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Asked: 4 years ago

What does the blue Rosalina do?

What does the blue Rosalina do?

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From: romeo777 4 years ago

When you die several times on a level, a Cosmic Spirit that looks like Rosalina will appear there. When you talk to her, she will activate a Cosmic Guide - the system will complete that level automatically, like the Super Guide in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. However, with Cosmic Guide, Mario will get a Bronze Star instead of normal one. The Bronze Stars are the same as Power Stars, but they aren't so cool.
To stop the Cosmic Guide and regain control of Mario, just press a button on D-pad.

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To elaborate more, a Bronze Star is a placeholder for a real one. While they count towards your total, a galaxy cannot be completed without obtaining the Power Star to replace the Bronze.

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^ Uh... they DON'T count for your total.

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^Uh, yeah they do. Getting a bronze star adds to the total, going back and getting the gold one doesn't.

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If you die a certain amount of times on one galaxy, ghost rosalina will appear. Talk to her and she will run through the course for you and get the star, however it will be a bronze star and will not affect your total star count.

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