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Version 1.1.4, Last Updated 2010-07-19

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Walkthrough (Continued)

World 4-5

Difficulty: 3 / 10

Star Coins: 2 / 10

Unlocks: World 4 Castle, Gold Mushroom House

Secret Exit: No

Jump on to the first tree to find a Cloud Block, which are unique to this level. Hit it and all others you find to give the Lakitu in the air some company. One will throw Spinies at you, and the other will throw Coins. Hit the ? Blocks just further ahead to get a Yoshi. Jump to one of the higher trees and use Yoshi to eat the Spiny-throwing Lakitu and steal his cloud. Float over to Star Coin #1, then eat the fruit from the trees just left of the Piranha Plant.

Jump over the expanding purple platforms further to the right and hit the ? Block to get a Fire Flower. Keep moving along until you reach a tall pipe with a Piranha Plant. Eat the plant and use the tree just past it to get to the tall tree to the right. Eat the Lakitu here and fly straight up along the trail of Coins. Float along, collecting all the Coins in the air and grab Star Coin #2. Then slowly drift back down to the ground where the Coins lead to find the Checkpoint Flag.

Run right until you find a green pipe quite low to the ground on a hill that gets you level with the Lakitu. Eat it and steal its cloud to float up to the tree you wouldn't be able to reach with a normal jump. It should be right above you. Up from this tree is a pipe. Go in it.

Run along and hit one or two of the Cloud Blocks to get some Lakitus. Steal their clouds and float up to the Coins in the sky, and grab Star Coin #3 while you're up here. After adding to your Coin collection, exit through the pipe on the right.

Drop straight down to land next to a Piranha Plant. Run up the hill and past the next Plant to find the Red Ring. Grab it as the first purple platform expands to be able to get the first Red Coin. Jump around on the platforms to collect the next six Coins, then land on the sand to the right and slide under the Cloud Block for number eight. Jump over the next pipes and stop when you reach four Brick Blocks. One if these is actually a Coin Block, so get some Coins while you're here. Then pass by the next few pipes and then jump to a tree as the ground drops to just under the water's surface. Jump to the next tree and then use Yoshi's Flutter to collect the trail of Coins to the right, then land on the Finish Flag.

World 4 Castle

Difficulty: 4 / 10

Star Coins: 2 / 10

Unlocks: World 4 Airship

Secret Exit: No

Run right and jump on to the moving fence. Cling tightly as the spiked pillars will shoot out underneath you, ready to deal out some damage. On top of the section holding the fence up is two ? Blocks. Get yourself a Fire Flower up here, then either use the fence to reach the other side or just jump it.

Here you will find a Koopa continuously moving around the fence. It will climb up the front, then back down the rear. As it comes down the back of the fence, Jump on to the front and press "1" to punch it off. Use the gate ahead to spin around to the back, but make sure you get the Koopa out of the way first. Then climb the fence on the left to get all of the Coins at the back. Then go right.

Jump to the next fence and climb along behind it. Jump to the platform in the middle and hit the ? Blocks. Then climb across the fences to the next platform which is home to a Dry Bones. Jump on it, then drop off the right to the fence moving below. Clamber across to the left for Star Coin #1, then head off to the ledge on the right.

Grab the Coins and defeat the Koopas here, but don't swing back to the front. Keep going to find more moving fences. Get to the second lot which has one above the other, but on seperate sides. As soon as the spiked pillars below start retracting from their extended positions, drop down and quickly grab Star Coin #2. Jump back up and work across the fences to the safe point at the other side. Grab the Coins and then use the gate to return to the front. Enter the door just ahead.

As you come out of the door, a spiked pillar will shoot out from under you. Run to the edge and drop down as it goes back in. Stand in the small hole in the ground and duck. It will shoot out just over your head. Hit the ? Block ahead for a Coin and then quickly jump on top of it. Wait for the next pillar, then jump over the wall in your way and hit the Checkpoint Flag.

The ? Block on the left has a Coin, and the one on the right has an Ice Flower, so get them both. Climb above the ? Block and wait for the spiked pillar ahead to start returning to its dormant position. Drop down to the Coins in the gap and duck. Once it passes over, jump up to the blue ledge for the Coins, then duck into the next gap before it shoots out. Then use the next blue ledge to get up to safety.

Hit the Item Block above the Dry Bones and hope you get a Propeller Mushroom. Run right and drop into the green pipe just ahead, being careful of the spiked pillar. You'll be underwater in here, and so will the Red Ring. Grab it and start swimming around collecting the Red Coins, but be careful of the spiked ball. Collect your prize and head back up.

Let the pillar go first before you jump back up. Get to the blue ledge and grab the POW Block. Throw it right there for some Coins to fall from the ceiling. If you have the Propeller Cap, Spin Jump over the next small tunnel with two pillars. If not, jump on to the next ledge and duck under the first spiked pillar as it shoots out. Then jump up to the blue ledges after it goes back in and race upward to the pipe. If you want to try, stand on the blue ledge and run right. Do a tiny jump to the ledge and a really small double jump to the very edge of this platform. You should be able to triple over the top where the Propeller Cap can go.

