 answered:

You must have took the cannon in world 5! Finish world 6 then you can go to world 7.
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