Question from Moustachio97

How do I beat The Chimp's second skating challenge?

How do I beat it? I beat the 1st one, in the Freezy Flake Galaxy, but can't beat the next one in the Shiverburn Galaxy.

Moustachio97 provided additional details:

Ok, thanks erstruck. I made a map of where the green & yellow enemies appeared.

Accepted Answer

erstruck answered:

They are both completed the same way. The primary difference is the score. If you memorize the pattern in which the... beings appear, you can avoid the spikes and get the points. Another tip, towards the end more orange ones start appearing, if you can't get all of the green and orange ones, just go for the orange towards the end.
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RizuRukia answered:

Just try and remember how they pop up and skate into the green and orange ones.Also if you have a 2nd player they can help you too.
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