Back underwater, swim right and hit the ? Block for a Coin. That skeleton fish ahead of you is a Fishbone. When it sees you, its eyes turn red and it swims towards you like a missile. It doesn't stray off course, however, so simply move out of its way to avoid damage. In the next room, hit the ? Block for another Coin, then swim up to the small gap under the grate in the wall. You'll swim into a secret room with lots of Coins. Get all of these and then enter the pipe below.

The spiked pillar under you will "stall" for a moment as it shoots out, then will speed off really fast into the distance. When it gets back, jump into the first gap with Coins and then leap out and race to the second gap. Duck in here as the pillar whizzes overhead. Jump up to the moving platform and hit the ? Block here, then jump to the next platform. As the pillar goes back, race along the ground and past the blue ledge to a green pipe. Enter it.

In this watery arena there are lots of Fishbones. Let them fly past you as you slowly drift down to Star Coin #3 underneath you. Hit the ? Blocks for two Coins and then return to the surface through the same pipe. Wait for the pillar to smash into the wall above you before you exit. Jump up on to the blue ledge and then enter the door.

Boss Battle: Wendy O. Koopa

Kamek will fly through the room with his magic and will flood it, allowing you to swim around the entire room. Wendy will shoot a glowing ring as the water slowly drains out. She'll then jump through the water, so be careful of that. The rings move a lot slower through the water, so watch for the increase of speed when they fly out of it. Once all the water has cleared, jump on Wendy's head to make her go into her shell. She'll slide across the room trying to knock into you like always, and if you are fast enough, jump on her head right as she pops out to save having to swim around again. The water will return, but you'll only have to get her one more time instead of having to swim around again after this time. Watch carefully for the rings and make sure you aren't nearby when she jumps through the water. After it drains again, give her a stomp to the head to end the battle. Grab the key to end this world.

NOTE: You could use fireballs to wipe her out while you're swimming around OR if you are really fast, you can wipe her out before the water comes back even once.

The Aftermath

After defeating Wendy, Mario runs out the right door and finds Bowser Jr. once more. The Airship, however, takes off without him. He gives chase, and Mario stays right on his heels until they both make it to the ship. Bowser Jr. jumps on board and Mario is right behind him...

World 4 Airship

Difficulty: 4 / 10

Star Coins: 3 / 10

Unlocks: World 5-1

Secret Exit: No

Unlike the original Airship levels from the likes of Super Mario Bros. 3, the screen stays with Mario for this stage, rather than Mario having to keep up.

Start by running right, as per usual. The yellow crates with orange outlines can be Ground Pounded and broken, so keep that in mind. You will come across a Mecha-Koopa. These crumple after a stomp to the head much like a Dry Bones, and just like a Bones they can revive themselves after a period of time. Bounce off it and trudge forward. The ? Block you come across has an Ice Flower, just for you. Be careful of the Rocket Engine under it; you'll take damage if you make contact. Jump along the next few platforms, bouncing off Mechas and dodging REs. A trick that comes in handy: you can pick up Mechas after jumping on them. They don't have to be frozen. Soon you'll come across an RE that is bigger than the rest. Wait for it to rotate around to the left, then run over it and grab Star Coin #1. Jump out and get back on the grey ledge where you came from, then jump to the higher platform on the right.

Get past the RE here and head inside the ship. Run across the grey ledge past the RE on the roof, then sprint left as you see a giant RE move past you to the right. Hit the ? Block here for an Ice Flower, then wait for the flame to move past you before you run back across to the right. Dodge past the REs further along and get to the Checkpoint Flag.

Up the stairs are a bunch of crates. Ground Pound through them to the pipe below. Enter it to end up under the ship. The grey platform to the right works a bit like a nut on a screw. Continuously jump on it to wind it along the track and to the other side. If you stay on the platform for even less than a second, you will fall past it, so be careful. Do the same thing for the next platform, and jump high halfway across to get Star Coin #2. Jump up to the pipe on the other side and go in.

You'll come out above a massive picture of a Bowser face. Run right to find a whole heap of pipes moving up and down. Stand on the very first blue one and jump at its highest point to get the Red Ring. Jump across the pipes, collecting the Red Coins as you go. Claim your prize and then enter the ship once more.

In here are some Rocket Engines that turn on and off, and two Cannons that shoot out Bob-Ombs. Carefully make your way through, watching for the REs that are about to turn on. The explosions from the Bob-Ombs don't exactly help either. Just before the safe middle section is a POW Block. Grab it just after a Bob-Omb gets shot right there. Jump up to the platform with two ? Blocks and throw it. The Coins will drop and you can hit the ? Blocks above for an Ice Flower. Race through and grab the Coins, and don't stop until you are on top of two pipes that release Bob-Ombs. When two come out, drop on to one as it hits the ground. It will blow up a crate next to it, but it must be touching the crate to destroy it. Go through this gap and jump up the grey ledges to get Star Coin #3. Then enter the yellow pipe.

Grab one of the Propeller Blocks and run to the other side of this room. Jump and then twirl up through the air.

