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Can you use the Wii Classic Controller (Pro) to play this game?

I'm not sure which controller you'd need to play this game. I sure hope you can use the classic controller because I feel the remote and Nunchuk are pretty awkward. They are for me, anyways.

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GarrettTheHung answered:

No you cannot. This game is Wii Remote and Nunchuk Only. Trust me, the controls will NOT feel awkward playing this game.
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gleed312 answered:

Haven't played it yet, don't have a classic controller (pro), I actually prefer the wiimote and nunchuk because of the fact that I have played (and beaten) the first Super Mario Galaxy all the way through.
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Mr_Spikegamer answered:

No you can't play the game with classic controller, you can only play it with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk ( like the person above said) and the controls are great and NOT awkward. The game wouldn't be the same without them. Trust me.
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Chill_Agent answered:

They said they improved the controls so it isn't as frustrating at points, like in few spots in the first one. Personally, I didn't have problems, but I've heard complaints.
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baltiraven20 answered:

Its a wii mote and nunchucks game only, the controls are good but some levels will give you difficulty with the controls
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Nmajmani answered:

Just to add something, the real reason why you cannot use the Classic Controller is because you need the wii remote's point cursor to beat several of the levels involving Yoshi. Since that cursor only works if you're holding a wii remote, the classic controller would actually make the game next to impossible.
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mariobros1989 answered:

I wish, but NO!
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weegee580 answered:

No. Not that there's really a point to it in this game. The wii remote and nunchuk feels fine for 3D Mario games, and doesn't feel odd at all.
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