Question from faijai

Asked: 4 years ago

Boulder Galaxy (World 2) First Green Star problem?

How do you get the first green star in the Boulder Galaxy (World 2); I can see it's above the bridge you have to knock down as a's too far to get by either wall jumping on the sides of the bridge or by trying to roll up it? Anybody got any other ideas?

Accepted Answer

From: ConsummateGamer 4 years ago

Actually, it's not too far to wall jump up the railings of the bridge. You just have to spin at the peak of each wall jump. Once you get to the top, stand on the middle of the bridge (the section you would walk on when it's knocked down as opposed to the railings), do a back flip, and spin at the peak of the back flip. It will probably take a lot of tries to work correctly.

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