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Asked: 4 years ago

twisty trials Galaxy: Super Mario Sunshine???

I just played twisty trials galaxy, and it seemed exactly the same as a hidden level in mario sunshine. Is it just me, or is ot true?

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From: gleed312 4 years ago

I can clarify the answer: It is an exact replica of Ricco Harbor's fourth shine, except for everything in the comet, and the addition of a Cloud Flower in the normal level.

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Yes it is like some kind of Super Mario Sunshine level.

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In fact it is 1 of those levels in which you can't use fludd.

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This is true. It's the hidden level in Ricco Harbor in Super Mario Sunshine...Except with the comet star, everything speeds up. And there's a few more spinning platforms added.

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I have played Mario sunshine 100 times and yes.

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Yeah I noticed that it is the same.

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And, of course, there were no star bits in Sunshine.

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Twisty Trials Galaxy is a remake of the Ricco Harbor "Episode 4 - The Secret of Ricco Tower". It also has added extras such as some Star Bits, and the length of the level is a smidge longer than the original.

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