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How do I get power-ups on display in the engine room?

I noticed that after finishing a level with the Spin Drill in hand, the drill was put in a glass case in the engine room of Mario's ship. I later grabbed a star and finished the level with the Cloud Flower power, and got a Cloud Flower on display, and then the same happened with the Rock Shroom.

Yet, I've finished levels with the bee shroom and the Fire Flower and haven't gotten either of those put on display. Anybody know what the trick is?

Onsokuni provided additional details:

So you're saying those empty pedestals just remain lopsidedly empty for forever, even though there are just as many as there are power-ups? I don't buy it.

Accepted Answer

igorseabra answered:

They are unlocked after they most significative use in the game
I beat it 100% and I have all of then, even the spring, but no Ice flower. There is no ice flower in this game
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onegreatracer answered:

You can't
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