Boss Battle: Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. will growl at you and then jump into his Koopa Clown Car. Avoid his fireballs; they follow you as they float to the ground. And when they hit the ground the set it on fire, giving you damage if you touch that particular spot. Race to one side and grab a Propeller Block, then Spin Jump into the air above Bowser Jr. Drill back down on to him to deal damage. That's one. He'll take a moment to recover, then he'll spit more fireballs at you. When he starts again, Spin Jump up and drill him once more. Bowser Jr. will scream once he recovers and will spit another fireball at you. Spin Jump up and drill back down on to him one more time to finish this battle. Bowser Jr. will plummet down off the screen, only to have Kamek bring him back up. The floor will then disappear from under you and Mario will fall back to the ground.

NOTE: On the World Map, this level will now have an anchor next to it to show that you can revisit it at any time to get anything you missed or for just another playthrough.

The After-Aftermath

After getting so close, Mario knew he had to keep going. As Bowser Jr. and Kamek took off in the Airship with Princess Peach, Mario raced along behind them at full speed, ready to face whatever came at him next...

World 5

Name: Toxic Forest

Key:  # - Level Number
      S - Starting Point
      M - Red Mushroom House
      L - Green Mushroom House
      G - Gold Mushroom House
      B - Boo House
      F - Fortress (Mini-Boss)
      C - Castle (Boss)
      ? - Cannon
      X - Enemy Stopping Point
      O - Enemy Pathway
      + - Vine Path
      : - Secret Path

      ------X++---2---     ---4+++---B++XOOX++G
      |     O  +     |     |  +   :  |  O  O
 S--1--  M++X++-     ---F---  + ?::  |  XOOX
      |     O  +     |        +      |  +  +
      ------X++---3---        -++++++5++-++-     C
                              +      +  +  +     |
                           L+++      XOOXOOXOOX---


  • World 5 consists of 5 levels, as well as the Fortress, Castle and Boo House.
  • The World 5 Boss is Iggy Koopa (a.k.a. Hop Koopa).
  • The map enemy is the Stretch Piranha Plant.
  • There is 1 secret exit.
  • There are 3 Mushroom Houses (1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Gold).
  • There are vines that will block certain paths. They move around every time you beat a level.

World 5-1

Difficulty: 2 / 10

Star Coins: 1 / 10

Unlocks: World 5-2, World 5-3, Enemy Area, Red Mushroom House

Secret Exit: No

Begin by running right and jumping over the Stretch Piranha Plant. Get yourself a Ice Flower from the ? Blocks and use ice balls to freeze the other Stretch Piranhas. You will soon come to a giant Koopa shell embedded in the ground. A Paratroopa will bounce towards you, so defeat it, then Ground Pound the patch of dirt just to the left of the shell. Run through the middle of the shell and jump to get Star Coin #1. Jump back up the other side and come back to the Item Block. Get yourself an item (an Ice Flower or a Star is good) and then continue right.

With Stretch Piranhas, you can either defeat them with fireballs, run them down with your Star, or use balls of ice to freeze them and jump past, depending on your current item. Which ever way you do it, just get past them to the Brick Block. It is actually a Coin Block, so get yourself some Coins. Then keep on going right. There is another Brick Block before the gap, so take out the SPP here and hit it for a 1-Up Mushroom. Then jump the gap.

Here you will find a River Piranha Plant. They like to suspend spiked green balls in mid-air using their all powerful breath. They can also change the height of the ball, so be watchful of when they change. Fireballs defeat them easily, and freezing them causes the ball to fall down and off screen, plus it gives you a nice stepping stone. Don't be worried about falling in the water; it doesn't hurt you. You'll soon reach another giant shell with a River Piranha on either side. Defeat one of them and then swim down to the side of the shell, but watch for the Cheep-Cheep. Inside the shell are some Coins and Star Coin #2 for the taking. Exit through the right side, swim under the RPP if you didn't defeat it and then jump to the red ledge. There are a bunch of ? Blocks, all containing Coins. Get some Coins, then hit the Checkpoint Flag.

Now for the fun part. Run to the right and take out the first SPP, then jump to the hanging vine. You will begin to swing. Press up and down to change where you are on the vine, and press left and right to swing yourself back and forth. Jump from vine to vine over the SPPs, or alternatively, jump across the ground taking out the SPPs and collect the Coins. At the other side are some Brick Blocks, one of which has a nice Ice Flower. Grab this and freeze the RPP in the water ahead. You will come across four platforms that create pedals on a wheel. Stand on the one on the right and jump when it reaches the bottom to the next platform above you to spin it along the track, but be careful of the green spiked balls that float up near you. Part of the way across you will reach the Red Ring. Jump to grab it and use one of the platforms on its way down to get the first five, then freeze the first RPP to your right and jump to get the last three Red Coins and land on the frozen Plant. Get the 1-Up Mushroom, then jump back to the pedal platforms and work your way across. If you are a little impatient, just freeze the RPPs and use them as stepping stones to get to the other side.

Outside you will find three SPPs. Just freeze them and jump off them to get the Coins in the air. At the other side you will find a vine, a Paratroopa, another giant shell and the exit pipe. Jump to the vine, swing quickly right and jump straight past the Paratroopa into the shell to find another pipe. Enter it.

