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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get to world 9?

I have all the star coins and the cannons but it is still locked for me

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From: Kraleck 5 years ago

Beat World 8-Bowser's Castle and watch the credits. Once you save, World 9 will unlock (the STAGES of World 9 are unlocked via Star Coins). Go to the world select window on the world map to see World 9 in the center.

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Did you beat Worlds 1-8?

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You have to get all the star coins in 1 world to get 1 level of world 9 p.s you must be done worlds 1-8 to do this

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World 9 is unlocked when you complete the game (beat the large castle on World 8 and play every level on Worlds 1-8). To unlock levels on World 9 you must collect every Star Coin on every level in a world (World 1 unlocks Level 1, World 2 unlocks Level 2, etc.). After you do that, you may go to World 9 via pressing up at anytime on the Change World map. If this does not work, then your game save file is corrupt or your disc can not be read.

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You have to finish the game by completing Bowser's Castle in World 8 to unlock World 9. Peach will mention the secret world in the credits. (You don't have to finish every individual level for this-- I didn't.)

However, to unlock the individual levels of World 9, you have to collect all the Star Coins in the individual worlds. For instance, to unlock Level 9-1, you have to collect all the Star Coins in World 1. Level 9-2 is unlocked by collecting all the Star Coins in World 2, and so on, and so on.

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Once you have completed World 8-Castle you will unlock World 9. To unlock the levels in World 9 you will need to get all the Star Coins in a world:
All Star Coins in World 1 unlocks World 9-1
World 2 - World 9-2
World 3 - World 9-3
World 4 - World 9-4
World 5 - World 9-5
World 6 - World 9-6
World 7 - World 9-7
World 8 - World 9-8
World 9 - A Star for your Save File!

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Get all star coins in previous worlds

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