Question from IceHuntress13

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat Bowser Junior's Boomsday Machine?

I got to the second stage of the fight (when it comes out of the ground to become a tank), but from there it all went downhill. He kept destroying the clouds, so I couldn't get to the top. And, on a side note, is there a Luma Shop nearby?

Accepted Answer

From: Guy118 4 years ago

When you get to the tank form you first got to get to the first clouds in the air like you did before. now there are more clouds above those you have to reach. from there just try to get on the machine and ground pound the cockpit. but remember if you take to long he will suck in the clouds so do this quickly. you only have to hit him one time in the tank form

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Oh and i forgot to say that there is no luma shop sorry

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