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Asked: 4 years ago

Can you get a bronze star?

I heard that a

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From: hotdogsaucer 4 years ago

You get bronze stars when you die so many times that the game sends a guide to help you out. If you accept the help and use the guide, then you'll get a bronze star. They have no purpose, it just looks.... weird.

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You get bronze stars if you complete it with the Cosmic Guide. Spoiler Alert!! THEY DO NOTHING :P!!!

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As others have said, you get a Bronze Power Star if you complete a Galaxy using the Cosmic Guide. But contrary to what hotdogsaucer claim that they have "no purpose," having a Bronze Power Star will not allow you to complete a galaxy, so it is important to complete each galaxy and the Bowser/Bowser Jr. stages with a normal (Gold) Power Star.

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Yeah, bascially, don't get them. Also I'd love to know what "I heard that a" means.

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