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New Super Mario Bros WiI, great for veterans and newcomers alike.funsiZe20349/10
Nintendo has simply stopped trying.mikethejesus5/10
A Competent MULTIPLAYER Platformer3picide9/10
Almost Perfect, but Not Quite...blueblur5959/10
Fun On Your Own, But More Players = Fun Multiplierburuburu18/10
The New superChaudBlaze8905/10
Almost 20 years later and a step backwards...Darkowl7168/10
New Super Mario Bros 3DarkShadow31978/10
Best Mario game ever.epicChris0910/10
Fusion Frenzygimo809/10
As Mario says: "Super Mario Bros! Whee-hee-heeee!"goppers9/10
New Super Mario Bros. Wii throws a few blasts from the past a well as a few new tricksgreeninator8/10
An Amazing Game, Worthy of the Mario NameIrimaru10/10
Here we go on another awesome game!!julia24689/10
Jumpman Strikes AgainJustJackie8/10
Another great Mario game.kafke9/10
A fun single and multiplayer gamelordlugia_rocks9/10
Nintendo brings us another amazing 2D Mario.MarioMan1279/10
Peach, Wario and Waluigi will just screw this game up.Megaleg8/10
yet another installment for the ledgendary mario bros. sagamettocarpicet099/10
Cheaply made game, but a lot of fun despite its flawsnWoWhammy8/10
Mario's 'best of' effortshezamiah8/10
Here We Go! x4SuperScizor9/10
A decent game thatís been slapped across the face by a lackluster storyline.ThePenguin567/10
A celebration of every Mario bros game that has come before.the_superiorx29/10
Cool challenges, and there's so many new features!ultramariologan9/10
A blast of old school fun, but I still see missed opportunityvideogamer10308/10
Old Family Game has Returned!ZodiacRose10/10

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