In here are a bunch of Coins with a Stalking Piranha and two River Piranhas. The easiest thing to do is to drop into the water, swim under the first RPP and jump to the POW Block in the middle. Throw it at one of the RPPs to defeat it, and when it hits the ground it will make all the Coins on the ceiling drop, so go and collect as many as you can. Then use the blue ledge in the middle to reach Star Coin #3 up the very top. Exit through the green pipe on the right.

Jump on to the vine and swing yourself on to the platform in the air, then double jump with the momentum to land on the Finish Flag.

World 5 Map Enemy

Difficulty: 2 / 10

Unlocks: 3 Mushrooms

Secret Exit: No

In this Toad Balloon level you will face four Stalking Piranha Plants with a certain amount of moving platforms above them. The simplest strategy is to just freeze or fireball all of the Plants, then safely collect the Balloons. The fun way is to get the Toad Balloons while jumping frantically to avoid the SPPs as they stretch their necks out to above the platform(s). Either way, get the Balloons and get yourself some Mushrooms.

Go to World 5 Map Enemies for the layouts.

World 5-2

Difficulty: 4 / 10

Star Coins: 4 / 10

Unlocks: World 5-F

Secret Exit: No

Run right and up the tiny hill to find a Wiggler. Jumping on one of these guys lets you get some massive air, but turn red and get really angry if you do. They'll even chase after you, on the ground. Stay on the ground and get past this Wiggler and the next one along to find a Block in the middle of the red ledge. Hit it for a Fire Flower. Climb the red ledges after grabbing it and head right at the top. Fireballs have no effect on Wigglers, so don't bother trying.

Down here are some more Wigglers, so use the one on the ground when it reaches the small hill to reach the long red ledge above. Then wait for another Wiggler to get over to you on the edge and bounce off it to Star Coin #1. Make your way back up, jump over to the pipe on the right and enter it.

In here are some bigger Wigglers known as Mega Wigglers. Bouncing on them does nothing to them, but it launches you really high into the air. Run up the hill to the ? Block and get a Fire Flower from it. Wait here for a Mega Wiggler to drop from the ceiling and walk right before you move on. Follow it and start doing liitle bounces on its back as it walks back left, then bounce off when you're under the blue ledge to get Star Coin #2.

Race down the tunnels and drop into a small space with two blue ledges to avoid an oncoming Mega Wiggler, and grab the Coins while you're here. Once it passes, jump back up and continue right. Wait under the gap with the Coins, then jump and grab them when a Mega Wiggler gets close. Bounce on it as it moves left and then continue right once it frees up the tunnel.

A Mega Wiggler will drop from the roof in front of you, and it will end up under a trail of Coins. Use the Mega Wiggler as it comes back to bounce up and collect all of the Coins, but watch for the Swoopers. Land safely on the other side and move on to the Checkpoint Flag.

At the other side of this safe area is a small drop and a Swooper. Drop down and let the Swooper come for you. Defeat it and then use the Mega Wiggler that starts walking right to just keep bouncing on to the other side. Once you get there, though, another Mega Wiggler will drop from the roof, so jump ahead to a platform above the purple water. Once the one from above passes quickly jump back to the very end of the Wiggler and bounce up to where the one from the ceiling came from. Run up this hill and find yourself warped to a secret area at the top.

You will jump into a room with some Coins and two Propeller Blocks. Grab one of the Propeller Blocks and Spin Jump through the air, grabbing all of the Coins and Star Coin #3. Then exit through the yellow pipe.

You will come straight out of the pipe on to a Mega Wiggler. Follow it left and hit the ? Block once it goes past for a Fire Flower, then head back right. Let another Mega Wiggler pass and then jump to the platforms they walk over. The purple water kills you instantly, so don't touch it. Keep jumping until you end up on the left of a Brick Block with a Swooper hnging from it. Two Mega Wigglers will pass each other right in front of you, so use the one coming your way to get the Swooper off the Brick Block and then head right. Use the next Mega Wiggler you come across to reach the ground to the right, and then enter the pipe.

Run right at full speed, and jump just before the little hill. Double jump off the back of the Mega Wiggler and land on the Finish Flag.

World 5-3

Difficulty: 4 / 10

Star Coins: 2 / 10

Unlocks: World 5 Fortress

Secret Exit: No

Walk right to find a Bramball. These sponges with legs will walk one leg after the other by turning themselves upside down and back again. They will walk as far as they can an a safe platform, but will stop and head back the other way if there is nowhere to put their feet. Their legs are dangerous, but jump on their orange head or hit it with a fireball to defeat it. Practice on this first one then continue right.

Jump the gap and keep going right to find a ? Block with a Bramball walking above it. Quickly get under the ? Block and wait for the Bramball to pass over the top. Hit the ? Block for a Fire Flower and grab it before moving right. Keep using fireballs to defeat the Bramballs while jumping the gaps and soon you will come to a pipe. Enter it.

Grab the Coins on either side and then hit the Item Block in the middle. Try to get the Propeller Mushroom. If you get it, awesome. If not, keep going anyway. Exit back through the same pipe. When you come out, jump right and then jump off the first Bramball's head to reach Star Coin #1.

