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Sky Station Galaxy ?

I am on the second star and need help in opening the chests. The luma says I need a key to save it, where can I find it?

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vernanonix answered:

Alternatively, there's an Invincibility Star in one of the chests. You can grab that to kill all the chomps to avoid having to use the plant on them. Just open the chests with the plants.
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gamecats answered:

Well they key isnt in a chest its held by one of the chain chomps so start killing them till one of them drops the key.
kill them by spinning the green balloon-like objects toward them and you open the chests the same way
hope this helps
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RizuRukia answered:

Hit the green round plants with a spin toward your target.Hit the small chain chomps with the plant to kill them.One of the chain chomps will drop the key when you kill it.Hit the treasure chest with the plant to open it.
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