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Does The Game Have A Pre-Order Bonus?

Does the game have some kind of pre-order bonus if you buy it from gamestop, like the Commemorative Launch Coin that was given if you pre ordered Super Mario Galaxy 1 ?

aurastorm1997 asked for clarification:

The game has already been released for a long time now, please close the question since it's pointless now

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Super1589 answered:

Close the question, the game is alredy out.
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Rhys185 answered:

Well I don't know about gamestop but you get double reward card points if you pre order from game.
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Jake_Johnson answered:

If you had pre-ordered it from Walmart, you would have gotten a $20 giftcard.
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gleed312 answered:

In the UK, there is a pre-order bonus.

You get a shirt with Super Mario Galaxy 2's box art (not including the background), it seems.
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GarrettTheHung answered:

None in the US (Aside from certain retailer's who give gift cards and the such).
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laughjuana answered:

in HMV (uk) u get the t-shirt with mario and yoshi, from the box art. in Gamestation (uk) u get a money tin, like the one u got for new super mario bros wii with them, this is also the same in GAME as they are same company.

as for and amazon there doesnt seem to be anything with them. nintendo are always thin on ground with gifts for first party pre-orders tho so its not suprising there isnt much around
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CaptainNickel answered:

EB Games, if you pre order there. you get a poster.
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dragongirl97 answered:

If you pre-order it at EB Games, you get a giant poster of the box art.
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aaronorel answered:

Amazon would have given you $20 to spend on anything in their video game section if you had pre-ordered.
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cutthemac16 answered:

Yes, you get a collectors edition guide
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Mariofanstar answered:

In the UK at any HMV stores, the game comes with a free Super Mario Galaxy 2 t-shirt with Mario riding on Yoshi on it at the centre of the shirt (with no background), along with the logo next to it somewhere below, when you pre-order but you have to deposit 10 pounds. Well... according to me, when I got the t-shirt it's in medium size, everyone's who pre-ordering will get the same size anyway 'cause it's the only size that's available.

As for in the GAME shops, if you have a rewards card and you're willing to use it if you pre-order the game for free, the rewards card points will double when you pre-order and purchase the game and also there it comes with a free Super Mario Galaxy 2 money box with Mario riding on Yoshi and a different background, the logo is large and can be visible at the top.
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MrLegoMan30 answered:

No, I don't think there was.
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LeGoldFishy answered:

It varies upon where you live, the availability of the item, and pricing.
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mario_fanatic59 answered:

none in the U.S.
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shadowdimentio answered:

No cause the game is already out!
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chunkylefunga answered:

Nothing official no.
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