Keep moving right. You'll come to some logs floating in the purple water. Notice the Paratroopas spinning it as they bounce across. If you spend too much time on one of the logs, it will spin you straight into the water and you won't be happy. Jump across the log and hit the ? Block at the safe platform for a Coin, then jump to the next log when the Bramball starts moving right. Use the blocks it stands on as safe zones and jump across, and when the Bramball stops, use its head to bounce to a Paratroopa flying just to the right and land on another block being using by a Bramball, which should just be moving right as you land. Bounce off its head too and hit the Brick Block from underneath while frantically bouncing so as to not fall off to get a 1-Up Mushroom. Jump on to the block on the right of the Brick Block and let it come to you. Push on to the right to find the Checkpoint Flag.

The top ? Blocks next to the Flag have a Fire Flower, so get that while you're here. Just to the right again are two Bramballs. A fireball along the ground will take out the one covering the pipe, and enter the pipe just as the top Bramball gets his foot on the right platform. You'll shoot into the air and the top Bramball should step back over to where you shot through as you float back down. You should land straight on to its head. Alternatively, shoot as the Bramball steps back left to smash into it and earn yourself a lot of Coins. Either way, jump to the red ledge next to the one you're on after landing and enter the pipe here.

Grab the Propeller Block and Spin Jump up to the Red Ring. Grab the first three Coins as you float down, then Spin Jump under the fourth and shoot up, moving right as soon as you get number four. The next three Red Coins are hidden behind the cloud above, and the eighth is behind a cloud higher in th sky, a bit further to the right. Collect your prize and drop down the gap, grabbing the Coins as you go.

You'll land on some Blocks. Hit them all for some Coins, then move back left and defeat the Bramball. There is a Koopa left of here; jump on it and grab its shell. Throw the shell so it breaks the Brick Blocks to the right and then kill it with a fireball. Slide through the gap in the wall and grab Star Coin #2. Then jump up to the red ledge and jump back right to the Blocks you landed on.

Jump to the pipe and then jump on to the log. Run straight across to the other side and jump to reveal two hidden ? Blocks. The Bramball will now step on these as well as the two blocks it started on, so let it return to the left and then jump on to the ? Blocks and on to the wall above the right side of the log. Jump to the right and avoid the Bramball walking back and forth. Get to the Donut Lifts in the middle and quickly swap between them without jumping to stop them from falling. When the Bramball begins stepping to the left, let one of the Donut Lifts fall and jump the second you get Star Coin #3. Leap across the platforms to the safe platform over the gap to the right.

Hit the two ? Blocks and wait for a Bramball that seems a little pissed off. It moves twice as fast as the other Bramballs. Once it starts heading back the other way, follow it and get under the two Brick Blocks ahead. They both have Coins, so hit them and then continue follwing the Bramball. Once it reaches its furthest point, stop on the tiny incline so it steps over your head or just hit it with a fireball to take it out. Either way, jump on to the higher ground and wait for the next Bramball to step closer to you. Take it out with a jump or a fireball and enter the pipe.

Jump to the first ledge, double to the second ledge, triple to the Bramball and then launch yourself off its head to the Finish Flag.

World 5 Fortress

Difficulty: 4 / 10

Star Coins: 3 / 10

Unlocks: World 5-4

Secret Exit: No

Directly above you are two walls with spikes down the side. They will move back and forth in the same direction, leaving you a small gap in between which you have to work with. Run up the hill and jump to the first blue ledge. If you stand right in the middle you will be safe. As the walls move right, jump to the blue ledge they reveal and hit the moving Blocks for some Coins. Then jump on top of the Blocks and up to the middle platform with the Dry Bones. Jump on it and then jump to the blue ledge on the left as the walls move out of the way. Hit the Blocks here for an Ice Flower. Get it and then stand on top of the Blocks you just hit.

From here, jump on top of the left wall as the one above it moves out of the way. Jump to the Brick Blocks and stay on them as they move across to the right to some Coins. Jump to the blue ledge above once you move back left, and take out the Dry Bones on the ledge just up from here. Use this ledge to jump on to the right wall as the one above it moves back.

Quickly jump to the blue ledge on the right, then on to the Brick Blocks. Let the Brick Blocks take you to some Coins on the left, then jump up and freeze the Dry Bones. Get on to the next set of Brick Blocks as they move right to be able to reach Star Coin #1. Then jump to the blue ledge back to your left and on to another lot of Brick Blocks. Use these to get to a blue ledge on the right, which in turn gives you a way to hit the ? Block. Grab the Ice Flower that comes out and stand on the ? Block to reach the blue ledges above. Jump to the left one as the spikes move over, then back to the right and up to the Checkpoint Flag.

Grab the Springboard and move it so it is next to the Flag. Bounce off it as the walls move left so you can get the Coins, then jump where the Coins were to find a hidden 1-Up Mushroom. Drop back down to the Flag and grab the Mushroom as it drops down. Spring back up and jump across the blue ledges when they give you the space to do so. Climb the ledges on the right side as quickly as you can, then jump left before the spikes catch you. When they move back, climb the next ledges and jump off the side to the Red Ring as the begin moving back left so you can land on the blue ledge. Grab the first two Coins over here, then four more over the gap between the ledges. Stay on this ledge for number seven and then jump up to number eight. Get your prize as you continue upwards.

You will end up on a ledge with a Dry Bones and a wall directly above you. Freeze the Bones and smash it, then wait for the walls to start moving left. Jump to the blue ledges over here and climb really fast for Star Coin #2. Then jump to another ledge with a Springboard.

Pick up the SB and move it to the middle so you can reach the blue ledge above. Bounce up as the walls move left but don't go too early. Jump to the platform on the left and climb the blue ledges. Jump over the gaps and grab the Coins as the walls move back right, and quickly climb up the other side. Run back left and jump the gaps again. Jump to the big blue ledge at the top and run right with the walls to some Brick Blocks. Quickly smash through before the spikes move back left and grab Star Coin #3. Wait for the gap in the spikes comes back and run back across to the left. Jump up to the blue ledge next to the door and jump against the wall for a Fire Flower. Then enter the door.

Mini-Boss: Iggy Koopa

Iggy will start by taunting you and the moving platforms above will pick both of you up. When you can move, jump over the fast green fireball he shoots at you on to the middle platform. He should jump there as well. When he lands, jump on to his head. He'll do the shell thing and will pop back out soon enough. When he does, let him jump twice and then go for him again. Jump on his head to get him back in his shell and avoid him as he flies around the room. Then jump on him one more time to finish the battle.

World 5-4

Difficulty: 5 / 10

Star Coins: 4 / 10

Unlocks: World 5 Boo House, World 5-5, Green Mushroom House

Secret Exit: No

This level can get really annoying, so make sure you're in the right frame of mind before attempting.

Start by running right. Jump in the gap between the red ledges above to find three hidden ? Blocks which will stop the Goombas from landing on you. One of the Blocks has a Fire Flower, so get that if you need it. Then run right and enter the pipe.

You will come out on a raft that has four zeros on it. These numbers show you how many enemies are on board. If that number gets to five, the raft will stop moving, so keep on your toes. Hit the ? Block for an Ice Flower. Grab it if you want, or keep the Fire Flower you have now. A Koopa will fall from the pipe and land on the raft. Either use a fireball to defeat it or freeze it and pick it up. Hold it until a few more enemies fall from the sky and throw it to take them all out in one shot. Rapidly throw fireballs to take out anything that lands on it or freeze enemies and throw them to take out as many as you can. At the same time you need to watch for any enemies falling from the sky so that you don't lose your ability to throw balls of fire or ice. Don't be too fussed about collect the Coins that hover above the purple water. Just watch for the Coins that are left behind by enemies after you defeat them with a fireball, as they still count as enemies until you collect them.

You will soon reach Star Coin #1. You must be at least tall Mario to reach it from a bounce off an enemy. Try to bounce off a Koopa so that when you come back down you can kick the shell into a bunch of enemies piling up on the raft. Just after the Star Coin is a ? Block with a Fire Flower. This makes things a lot easier from this point onwards.

A bit further along is a ? Block with an Ice Flower. Grab it if collecting the Coins left behind by enemies is getting too annoying.

Eventually you will come across a POW Block. Hold on to it and try to jump on any enemies that land so that the raft keeps moving. Soon there will be some Coins in the air where a Piranha Plant drops down. Throw the POW Block now to kill the Piranha Plant and make Star Coin #2 drop to the raft.

Just after a ? Block a Super Piranha Plant will drop. Stay towards the back of the raft to avoid it, and use fireballs or Bob-Ombs to damage it. Another will fall a bit later on. Be careful of these big guys, but they only count as one on the raft meter so don't get to panicky.

Once you get to the end, grab yourself a Bob-Omb and jump on to the grey blocks across the platform. Throw it so that it blows up some of the blocks, then drop down as the raft goes past and grab Star Coin #3. Then jump back up and go in the pipe.

Run down the hill and keep going past the red ledges to a Koopa. Bounce off the Koopa up to the red ledge, then jump and spin over to the left to the other ledge. Stand right near the left edge and sprint right, jumping to the second red ledge. Double off this ledge on to the Finish Flag.

World 5 Boo House

Difficulty: 2 / 10

Star Coins: 1 / 10

Unlocks: Enemy Area x2, World 5 Castle, Gold Mushroom House

Secret Exit: Yes

You may notice when you start that it's a bit darker than usual. Just to the right is a Glow Block that will seriously come in handy. Pick it up and run right, and jump the gap you come across to find a door. Go in.

Walk right and jump to the ledge with two ? Blocks under the spotlight. Draw the Boo away if you need to, then hit the Blocks for a Coin and a Fire Flower. Jump to the next platform with a Glow Block and pick it up. Keep running right and past the first door. Jump to the first ledge above you and then on to the block on the right. Run through the wall on the other side to find Star Coin #1 hiding in here. Jump to the first staircase on your left and climb it right to a door, which you should enter.

You'll come back out of the door you started at. This will happen everytime until you find the right room. Pick up the Glow Block once again and drop down the gap this time. Run through the tunnel and grab the Coins. Drop down the next gap you come across and run right to another door. Go in here.

Shoot a fireball to see how far the ledge goes, then jump to the ledge with the Glow Block. If you can easily rely on your fireballs to see in the dark, don't worry about picking it up. Otherwise, grab it and jump to the next ledge. There is a ? Block here with a Fire Flower. Collect it and then keep moving along. Once it looks like there is just water ahead, wait for a moment to have a moving platform appear. Jump on it and ride it to the other side. At the door, throw the Glow Block or shoot a fireball right to light up Star Coin #2. Grab it and wall jump back to the door.

Back at the start again, drop down the first gap but jump the second one this time around. Leap up the stairs and drop down the following gap to find a fake door, but run right to find a real one.

In here is a circle of Boos with one missing. Jump through this gap to get to a platform with a Fire Flower in a ? Block. Get it and jump to the next platform. Jump through the next ring when the gap is on the left, jump straight up to Star Coin #3 when it is at the top, then jump to the other side when it reaches the right. Enter the door here.

Now drop down the first gap, jump the second, climb the stairs and jump the third gap. Run down the corridor and...

Secret Exit

Unlocks: World 5 Cannon

...drop down this gap to find a door. Oh wait, it's a fake. So instead, run left and through a fake wall to another door. Go in this one.

When you walk in you will find a yellow ?-Switch. Hitting this switch will cause the blocks ahead to illuminate. You don't have to have them lit up to stand on them, but it makes things easier. Jump to the block as it floats down and quickly jump up to the platform above and to the right. If you don't make it, just stay on the block as it goes the long way underneath. At the other side, use the three blocks ahead to reach the other side of this chasm and enter the door. Watch for the Boo when you're jumping.

Climb the staircase and watch for the gap in the familiar wheel of Boos. Leap from the top step on to the Red Finish Flag.

...jump the next gap to find a door. Go through the door and run right from the spotlight to a massive group of Brick Blocks with ? Blocks scattered everywhere. They move up and down, so work your way through, hitting them for Coins if you feel like it. On the top of the third lot of moving blocks is a ? Block with a Fire Flower. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom in a Brick Block that is a bit further on. It's in about the ninth set of moving Blocks. Once you reach the other side, you'll notice a small area with Coins just before the door. When the Brick Blocks next to it line up so the hole is in the same spot, run and slide through it. Grab the Coins and hit the Brick Block in here for another 1-Up Mushroom. Then go through the door just above and to the right.

Outside, hit the flying ? Block to stop it from moving, then use it as a step to get as high as you can on the Finish Flag.

World 5 Cannon

Difficulty: 0 / 10

Unlocks: World 8-1

Secret Exit: No

Jump the first "gap" for some Coins, then enter the pipe for a one-way flight to World 8.

World 5-5

Difficulty: 3 / 10

Star Coins: 2 / 10

Unlocks: Enemy Area, World 5 Castle

Secret Exit: No

The screen for this level moves at its own pace, so take your time and don't make any mistakes because you can't rush through it. Run right and hit the Blocks for some Coins and jump to the first Jumbo Ray that floats up out of the clouds below. These guys can't deal you any damage and vica versa. So use them as platforms as they pass through the sky. Remember that any fluffy clouds that appear could be hiding something, so when you see one, Spin Jump into it to blow the cloud away and reveal whatever may be behind it. You don't really need to be close to it, as it will blow away from a distance. The first cloud has some Coins, and one soon after hides a ? Block with an Ice Flower. Collect this and make sure you are always able to safely land on a Jumbo Ray whenever you jump.

Just after the Ice Flower, you will start having Bullet Bills fired at you. There will also be some red ledges ahead that help hide a Propeller Block behind a cloud. Hang on to this as long as possible, and use it to get Star Coin #1 just to your right.

A Jumbo Ray will soon float up into the air and pick up the P-Switch below, so wait for this and then jump down and hit the Switch when it does. Jump around and collect the Coins that appear, then jump to the next Ray that flies up through the sky. You will see a safe platform just ahead, so leap to it and get the Checkpoint Flag.

If you keep walking right and don't jump you will fall into a small gap which will allow you to get the POW Block. Jump back up after grabbing it and throw it to make heaps of Coins fall from above the screen. You will then need to start using the Jumbo Rays again. The first Blocks you come across have another Ice Flower, so grab this if you want to. Use the Propeller Block to hit the next ? Block for a Propeller Mushroom, or just Ground Pound the ? Block for the same effect if you lost the Block. Grab the Mushroom and throw the Block away. There will be four Coins just past the red ledges and a big cloud after that. Spin Jump through the cloud for Star Coin #2.

You will come across some more red ledges. Spin Jump and drill back down on to a Ray to clear away the masses of cloud below to reveal a Ray flying through the air with a POW Block on its back. Pick up the POW Block and jump up to the red ledges. Wait for two Rays to float out from under you and jump to them. The two lots of Coins above are shaped like arrows. When you drop the POW Block, a mass of Coins will drop from above the first arrow, and Star Coin #3 will drop from above the second. Get the Star Coin and collect the other Coins if you wish. Jump across the last Rays to the pipe.

Drop to the ground and Spin Jump to get rid of the cloud, then use the platform with the pipe as well as the second and third red ledges to jump, double and triple to the Finish Flag.

World 5 Castle

Difficulty: 5 / 10

Star Coins: 6 / 10

Unlocks: World 6-1

Secret Exit: No

Start by moving right across the red ledge and jump the gap when the Podoboo falls back into the lava. Hit the ? Block here for an Ice Flower which can be used to extinguish the Podoboos, making it safer when jumping the gaps they are found in. Climb on to the first rotating fence after the next Podoboos to have the stupid green fireballs starting firing towards you, much like World 2 and the purple ones. Climb the fence to the top and hit the ? Blocks for some Coins and then climb back down and jump to the next fence. Climb around that one and then jump to the next fence after that. Then jump to the next one after that and hit the ? Blocks at the top for a Propeller Mushroom. Jump up and get it. Jump along the red ledges to the right while avoiding the fireballs and Podoboos to reach Star Coin #1 down near the lava. Drop to it and Spin Jump the second you touch it so you don't die. If you do the stupid thing (like I did just then) and accidentally jump into the fireball, simply slide down one of the walls on either side and wall jump just before you touch the lava. You should just nick the Star Coin. Then wall jump back up to the top.

Continue to the next rotating fence and climb up it on this side to find a secret area with a door. Enter the door to find six Podoboos falling into the lava. Jump to either side when they've fallen past to a safe spot on the bottom level. Once the Podoboos fly back up, run as they begin their decent and Spin Jump to Star Coin #2. You'll have to jump normally and pause for a moment under it if you don't have the Propeller Cap. Land on the other side and run across. Running when you did gives you enough time to land without the Podoboos popping up right when you don't want them to. Climb back up to the door when you get a chance and go back through.

Go back down and around on the fence to a couple of platforms on the other side, one of which has a Dry Bones. Get past it and then jump to the middle fence in the lava. Grab on tight and then jump to the next platform when it reaches its peak.

Jump on to the next fence hanging from the ceiling and jump across the next few fences as they rise up from the lava. You will come across a rotating fence with a massive purple block across the middle of it. As one end of the block starts getting close to your level, jump on it and run to the other side without climbing at all. Jump to the next fence and block to find the Red Ring inbetween. Collect the first six Red Coins as the purple block takes you over the top, then race back to the middle for the last two. Get your prize and head right to the Checkpoint Flag.

Here there will be fences that alternate moving up and down in the lava. Jump from fence to fence, and take your time so you don't mistakingly jump into a Podoboo or a green fireball. Soon you will find Star Coin #3 up in the air. Use the fence next to it to jump high in the air to it. Alternatively, Spin Jump up to it if you have the Propeller Cap. Continue along tothe other side to find two ? Blocks, one of which has an Ice Flower. Get it and jump to the next rotating fence. The fireballs will start appearing more often as you get closer to the door from here, so be careful. You will come to two platforms, one above the other. Try to get to the bottom one when the Podoboo is out of the way to get to a ? Block with a Propeller Mushroom. Grab it as you climb the red ledges above. Use the Bounce Blocks in the next room or Spin Jump to reach the door and enter it.

Boss Battle: Iggy Koopa

There's something very different about this battle. Maybe it's the fact that Iggy has a pet Chain Chomp that will run you down if you're too slow. And to make matters worse, Kamek will fly in and supersize it. Chase after Iggy as he is pulled around by the Chain Chomp, and try to jump on his head. If you need to get back to the top platform, simply Spin Jump rather than try to time your jumps on the Bounce Blocks. After one hit Iggy will flip upside-down and instead of rolling around the room his Chain Chomp will go psycho and will race around the room faster than usual. It will also turn around to chase you if you get too close. Once it slows down aim for Iggy again. The Chain Chomp will spaz out once again, but it won't calm down. Once Iggy regains his composure and gets back to his feet, chase after him while the Chain Chomp speeds after you. Get Iggy in the head one more time to end the battle. Grab the key to finish this world.

The Aftermath

Mario will race out the door and find Bowser Jr. with his Airship and Peach, AGAIN. The ship will fly off once Bowser Jr. is aboard and Mario will give chase to World 6 where new levels await...

World 6

Name: Stone Head Mountains

Key:  # - Level Number
      S - Starting Point
      M - Red Mushroom House
      L - Green Mushroom House
      G - Gold Mushroom House
      B - Boo House
      F - Fortress (Mini-Boss)
      C - Castle (Boss)
      ? - Cannon
      X - Enemy Stopping Point
      O - Enemy Pathway
      Z - Airship (Boss)
      : - Secret Path

 :  |
 :  ----5::::@
 ?      |
    | |
    | --------
 L--4        X
    |        |
    2        |
    |        |


  • World 6 consists of 6 levels, as well as the Fortress, Castle and Airship.
  • The World 6 Boss is Morton Koopa Jr. (a.k.a. Big Mouth Koopa Jr.).
  • The map enemy is the Bullet Bill.
  • There are 2 secret exits.
  • There are 3 Mushroom Houses (1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Gold).
  • Pipes do not count as levels. They instantly transport you between them.